10 Covid Get Well Gifts

Covid Get Well Gifts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us or our loved ones have been impacted. We all hope and wish everyone remains safe during this trying time, but realize that due to the scope of the virus, a lot of people have become sick. If you’d like to do something for your close friends or family that have tested positive and endured the dangerous symptoms, then a get well gift can mean the world to her. We all appreciate gifts, but also appreciate the sentiment that people our thinking about us and our health. However, it can be hard to know what to get. You want to help your loved one and put a smile on her face. You definitely don’t want to overwhelm her or make her feel like she has to repay your generosity. Here’s how to choose thoughtful get well gift ideas along with some ideas to get you started on your search.

How to Choose a Covid Get Well Gift

When it comes to choosing the a Covid get well gift, you have to consider the severity of the illness. For example, many typical get well gifts focus on things someone likes. If your friend had a severe case, yet likes exercise, an active gift basket doesn’t make sense because they are likely still suffering from some fatigue. However, a book about exercise might make sense because it could encourage them to focus on recovery and get back to the gym or on the road. To be safe, Covid get well gifts should focus on relaxation and warmth that invokes comfort. Think about a cozy bathrobe or a pair of slippers that allows for comfort while likely still fatigued and stuck at home. Or maybe an at-home spa kit that helps her feel at ease while she’s getting back on her feet.

Alternatively, food always goes hand-in-hand with comfort. Gift baskets or food delivery options, such as an arrangement from Edible Arrangements® provide a sweet treat and she doesn’t need to leave home to enjoy them. Additionally, at Edible Arrangements®, we remain diligent on our Covid safety protocols so you can be confident in the safety of our team and products. Or, choose a cup of chicken noodle soup or a package of extra-delicious freshly baked cookies. Of course, if your friend has a favorite treat or meal, then deliver it to her home. The choice is yours.

Alternatively, you could choose to give her something to do to pass the time while she recuperates. This is a great choice, especially if she’s laid up in bed recovering from an injury or surgery. Think of a book that you recently loved or consider a journal to keep track of her thoughts. Or, maybe even challenge her a little with a difficult puzzle. Any one of these gifts can be a standalone present or the centerpiece of a Covid get well gift basket. Each can help pass the time while she’s getting back on her feet.

Top 10 Covid Get Well Gift Ideas

If you have someone in your life who endured the Covid-19 virus and needs a pick-me-up during their recuperation phase, then here are ten Covid get well gift ideas to spark your inspiration.

1. Make You “SMILE” Daises

Everyone could use a reason to smile during the Covid pandemic. In particular, if your loved one is recovering, then this arrangement will put a smile on their face. The arrangements bursts with fresh strawberries, pineapple daisies, cantaloupe, and more! It’s carefully crafted to create an eye-catching (and delicious) presentation, which is why we top it all off with glistening pineapple letters spelling out the word, “Smile.”

Cost: $82.49

2. Well Wishes FruitFlowers®

Well Wishes FruitFlowers®

Part of what makes a get well gift so thoughtful is simply taking the time to recognize one of your loved ones is in pain or was sick. This beautiful flower bouquet comes packed with sunflowers and multi-colored chrysanthemums, along with with white chocolate dipped strawberries and semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries topped with white chocolate Get Well Soon sentiments. If your loves ones lost their sense of smell, these flowers will help bring back the enjoyment of smelling again!

Cost: $93.00

3. Healing Vibes Gift Box

Healing Vibes Gift Box

A great Covid get well gift basket simply gives off “good vibes” to reassure your loved ones that they will get through this time. This healing vibes gift box comes with an all-natural soy candle in your choice of scent, a 2.5-inch succulent in a ceramic pot, and a box of matches in a fun, succulent theme. These are paired with a beautifully illustrated greeting card with your personalization printed on the back.

Cost: $33.00

4. Heartfelt Care Package Basket

Heartfelt Care Package Basket

This Covid get well gift basket is designed to lift the spirit, soothe a weary soul, and nourish the body. Additionally, a heartfelt care package simply says it all and this get well gift basket includes whipped magnesium lotion, “Spirit of light” hydrosol distillate, “Breathe Easy” herbal salve, and more.

Cost: $84.50

5. Fuzzy Socks Bouquet

Fuzzy Socks Bouquet

Recovering from Covid-19 means more time at home, which means your loved ones needs some additional comfort. And, this gift basket of fuzzy socks exudes cozy comfort that’s perfect for a get well sentiment. Plus, it includes seven pairs of delightfully colored fuzzy socks every woman will love, so they won’t have to worry about laundry too much either.

Cost: $69.99

6. Bath and Body Gift Basket for Women

Bath and Body Gift Basket for Women

Part of comfort is feeling good and this might be difficult while recovering from Covid-19. To help, this spa-based get well gift basket is packed with a selection of beautifying and comforting supplies that it will help her relax. It includes shower gel, body lotion, bath bombs, bath salt, an eye mask and more, all packed in a beautiful cosmetic case she can use again and again.

Cost: $31.99

7. Cream Fur Trimmed Robe

Cream Fur Trimmed Robe

We all have spent a lot of extra time at home, so embrace this particular aspect of our time with a nice comfy robe. This ultra-soft robe features a plush cream polyester fabric, which is lined with brown faux fur on the cuffs and collar and can be personalized with your loved one’s initials. If your loved one will be home, why not give a Covid get well gift that makes her extra comfy and cozy.

Cost: $79.99

8. Nature Zen Garden

Nature Zen Garden

We all need to find some more zen, so this relaxing zen garden helps your loved one tune out and meditate. It is difficult to find zen during this time, so this Covid get well gift offers a way to escape your mind and simply draw designs in the sand and rearrange the sand. It comes with two live plants that are easy to care for as well!

Cost: $36.00

9. Wicked Good Moccasins

Men's Wicked Good Moccasins

Made with premium sheepskin, these moccasin slippers are the ultimate in comfort, which is obviously a must during this time. Additionally, a shearling liner insulates and wicks away moisture from your feet, and a contoured memory foam footbed provides arch support.

Cost: $79.00

10. Luxurious Lavender Retreat Spa Basket Gift Basket

Luxurious Lavender Retreat Spa Basket Gift Basket

Does your loved one miss going to the spa? Well, this basket contains the spa experience, but at home. It includes everything she needs for a delightful spa getaway, such as body wash, hand soap, lotion, bath sponge, chocolate toffee wafer cookies, and relaxing Tazo tea. A great way get well gift basket that helps your loved one take a “mental” field trip to the day spa and lead to the road of recovery.

Cost: $75.99

A get well gift is a wonderful and sentimental way to let your loved one know you are thinking of them. In particular, we could also use a little more connection to our friends and family, so whatever you choose as a Covid get well gift, it’ll certainly brighten their day.