10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom from Son (+ Amazing Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom from 22 Contributors)

Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom from Son

Your mom has been by your side through thick and thin and will always be there when you need her. If her birthday is coming up, it’s the perfect time to show how much she means to you – and how much you care. But what gift is worthy of such a message? Doesn’t your mom always say she already has everything she needs?

How to Choose a Birthday Gift for Mom

When it comes to choosing a gift for mom, remember that she is bound to love any gift you choose just because it came from her treasured son. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook entirely, though. You still want to get her something she can use and appreciate.

To do this, first think about the types of activities she likes. Does she love to read? Or maybe she can’t get enough lattes at the coffee shop. These types of interests can actually be a starting point to gather some ideas for gifts. If she already has enough books and a coffee maker, she’s also sure to like any personalized gift, such as a photo frame with a picture of you and her or a mug with a sweet sentimental message.

If you’ve already inundated her with personalized mementos, you can never go wrong with a delicious food gift. Mom will love it even more if it’s both healthy and decadent, like chocolate covered fruit. Consider a gift bundle featuring a box of classic chocolate dipped strawberries paired with a cuddly plush teddy bear, a Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop, and a Happy Birthday balloon for a complete gift mom will love. Or, choose an arrangement filled with fresh fruit favorites like star-shaped pineapples and chocolate dipped fruits like our signature Apple Fruit Truffles®, all carefully arranged in a keepsake martini glass-shaped container. For a fun alternative to traditional birthday cake, a box of chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate dipped mini pineapple cakes is sure to make mom’s day. It even comes with real birthday candles you can light!

For more fabulous birthday gift ideas for mom from her son that mom will absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite birthday gift ideas for mom from her son.

Jamie PenneyJamie Penney

Jamie Penney is the Furniture Flippa. Jamie buys old furniture and brings it back to life, but he does much more than just that. He likes all DIY projects where he can jump in and get his hands dirty. He likes to show his furniture projects off on his YouTube channel and on his blog. He builds his friends and family stuff all the time!

“When I search for gifts for my mom I want to give her something with meaning. I like to build and refinish furniture, so I like to build my mom’s gifts. Some great gift ideas that you can get your mom for her birthday are:

  • Build a blanket ladder
  • Refinish her old furniture
  • Build outdoor seats (singe or a couch)
  • Floating shelf
  • Cutting board

Your mom will be proud of anything you build for her, and she’ll love the gift because she knows you built it just for her!”

Lorie AndersonLorie Anderson

Laurie Anderson is the founder of MomInformed.com. She holds a Master’s of Science in Education, Learning, Design, and Technology from Purdue University, and she lives in Indiana with her husband and three kids.

“When my son was thirteen, he made me a collage of thirteen pictures of us, one from each year of his life. It’s framed in a long frame, so you can see the progression from right to left. It’s the sweetest thing, one of those gifts that made me cry when I saw it.”

John ChoJohn Cho

John Cho is the Founder of My Pet Child.

“A lot of moms just want to spend more time with their son, so finding gifts that make that happen will be loved and create lasting memories. If you are not able to get together, get your mom an online class you can complete together! There are experts offering online classes in cocktails, baking, cooking, and more. I even found one for learning how to do fancy dog grooming, so they can be as practical or whimsical as you like!

The best part is with virtual classes, you could take classes from anyone anywhere in the world. You and your mom could learn to make pasta from a Nonna in Rome, or make jewelry with a designer in Chicago – just find something your mom will love that you can both do online together.”

Angela CarteAngela Carte


Angela Carte and her husband Joe run a blog called Mini Riches that centers around family, marriage, finance, and household. They’re a family of seven trying to make it in this everyday hustle as they strive to better grasp the commitments of marriage, family chaos, and financial freedom.

“As a stay-at-home-mom, the thing I want most for my birthday is some time of my own. I don’t want to prepare meals, clean the kitchen – or any other area of the house – or deal with laundry or messy toys, sibling arguments, or listening to YouTube gamers on the television for hours on end.

As a mother of five children under the age of 13, four of which are boys, I don’t see my perfect birthday coming to fruition anytime soon. That doesn’t mean my sons have to give up on it! Here is a list, by age, of spectacular gifts a son can give to his mother for her birthday.

AGES 0-4:

1. Make her handprint or footprint art.
2. Draw and color her a picture.
3. Have reading time with mommy.
4. Share a cookie with mommy.
5. Give mommy big hugs and kisses.

