10 Practical Uses for Your Edible Arrangements® Containers after Mother’s Day

10 Practical Uses for Your Edible Arrangements® Containers after Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, surprise the mom in your life with a delicious fresh fruit arrangement. Not only will she enjoy the juicy fresh fruit pieces dipped in decadent chocolate, she’ll also be able to use the keepsake container or custom box for years to come! Here’s how to reuse your Edible Arrangements® containers once all the fruit is gone.

How to Reuse Your Edible Arrangements® Containers

Just finished all that delectable fresh fruit from your Edible Arrangements® gift? Don’t despair. Turn that container into something you can actually use for years to come for your home. Luckily, turning your old Edible Arrangements® container, mug, vase, or box into something practical isn’t that hard. The containers are so beautiful, they practically beg to be shown off.

For instance, consider the Confetti Fruit Cupcake. Once you’re done enjoying all of the wonderful pineapple flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries, the container is covered in a fun triangle pattern that would fit right in with any decor. You can use it to hold flowers, kitchen utensils, office supplies, or something even more creative. The FruitFlowers® Bouquet is packed with pineapple daisies, strawberries, grapes, and honeydew melon all artfully arranged. When all that fresh fruit is gobbled up, the gorgeous copper container is perfect for holding your spare change or planting a pretty flower.

Top 10 Practical Uses for Your Edible Arrangements® Containers

If you’re looking for creative ways to reuse your Edible Arrangements® containers after enjoying every last bite of delicious fruit, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten great ideas:

1. Store Kitchen Utensils in the Container

Kitchen Utensils

Use one of our wide-mouth containers to store your kitchen utensils. Stash spatulas, wooden spoons, ladles, and whisks to help organize your kitchen. Plus, your utensils will be right where you need them while cooking.

2. Plant a Succulent Into the Mug


Turn your mug, such as the one that comes with our The Great Outdoors Mug With Apple Truffles, into a one-of-a-kind succulent planter. Fill the bottom of the mug with stones and the rest with dirt. Plant your favorite succulent plant right on top.

3. Store Jewelry in Our Dipped Fruit Box

Our Dipped Fruit™ box, like the one that comes with our Show Mom Your Love Bundle, is the perfect size for storing your most precious trinkets and baubles. Just keep it on your dresser so your favorite jewelry items are right within reach while you’re getting ready in the morning.

4. Use a Container to Catch All Your Spare Change

Collect change

Create a home base for all of your spare change by using one of our beautiful containers as a grownup piggy bank. If you have a lot of pennies, the copper accents on Mother’s Day Rose Vanilla Bouquet will pair beautifully with the coins.

5. Use a Container as a Decorative Herb Planter for Your Windowsill

Herb container

Put rocks in the bottom of the container for drainage and fill the rest with soil. Then, plant a variety of herbs for a kitchen window garden. The best part is that you’ll have your favorite herbs right within reach while making meals!

6. Hold up your Books with a Container as a Bookend

Fill up your container with stones or marbles to give it some weight and use it as a bookend for your literary collection. Your container will hold your books upright and in place, all while adding visual interest to your bookshelf.

7. Organize Pens and Office Supplies in our Tin Container

Office supplies

Your desk is home to a lot of stuff, including scissors, pens, pencils, and paperclips. Put all of your essential supplies into your Edible Arrangements® vase. Even if your desk is still littered with paperwork and piles of notes, it will instantly look a whole lot more organized with your supplies all contained in a beautiful vase.

8. Create a Candle Holder from a Ceramic Container

Candle holder

Our containers make wonderful candle holders. Fill about half of the container with stones and glass beads. Then, push the candle down into the stones, and it’s ready to light. (For this project, be sure to use one of our ceramic containers and not a plastic one.)

9. Use a Container as a Makeshift Cake Stand

Cake Stand

Wide based containers make beautiful cake stands that add interest to your dessert displays. Turn the vase upside down, and glue a plate on top with extra-strength glue. You can then use the stand to display cakes, pies, cupcakes, and so much more.

10. Give it as a Gift

Don’t show up to your next party empty handed. Fill your container with candy, flowers, ornaments, or spa goods and give it to the host or hostess as a thank you.

This Mother’s Day, don’t just pack away your Edible Arrangements® container away in storage once you’re done with it. Put your container, such as the one from All Mom’s Favorites Bundle, to good use with one of these suggestions or come up with your own creative idea.