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    Your Selection: Confetti Desserts

    Confetti Desserts: Confetti & Birthday Cake Flavored Treats

    When there’s something to celebrate, make it more festive with confetti! At Edible Arrangements®, we offer an extensive collection of confetti desserts, confetti gifts, and confetti and birthday cake-flavored treats for any occasion. Choose from birthday arrangements with pineapple cupcakes decorated with confetti, arrangements featuring white chocolate dipped strawberries with cake batter and confetti, boxes of our amazing Confetti Berries, and so much more.

    Confetti Treats for Any Occasion

    No matter the occasion, confetti makes it more fun. At Edible Arrangements®, our extensive collection of tasty treats and fabulous gifts includes a variety of confetti treats and birthday cake-flavored treats. They make truly unique gifts for someone special, and they’re sure to impress a crowd if you’re bringing one of our amazing confetti treats along to share. From cupcake-shaped pineapples dipped in white and semisweet chocolate and decorated with confetti sprinkles to fresh strawberries hand-dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and rolled in confetti cake crumbles, we’re always striving to create festive, innovative gifts that taste as amazing as they look.

    Confetti Party Treats

    Whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday or having a few friends over for dinner and want a spectacular dessert, an arrangement from Edible Arrangements® is sure to fit the bill. Choose from arrangements filled with classic chocolate dipped strawberries and Confetti Berries for a group with an insatiable sweet tooth. Or, opt for an arrangement featuring a variety of fresh fruits and our amazing Confetti Berries. Our arrangements not only taste amazing, but they look fantastic too, so they can pull double duty as an impressive table centerpiece. If you’re feeding a larger crowd, a party platter featuring a variety of chocolate dipped fruits and Confetti Berries will have every guest raving about the delicious confetti treats all night.

    Fun Confetti Gifts

    There are many fun confetti gifts to choose from at Edible Arrangements®. Choose an arrangement filled with classic chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberries dipped in cake batter flavored white chocolate and rolled in confetti cake crumbles for someone special. It’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, and it’s a unique gift they’ll remember for years to come. It all comes carefully arranged in a keepsake container they can cherish forever. To celebrate someone special turning another year older, choose a box of fresh strawberries dipped in cake batter flavored white chocolate and rolled in confetti cake crumbles, miniature cake-shaped pineapples dipped in cake batter and white chocolate, and classic chocolate dipped strawberries topped with “Happy Birthday” sentiments. Our fun confetti gifts are sure to make a lasting impression!

    Confetti & Birthday Cake Flavored Treats Delivered

    If you can’t be there to celebrate a special occasion in person, or you simply want to surprise someone you love with a delicious confetti and birthday cake-flavored treat, take advantage of our convenient delivery options to have an amazing gift delivered straight to your recipient’s door. We use only the finest-quality ingredients and hand-dip every piece of fruit before carefully arranging every creation by hand shortly before delivery. That means it arrives on their doorstep at the very peak of freshness, so they can dig in and start enjoying the amazing taste of our birthday cake-flavored treats immediately.

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