AGES 5-10:

1. Make mom homemade artwork, jewelry (colored noodle necklace), or a card.
2. Take care of your chores without being reminded.
3. Do an extra chore that you don’t normally do.
4. Watch a movie of mommy’s choice (kid-friendly, of course).
5. Try really hard not to argue with siblings.
6. Tell mommy how pretty she is and how much you love her.
7. Help mommy bake her birthday cake and help with cleaning up the mess.
8. Take care of the table dishes after supper.
9. Play a game with mom and let her win!
10. Write a loving letter or poem.

As we get into the pre-teen and teen years, some kids and most teenagers have some money they want to spend on their mother to express their admiration for her birthday. Along with all the above free gifts, here are some free gifts from older children and some gifts to purchase for mom that she will love!


1. If you are creative in this way, write her a song or poem from your heart, or paint her an original piece of artwork that she can hang in the home or her office with pride.
2. Arrange for family and friends to call your mother every 30 minutes or every hour for a good chunk of the day. She will be so flattered!
3. Give mom the day off. Take care of the chores for her, plan the meals, and make sure mom has time to herself to spend as she pleases. Whether that means playing a game with you or reading a book in a quiet place, give her the time to do as she chooses.


1. A gift card to her favorite coffee shop.
2. A gift card to a local boutique – or purchase something you like for her, but make sure to keep the receipt in case she needs a different size.
3. Take her out on a mother-son breakfast, lunch, or dinner date.
4. Order a personalized coffee mug, shirt, pendant, or bracelet, honoring her motherhood.
5. A pair of super comfortable fluffy slippers.
6. A new kitchen gadget you think she’d love – anything from a personalized spatula to an electric mixer. The possibilities are endless. First, get an idea of what your mother likes. If she does not like to bake, she will not want a mixer. If she loves to drink coffee and her coffee machine is as old as you are, maybe it’s time to get mom an upgrade!
7. Inspirational wall art that you know piques her interest.
8. Donate to her favorite charity in her name.
9. Schedule her a massage or mani/pedi.
10. Last but not least, I find that the vast majority of mothers find joy in chocolate. Chocolate covered treats are a thoughtful pick-me-up that can be enjoyed, remembered, and not take up space in the house long after it has served its purpose.”

Ray CaronRay Caron

Ray Caron is a talented ceramic artist from Minnesota who specializes in practical art. Through his shop, Clay Panther Ceramics, he sells drinking vessels and vases that are hand-built, structural, and one-of-a-kind. The mugs fit beautifully in your hand, and the interesting textures add to the enjoyment of your morning coffee or tea.

“Gifts from a son to his mom should be personal, fun, and unique. A one-of-a-kind handbuilt, textural ceramic mug is the perfect fit. This gift says, ‘Thank you, mom. Relax and enjoy your tea/coffee. You deserve a break.’ It is significantly more special than a standard mug and lets mom know you put some thought into her gift.”

Emily WendzichEmily Wendzich

Emily Wendzich is a giftaholic and runs the website Gift and Giving, where she provides honest reviews on items that make great gifts.

“We always say that birthdays are an opportunity for us to appreciate the people in our lives and a great time to reflect. To some degree, it’s true, but I also think they’re there to encourage and reinforce future spending behaviors (present buying and future materialism). I got my parent a hiking trip from her son (me), not because it’s something she’s done in the past, but something she’s always wanted to do, but never quite fit into her schedule. She’s 59 and I think if she lives a long life she’ll enjoy the memories of our joint trip for many decades to come! What else can you say that about? Another great birthday gift idea is a really good camera. Nothing is more fun than taking pictures, and the nicer the camera, the more likely your mom is to start taking pictures. This is always fun! My mom has a nice DSLR and she’s been taking photos of amazing scenery lately. It’s a hoot to go through the photos of the kids and such. However, the camera won’t last decades.”

Patti VarrelmannPatti Varrelmann


Patti Varrelmann is the Owner of GGblue.

“One of the best birthday gifts a son can get his mother is a fashion piece that showcases her discerning style! Any old article of clothing isn’t good enough; you need to spend some time to find an item that suits her sparkling personality and can be easily incorporated into her existing wardrobe. Does your mother love to stay active? Choose some chic sportswear pieces that will make sure she looks fabulous while playing her favorite sports. Does she love to spend winter evenings curled up cozily with a book? Gift her a luxurious cashmere sweater in her favorite color. There are so many options to choose from; just make sure your birthday present suits your mom’s unique preferences so she knows how much thought you put into it.”

Jill SandyJill Sandy


Jill Sandy is a Gardener, Home Renovator, and Founder at Constant Delights, the blog about Home and Gardening. The blog offers advice on gardening and DIY tips to help you have a great home and garden.

