50 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas to Make Their New Home Feel Homey

fruit bouquet housewarming gift on granite countertop with set of keys and envelope next to it

If your sister, best friend, or significant other just moved into a new home or apartment, you want to join in on the celebration. After all, moving into a new space is a big accomplishment, often accompanied by a big mortgage or rent payment. But, what do you get someone with just a new set of keys and a whole lot of empty space? Luckily, there are countless housewarming gift ideas, from unique supplies and decor to odds and ends, that you can get your loved one that she probably doesn’t already have.

50 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

We’ve gathered up the best housewarming gifts that strike the perfect blend between unique and practical. Here are 50 of the best housewarming gift ideas (that you also might want to keep for yourself):

1. Congratulations Delicious Fruit Design®

Congratulations Delicious Fruit Design®

Choose this congratulatory arrangement for your new homeowner. It features honeydew wedges, cantaloupe wedges, pineapple daisies, strawberries, and cantaloupe balls, all arranged in a keepsake container.

Cost: $89.99

2. Congratulations Cookies & Fruit Platter

Congratulations Cookies & Fruit Platter

Choose this congratulations platter filled with assorted fresh-baked cookies and indulgent chocolate-dipped fruit. Strawberries and apple wedges are dipped in semisweet chocolate, while the banana bites are double dipped in white and semisweet chocolate. This delicious housewarming gift idea is sure to enjoyed, especially after a long day of moving!

Cost: $49.99

3. New Home Candle

New Home Candle

Get your loved one a candle that smells like a blank slate with jasmine, cedarwood, lime, and sandalwood notes. Made of natural soy wax blend with a premium cotton wick, it has 60 to 80 hours of burn time.

Cost: $38.00

4. Pendleton Washable Wool Throw Blanket

Pendleton Washable Wool Throw _Blanket

Made of 100% wool sourced from growers that use high standards of ethical and humane treatment, this blanket will keep her warm and cozy for a lifetime. It comes in two great color choices: navy and caramel check.

Cost: $126.65

5. Honeycomb Kitchen Linen Essentials Bundle

Honeycomb Kitchen Linen Essentials Bundle

Choose this set of linen essentials made of durable, sustainably sourced 100% cotton in a sweet honeycomb pattern. The set includes two kitchen towels, an apron, a potholder, and an oven mitt.

Cost: $83.95

6. Wood and Marble Beveled Cheese Board

Wood and Marble Beveled Cheese Board

Made of solid marble with an acacia wood inlay, this cheeseboard is the perfect place to display charcuterie, appetizers, and more. It comes personalized with a name or initial of your choice.

Cost: $54.00

7. Handmade Alphabet Marble & Wood Coasters 

Handmade Alphabet Marble & Wood Coasters

Made with white marble and acacia wood, these coasters feature a contrast of color and texture. Plus, they feature your loved one’s family initial for an extra dose of personalization.

Cost: $24.50

8. Jewel Garden

Jewel Garden

This sweet succulent box will quickly become your loved one’s new favorite piece of decor. It features an assortment of three small succulents that brings a touch of nature to any small space.

Cost: $44.00

9. Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

Backyard Bar Beverage Tub

Crafted of rust-resistant galvanized metal, this personalized beverage tub is made for storing cool beverages on hot summer days. It comes engraved with any name and date of your choice.

Cost: $38.99

10. Custom Map of Your Home

Custom Map of Your Home

Your loved one will proudly display this piece of artwork for years to come. It features a map of the location of her new home, along with the words our new home, our forever home, or a custom label of your choice. It’s a housewarming gift idea that will remind them of this big step in their life forever.

Cost: $49.99

11. Williams Sonoma Italian Pantry Gift Crate

Williams Sonoma Italian Pantry Gift Crate

This crate delivers an authentic taste of Italy to your loved one’s doorstep to ensure the first meal at her new home tastes amazing. It includes aged balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pasta, pesto, olives, and Pecorino Romano cheese.

Cost: $109.95

12. Eco Home Gift Set

Eco Home Gift Set

This gift set will ensure she gets off on the right foot concerning sustainability within her new home. It includes a ripstop nylon reusable bag, vegetable wax scented candle, a set of five polyester produce bags, and a book on sustainable practices she can start within the home.

Cost: $34.97

13. Savory Snacks Gift Basket

Savory Snacks Gift Basket

Loaded with delectable savory snacks, this beautiful basket makes a wonderful housewarming gift. It includes a three cheese blend, fresh herb crisps, bistro olives, and a fruit and nut mix.

Cost: $54.99

14. Personalized Lumbar Pillow

Personalized Lumbar Pillow

This chic, farmhouse-style lumbar pillow features your loved one’s new zip code in your choice of twelve font colors. With 100% all-natural organic cotton fabric, it’s made with comfort in mind.

Cost: $25.00

15. Welcome Sign Front Door

Welcome Sign Front Door

This welcome sign will instantly elevate your loved one’s curb appeal. Made with one-half inch thick Baltic birch wood, it’s UV printed with your loved one’s names and established date in beautiful script.

