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Franchise Leaders. Fruit Fanatics.

Edible Arrangements® International is the global headquarters for Edible Brands®, the leaders in premium fresh fruit products, including fruit bouquets, chocolate Dipped Fruit™, fruit beverages, fruit salads and more. We believe in creativity and imagination, and have an entrepreneurial spirit that has brought us tremendous success. The Corporate staff supports the overall mission of Edible Brands®, whose products bring happiness to all of life’s occasions with an array of irresistibly fresh products that WOW our guests.

The Edible Arrangements Corporate Support Team
Edible Arrangements Innovation Team Edible Arrangements Timeline Of Success
Edible Arrangements corporate employee

“Working at Edible Arrangements® provides me the opportunity to be a part of thousands of celebrations around the world each and every day. It is extremely rewarding to deliver the “WOW” for businesses, their clients and employees.”

Vice President of WOW – Edible Arrangements® International

Edible Arrangements corporate employee

“What I like best about my job is that I’m able to WOW people. I really help the employees here celebrate what’s good in life… it’s amazing what we were able to do in the past 15 years; I look forward to the next 15.”

Manager, Business Development – Edible Arrangements® International

Edible Arrangements corporate employee

“Edible is an ideal environment for workplace thrill seekers. Challenging? Yes. But it’s inspiring and rewarding to collaborate daily with an all-star team in a fast paced environment where the end result is helping people celebrate what’s good in life.”

Senior Director of Marketing, E-Commerce – Edible Arrangements® International

Edible Arrangements corporate employee

“Working for Edible® has been a truly unparalleled experience. Being surrounded by such a talented, creative, and supportive team has been incredibly motivating and empowering. With plenty of opportunity to grow within the company to advance your career, it’s easy to love what you do here.”

Communications Specialist – Edible Arrangements® International

Edible Arrangements corporate employee

“Every day is something new; a bigger challenge and larger goals. Working for Edible has pushed me to constantly grow both professionally and personally. It is exciting to see what will happen next here!”

HR Manager/Recruiter – Edible Arrangements® International

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