“Here are two of the best birthday gift ideas for mom from son.

1. Best Mom Gift Set: This gift pack is one of the best things to get for your mom to make her feel even better. It includes a candle, a mug, a pair of socks, and a ‘Best Mom’ tumbler. It’s the perfect care package. So, if your mom has not been looking after herself for some time and you want her to feel special, then this package is made for her. It’s $24.99.

2. Klikel Family Tree Picture Frame Stand: Moms are all about loving and keeping their
families together. Nothing is more important to them than the loved ones in their lives, especially their children. So, why not get your mom something that can help her keep her family with her at all times? This Klikel family tree picture stand is perfect for it! You can add pictures to it and then gift it to your mom. It’s $37.49.”

Tamara LoehrTamara Loehr

Tamara Loehr is a global multi-award winning female entrepreneur of 25+ years who creates Ethical Beauty and Wellness products. Tamara is. a YPO Hollywood member, advocate for ‘business for good,’ and role model for female entrepreneurship.

“As a mother, we all love to be pampered. However, the gift you choose needs to be conscious. In fact, 97% of women over 40 surveyed said they prefer products that are female-founded and give back. With this in mind, look for gifts that both pamper and have purpose. Beauty websites like Beusail only feature conscious products, making it easy to find the perfect gift for mom that, in turn, helps another mother and son in need.”

Melissa KiddMelissa Kidd


Melissa is a gift-giving guru and the founder of Pretty Delightful DIY Gifts where she teaches how to give thoughtful, high-quality handmade gifts.

“The best things sons can give to moms communicate one of two things: I love you, or I appreciate you and all you do. Gifts that say ‘I love you’ highlight your mama bear/ baby cub bond. Photo gifts of you together are really effective, as well as quality time and experience gifts if the baby cub is now a man-cub.

Gifts that say ‘thank you’ are anything that encourages that mom to indulge herself and take a moment to relax. This may be different for each mom depending on her unique relaxation preferences, but things like decadent treats (chocolate!), quality teas and coffee, and top-notch home spa-style products are winners.

Best idea ever? Wrap the decadent treats inside a mug printed with a picture of you two.”

Jacob PinkhamJacob Pinkham

Jacob Pinkham is the CEO of In Smooth Waters.

“Everyone knows that unlike girls and daughters, it is not expected for boys and sons to be thinking emotionally. I surprised my mom with a gift one year that brought her to tears: a photo montage of the family with her being the main character. The gift itself is very simple, but coming from her son, it really warmed her heart.

I know my mom, and I know she loves family photos. She has a dedicated wall with framed photos running up the stairs, and her nearest and dearest displayed on her bedside table.

Now, hanging in her room is a montage of many many photos of her being a mum, a grandma, and I even managed to find a couple of her as a young girl.”

Olga MironovaOlga Mironova

Olga Mironova is an artist creating teddy toys at Porcelain Kingdom.

“One of the most precious things we can gift to another person is sweet memories. And for a mom, these probably are memories of her child being still a little kid. So give her something reminding her about this time, such as a handmade postcard, a photo book with pictures of your time together, or a stuffed toy like she once gave to you.”

Simon ElkjærSimon Elkjær

Simon Elkjær is the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, home of Denmark’s most affordable electronics. He has more than a decade’s worth of experience in e-commerce and marketing, five years of experience as an entrepreneur, and has even dabbled in public speaking.

“For something as important as a mother’s birthday, it’s always great to take a trip down memory lane and remember good memories, which is best done through video presentations. You can simply record your birthday message and include a couple of photos, and a tiny bit of editing accompanied by music can create a video that you and your mother can treasure forever.”

Edgar ArroyoEdgar Arroyo

Edgar Arroyo is the President of SJD Taxi.

“Some of the best birthday gift ideas include a weighted blanket which provides a cuddling sensation so that mom can sleep better at night or during an afternoon nap.

A heated pillow can also soothe any aches and pains that mom is experiencing. Some also come scented with lavender to help mom relax. These are practical gift ideas that mom may appreciate.”

Brittany HoganBrittany Hogan

Brittany Hogan, founder of Nefertem® Holistic Skincare, has a background in traditional healing modalities including Amma Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Herbalism. Her focus is to support the emotional and spiritual healing journey of others using aromatherapy, mindful living tips, and opportunities for conscious reflection.

“What better way for a son to return the love and nurturing his mother has given to him over the years than with a moment of quiet reflection. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce stress and aid in relaxation. Combining aromatherapy with skincare allows mom to enjoy those benefits every time she prepares for another day of being a mom. This Aromatherapy Bundle for Relaxation is a great choice for $67.37.”