Cost: $29.98

16. Family Name Sign Wood

Family Name Sign Wood

Get your loved one a sign printed with her family name that she can hang with pride in her new home. The frame and the sign are made of wood, and her family name appears in a beautiful script.

Cost: $80.00

17. Custom Watercolor House Portrait

Custom Watercolor House Portrait

Choose this custom painting of her new home to hang and enjoy for years to come. Just send a photo of your loved one’s new digs and the artist will digitally recreate the image and print it out on textured watercolor paper that’s ready for hanging.

Cost: $54.00

18. Our First Home Custom Cutting Board

Our First Home Custom Cutting Board

For the entertainers in your life, this cutting board made with your choice of maple, walnut, or cherry wood makes a perfect choice. It comes engraved with your loved ones’ names, their new address, and the words “Our first home.”

Cost: $14.98

19. The Housewarming Box

The Housewarming Box

This gift set features a bunch of gourmet goodies. It includes four marble and wood bowls, extra virgin olive oil, a waffle hand towel, a copper corkscrew, gourmet garlic salt, and so much more.

Cost: $154.00

20. Personalized Home Hotel Keychain

Personalized Home Hotel Keychain

This vintage-style key chain is just right to hold her brand-new set of keys. It features laser engraving with the word “home” in a pretty script design and the established year of your choice.

Cost: $18.00

21. Personalized Solid Steel Decorative Address Marker

Personalized Solid Steel Decorative Address Marker

Made with a 16-gauge laser-cut steel plate, this sign features a laser cut out of your loved one’s new address. It comes in several sizes from around 14 to 24 inches to provide the perfect compromise balance of size and style.

Cost: $29.95

22. Personalized Family Name Coir Doormat

Personalized Family Name Coir Doormat

Made from all-natural fibers from the husk of a coconut, this doormat is extremely durable and strong. It comes with your loved one’s family name printed directly onto the mat for longevity.

Cost: $44.99

23. Homeowner Mug

Homeowner Mug

Celebrate the fact that she’s now a homeowner with this durable, white ceramic mug. It features the word “homeowner” and the date the home was established on one side and your loved one’s new address on the other.

Cost: $16.95

24. Le Marais Au Beurre Croissant & Coffee Gift Set

Le Marais Au Beurre Croissant & Coffee Gift Set

Choose this set that pairs classic French croissants with a Fair-Trade coffee blend for the perfect breakfast treat. It includes eight croissants and eight ounces of whole coffee beans.

Cost: $69.95

25. Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Delicious

Nicknamed the Swiss cheese plant, the Monstera deliciosa is famous for the natural leaf holes that give it a quirky vibe. It is ideal for indirect to medium light and arrives in a beautiful planter of your choice.

Cost: $78.00

26. Whirley Pop Metal Gears Gift Set

Whirley Pop Metal Gears Gift Set

The Whirley Pop hand-crank popper is a family classic that results in popcorn that’s light, crisp, and tender. This gift set includes two bags of non-GMO popcorn kernels in yellow and white and the Whirley Pop hand-crank popper.

Cost: $44.95

27. Laguiole Jean Dubost Seafood Gift Set

Laguiole Jean Dubost Seafood Gift Set

Choose these stainless-steel seafood forks and sturdy aluminum crab crackers for the seafood lovers in your life. Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, they provide superior durability for longevity.

Cost: $69.95

28. Spanish Paella Gift Set in Paella Pan

Spanish Paella Gift Set in Paella Pan

This gift set includes all the essentials to recreate Valencian paella at home. It arrives with an authentic paella pan, paella rice, extra-virgin olive oil, smoked paprika, and natural paella seasoning.

Cost: $49.95

29. AeroGarden Harvest 

AeroGarden Harvest

With this kit, your loved one can grow her own herbs right in her own kitchen with minimal effort. The control panel tells you when to add water, reminds you when to add plant food, and automatically turns lights on and off as needed. This unique (and useful!) housewarming gift idea is sure to wow anyone.

Cost: $129.99

30. Bodum Electric Water Kettle

Bodum Electric Water Kettle

Featuring a slim, elegant spout and powerful boil, this electric kettle is a must-have for anyone who enjoys coffee or tea. Made with durable stainless steel, plastic, rubber, and silicone, it’s designed for precision pouring.

Cost: $60.00

31. Round Rattan Serving Tray

Round Rattan Serving Tray

Choose a serving tray hand woven of 100% rattan with a natural rustic color and a simple but elegant design. Ideal for serving food or holding keys, mail, or other odds and ends, it features built-in handles for easy carrying and serving.

Cost: $22.99

32. Godinger Old Fashioned Glasses

Godinger Old Fashioned Glasses

These old-fashioned glasses will add a touch of flair to your drinking experience. With bands of beads that add a bit of vintage charm, these glasses come in your choice of purple, blue, or clear.

Cost: $28.95

33. Henry Watson Garlic Keeper

Henry Watson Garlic Keeper

Made from high-quality Staffordshire clay, this garlic holder features aeration holes that allow your garlic to breathe so that it stays delicious and fresher for longer. It features a wide opening that makes it easy to grasp the garlic.

