10 Gift Ideas for Employees on a Budget (That Don’t Seem Like Budget Gifts)

box chocolate covered fruit on wooden desk with coffee, notebook, and pen next to it

There are tons of reasons to get your employee a gift. Maybe she finally scored that promotion she’s been vying for. Or, maybe she recently put in a lot of time and effort to finish up a big project. Perhaps you just want to thank her for a job well done. There are also holidays, birthdays, and Employee Appreciation Day. Whatever the reason, we’ve made it easy to find inexpensive gifts that don’t seem cheap for your employees for any occasion.

How to Choose Employee Gifts on a Budget

There are two types of gifts on a budget: inexpensive items and cheap items. Some gifts seem like you’ve paid a lot for them when you really haven’t. Others look and feel downright cheap. It’s important to choose inexpensive items rather than cheap items.

You don’t want your employee to feel cheated out of a decent present. Nor do you want them to think that you cheaped out on their gift. After all, you’re the boss, right?

The main way to tell the difference between something inexpensive but great and something that’s just cheap is to read reviews. What are the people who have bought the item saying? Are they saying it looks cheap and breaks easily? Or are they saying that it’s high quality and a great deal for the money?

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Employees on a Budget

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for some amazing employee gift ideas that are also inexpensive. Here are ten gift ideas for employees on a budget:

1. Cookies, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Balloon Bundle

Cookies, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Balloon Bundle

This sweet and delicious combination of pumpkin cheesecake and assorted cookies will make a big impression. Choose a thank you, congrats, smiley face, or happy birthday balloon to send the perfect message.

Cost: $27.98

2. Happiness Expression

Happiness Expression

Choose this sweet and simple arrangement that’s sure to impress any employee. It comes with star-shaped pineapple, strawberries, and strawberries dipped in decadent semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $27.99

3. Mini Spa Gift

Mini Spa Gift

This mini gift set comes with a bunch of self-care items that provide the perfect escape after work. It comes with citrus soap, lip balm, a small loofah, a jewelry box with a clear lid, and a greeting card.

Cost: $13.50

4. Personalized Mug

Personalized Mug

Choose this clear glass mug that’s personalized with your employee’s name in a pretty white vinyl script. Not only does it look beautiful, but her name emblazoned across the front will ensure no one else uses her mug in the company kitchen.

Cost: $15.29

5. Petite Presentation Box Tea Tasting Assortment

Petite Presentation Box Tea Tasting Assortment

Consider this tea sampler box for the employee who’s always sipping something delicious. It comes with ten pyramid tea infusers with a variety of herbal tea, black tea, green tea, and white tea.

Cost: $25.00

6. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Help your employee make her space a little more her own with this desk organizer. It features a sweet floral print on a black background, a wide back section for file folders or notebooks, and a smaller section for sticky notes, paper clips, or a cellphone.

Cost: $24.00

7. Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4 Pack

Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4 Pack

This bath bomb set made with all-natural ingredients gives her the ideal way to relax after work. You can choose any four bath bombs from great options, such as lavender blossom, acai, coconut, peach, ocean, breeze, and so much more.

Cost: $22.00

8. The Office Official Dundie Award

The Office Official Dundie Award

For an employee who loves the TV show The Office, choose this Dundee trophy that was featured on their favorite show. It comes with nine interchangeable placards, including the classic Dundie award, fine work award, whitest sneakers award, and more.

Cost: $25.95

9. Gourmet S’mores Kit

Gourmet S'mores Kit

This gourmet s’mores kit includes everything your need to make four ooey-gooey s’mores treats. It includes four gourmet vanilla bean marshmallows, two bars of chocolate, and eight homemade gluten-free graham crackers.

Cost: $19.95

10. 100 Things to Do For Your Wellbeing

100 Things to Do For Your Wellbeing

This poster can help give your employee some great ideas for relaxing and unwinding once the work day is done. It includes scratch-off squares that reveal restorative tasks, such as watching the sunrise, writing a poem, or going for a picnic.

Cost: $15.00

No matter the occasion, these employee gifts — from bundles of cookies and balloons to desk organizers, funny office trophies, and more — are sure to impress. Even better, they’re kind to your wallet so you can spread joy and appreciation to all your employees for a wide variety of occasions.