10 Delicious Types of Brownies

Types of Brownies

There’s nothing better than a rich, fudgy chocolate brownie. Brownies are a perennial classic and longtime fan favorite for a reason. Whether they’re filled with nuts, topped with icing, or stuffed with decadent filling, brownies are downright delicious. Pour yourself a glass of milk and read up on more info about the different types of brownies, along with ten types you’ve definitely got to try.

How to Make Different Types of Brownies

Everyone is familiar with the classic chocolate brownie. It’s rich, fudgy, chewy, and chocolately beyond belief. There are dozens of different types of brownies beyond that classic favorite. The main differences are the special additions the baker can mix into the brownie batter or add as scrumptious toppings after baking. You can add nuts or chocolate chips into the batter to completely alter the taste and texture of the brownies. Or, you could top them with chocolate icing or white chocolate drizzle, or stuff them with peanut butter or rich caramel sauce. There are practically endless flavor combinations you can create to make different types of brownies, and it’s all at the baker’s discretion. Feel free to experiment and create your own, unique brownie recipes that add a new twist to the classic brownie.

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Top 10 Different Types of Brownies

If you’re looking for some new types of brownies to try, you’re in luck. Here are ten different types of brownies that are all absolutely delicious:

1. Bakeshop Brownie

Bakeshop Brownie

A twist on a classic favorite, this rich, fudgy brownie holds a hidden surprise. Its center is filled with gourmet semisweet chocolate chips. Plus, it’s topped with a white chocolate glaze.

2. Fudge Walnut Brownies

Fudge Walnut Brownies

Made just like a regular brownie and jam-packed with walnuts, a brownie with nuts is one of the most classic types of brownies. In fact, whether or not to include nuts in brownies is such a hot issue, people cling vehemently to both sides of the debate. The people who hate nuts complain that you ruined the brownies if you include nuts, while those who love nuts think it’s not a real brownie without them.

3. Fudge Iced Brownies

Fudge Iced Brownies

What’s better than a fudgy brownie, you say? One that’s covered in rich, creamy, chocolate icing. This type of brownie elevates the sweetness level to new heights.

4. Blondies


Blondies aren’t about adding in additional ingredients to a classic brownie; instead, they actually omit one. Made without cocoa powder, blondies are a completely different type of brownie. They rely on brown sugar to give them their flavor, which lends them a distinctive molasses taste. You can add in white chocolate chips or nuts or just leave them plain.

5. Peanut Butter Brownies

Peanut Butter Brownies

Like a peanut butter cup in brownie form, peanut butter brownies make the most out of the chocolate and peanut butter combo. Some recipes require you to swirl the peanut butter into the batter, while others add it in after the brownies have baked.

6. Nutella Brownies

Nutella Brownies

This type of brownie ups the ante with hazelnut spread mixed right into the batter and swirled on top. These brownies have an incredibly concentrated and sweet chocolate hazelnut flavor that makes them completely unique.

7. Double Chocolate Brownies with White Chocolate Drizzle

Double Chocolate Brownies with White Chocolate Drizzle

Top your favorite brownies with white chocolate drizzle for a fun and delicious new take on a favorite dessert. White chocolate provides just the right amount of panache and a little extra sweetness that makes this one of the most classic types of brownies.

8. Mint Chocolate Brownies

Mint Chocolate Brownies

Since way before Thin Mints or York Peppermint Patties, mint and chocolate have always gone together. Mint chocolate brownies typically layer your favorite flavors with a brownie base, a mint layer, and a chocolate icing layer on top.

9. Espresso Brownies

Espresso Brownies

A dose of espresso deepens the chocolate flavor in your brownies. Plus, it gives you a bit of a pick-me-up when you need it most. Espresso brownies combine chocolate and coffee to effortlessly create a brownie with a rich, deep chocolate flavor that’s simply divine.

10. Caramel Brownies

Caramel Brownies

Caramel brownies are made by stuffing fudgy brownies with caramel sauce in the middle and topping it off with a caramel drizzle. This type of brownie provides layers of chocolate and caramel in every delectable bite.

Now that you know more about the different types of brownies, we’d like to know — what’s your very favorite?