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What is Edible Cares?

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The official answer: Edible Cares™ is our way of encouraging health, happiness and well-being for the betterment of all, through charitable contributions and community outreach both nationally and in local communities.

The unofficial answer: It’s really just a great way for us to give back, to do good, and to support causes that are important to us, to our franchisees, and to our guests. (We really do care!)

As part of our Edible Cares™ program, we’ve partnered nationally with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Breast Cancer Society Canada each year since 2005 during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).

Our local stores always have strong ties to their communities – every Edible Arrangements® store is locally owned and operated, after all! So, when it comes to doing good work for amazing causes in your area, our stores are there to help. Whether it’s donating fresh fruit to local food banks, organizing fundraising events for local schools, or teaming up with other area stores to help support a cause that’s meaningful to them, there are any number of great ways Edible Arrangements® stores get involved!

To find out more about our Random Acts of Community Involvement™, sponsorships, donations or fundraising opportunities, please use our Store Locator to get in touch with a store near you.

You can also meet some of our amazing local store owners, and read their stories, on our In Our Owners’ Words page.

And stay tuned for even more information about Edible Cares™ soon!

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