Cost: $31.99

34. Dish Drying Pad

Dish Dryig Pad

This drying mat dries your dishes almost instantly, preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria. The pad features woven mesh silicone that helps protect your dishes and keep your countertops dry.

Cost: $90.00

35. Quility Weighted Blanket with Soft Cover

Quility Weighted Blanket with Soft Cover

A weighted blanket can help reduce anxiety and give you a better night’s sleep. This blanket contains 20 pounds of premium micro glass beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket, ensuring the weight stays balanced and comfortable. This housewarming gift idea is sure to keep them comfy and cozy in their new space.

Cost: $99.99

36. Courant Wireless Charging Block

Courant Wireless Charging Block

The perfect home accessory, this chic charging block keeps your phone fully charged completely wirelessly. Made from Italian leather, it features a weighted, non-slip bottom and an optional monogram.

Cost: $67.99

37. Nutribullet Pro® 900

Nutribullet Pro® 900

The Nutribullet Pro features 900 watts of power with a simple, intuitive design that makes it easy to use every day. It comes in your choice of 16 colors, including both metallic and matte shades.

Cost: $119.00

38. Bordeaux Red Apron

Bordeaux Red Apron

This apron features a dark Bordeaux color that provides a touch of French elegance. Made with 100% cotton brushed bull denim fabric, it comes with a lifetime warranty against damage.

Cost: $95.00

39. Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan

This pan features an enameled cast-iron construction that provides superior heat retention and even cooking. Additionally, the black enamel interior requires no seasoning, unlike standard cast-iron cookware. It’s an amazing housewarming gift idea that they’re sure to get use out of in their new home.

Cost: $119.95

40. Farmhouse Woven Cotton Kitchen Towels

Farmhouse Woven Cotton Kitchen Towels

Woven of 100% cotton, this set of five kitchen towels are soft and absorbent and only get more absorbent as you wash them. They feature fun plaid patterns and come in your choice of five colors.

Cost: $39.00

41. Williams Sonoma Meyer Lemon Hand Soap & Lotion 3-Piece Kitchen Set

Williams Sonoma Meyer Lemon Hand Soap & Lotion 3-Piece Kitchen Set

Choose this set of hand soap and hand lotion your loved one can place in her new bathroom. Made of essential oils sourced from around the world, they include the scent of Meyer lemons to refresh and energize.

Cost: $37.95

42. Gorilla Grip Heat and Slip Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts Set

Gorilla Grip Heat and Slip Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts Set

Constructed of durable silicone, these oven mitts are naturally slip-resistant to ensure you get the best grip when handling hot pots or pans. They come in your choice of eleven bright and bold colors.

Cost: $16.99

43. Pottery32 Spoon Rest

Pottery32 Spoon Rest

Give her a unique place to rest her utensils and keep her countertops clean when cooking. Made of solid clay and glazed by hand in Georgia, it features a traditional design and everyday functionality.

Cost: $22.00

44. Kitchen Herb Wreath

Kitchen Herb Wreath

This fragrant wreath contains six different dried herbs, including bay leaf, rosemary, savory, marjoram, sage, and lavender. It’s the perfect gift for the cook in your life or anyone who loves the scent of fresh herbs.

Cost: $69.95

45. The Italian Countertop Pizza Oven

Italian Countertop Pizza Oven

This countertop pizza oven was designed by an Italian company specializing in gourmet appliances. It features a powerful 1,200-watt heating element to create the perfect crust and melted toppings.

Cost: $149.95

46. Hold Everything Revolving Spice Rack

Hold Everything Revolving Spice Rack

Made of natural and sustainable ash wood, this spice rack keeps your favorite seasonings organized and right where you need them. It comes with 16 spice jars arranged in a space-saving design.

Cost: $89.95

47. Chemex ® 8-Cup Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Chemex ® 8-Cup Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Engineered with wood and glass with a leather tie, this pour-over coffee maker produces pure drip coffee with less bitterness. It comes in two shades of wood, natural and dark, to match your vibe.

Cost: $46.95

48. Luxury Bath Bombs

Luxury Bath Bombs

Get her a set of bath bombs that can help her unwind after a stressful move. Each one is infused with 50mg of full-spectrum hemp oil and carefully crafted essential oil blends of lavender and rose.

Cost: $36.00

49. Wood and Marble File Tray Set

Wood and Marble File Tray Set

Crafted from wood and natural marble, this file tray holds papers, notebooks, pens, paper clips, and other odds and ends. It keeps things organized and adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Cost: $74.99

50. Seal Of Address Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

Seal Of Address Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

Make sending thank you cards a breeze with this self-inking rubber stamp that features your loved one’s new address and family initial. It features a fun circular design with an easy-to-read, classic font.

Cost: $30.00

These unique housewarming gifts are sure to delight the new homeowner in your life. Whether gifting a delicious dessert or something to decorate their new home, they’ll definitely appreciate you celebrating their new home alongside them. Plus, these gifts are super practical, so she’ll actually use them as well.