Kristen BoligKristen Bolig

Kristen Bolig is the founder of SecurityNerd, a home security advice website that’s been featured on U.S. World & News Report, Reader’s Digest, and NBC Better. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband.

“Package theft is one of the unfortunate side effects of the global pandemic. As people turn to home deliveries and online purchases, more opportunistic porch pirates are stealing items from homes than ever before. The Ring Video Doorbell is a great way to combat package theft. For sons looking to protect their moms, it’s a fantastic gift idea this holiday season.

The Ring Video Doorbell comes with powerful 720 HD video that streams directly to smartphones. It also includes live streaming, night vision, and motion-based alerts so users never have to worry about what’s going on at their door. It also comes with two-way communication that lets people chat with whoever is on their front porch — a great perk to help with social distancing during Coronavirus concerns.

Another benefit? The Ring Video Doorbell can prevent package theft from taking place. Studies show that simply having a security camera installed can reduce your risk of being targeted by burglars. The Ring Video Doorbell can offer up safety and convenience at an affordable price.”

Kressa PetersonKressa Peterson

Kressa Peterson is an all-around energetic and go-getting mom, grandmother, and entrepreneur. Bouncing from running a Shark Tank, Mark Cuban company called the Shower Toga to obstacle course racing on the weekends, Kressa puts full passion into anything she puts her mind to.

“Shower Toga allows you to shower discretely outdoors and then transforms into a bag to carry your dirty clothes and towels. It’s great for outdoor racing, camping, surfers, backpackers, and festivals. Since COVID, they have gotten into the disaster relief space and given away 100k in product to essential workers. It retails for $46.99.”

Ian KellyIan Kelly

Ian Kelly is the VP, Operations at NuLeaf Naturals.

“Moms definitely deserve gifts with a more personal touch, and this is a great opportunity for sons to show how grateful they are for their moms. I love the idea of creating a family cookbook: take all of the secret family recipes that are on worn-out cards and preserve them forever as a self-published cookbook. You can type out the recipes or scan the originals and compile them in a book that you can get printed at any copy center for less than $20. If you’re feeling artistic you can even include drawings or photos of the finished recipes. Make sure you don’t dispose of the original recipe cards, though!”

Amy WongAmy Wong

Amy Wong is a former stylist at Stitch Fix and now runs the blog, My Favorite Hello, as an online destination inspiring women to find their personal style.

“A great birthday gift idea for mom from son would be a styling subscription box, such as Stitch Fix or Wantable. A Fix or Edit can be purchased from Stitch Fix or Wantable, respectively, as a gift for your mom to redeem when she wants. It’s a fun surprise because she will receive a box of clothes that are styled/picked out just for her! The gift of style is priceless and lasts forever!”

Sara MandeedSara Mandeed

Sara Mandeed runs the website, BestOfOurHome.com.

“While many people will naturally think of gifts like jewelry, perfume, a piece of art, etc., it isn’t always an ideal birthday gift for mom from son. A better idea would be to give her options to customize her choice. A voucher for a new dress from her favorite designer could be a great birthday gift for mom from her son. A gift voucher for unlimited spa services at an upscale day spa could be another great option. Perhaps you can get a gift certificate to a hotel for an unforgettable experience, which is also a great idea to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day. Book a night at a luxury hotel with a spa or a nice dinner somewhere.”

Ian WrightIan Wright

Ian Wright is the CEO of Bequests.

“Moms work hard at home by taking care of the family and house chores. When choosing gifts for them, you can never go wrong with something that reminds them that they’re loved.

One suggestion is this insulated stainless steel tumbler with lid. We know how moms’ coffee gets cold before they finish it, especially when they have small kids to take care of at home. Plus, this one has a print that says, ‘Remember Mom, I love you’ – something that will make your mom smile while sipping her drink.”

Ben ReynoldsBen Reynolds


Ben Reynolds is the CEO & Founder at Sure Dividend, where he gives people advice on investing their money in dividend stocks so they can save more for retirement.

“Picking out a gift for your mom means reviewing different aspects of it carefully before investing in an expensive gift and deeming it worthy for someone so special.

Choosing the perfect birthday gift for your mother means picking something out that’s customized to their personal likes. Mothers love thoughtful gifts that show how much you pay attention to their lives. Buying a laptop bag for work use, a pampering bubble bath that will relax them, or figuring out one expensive gift they’ve wanted for a while can create an emotional reaction on their birthday.

Another way to personalize their birthday gift is to have it handcrafted by someone on Etsy. You can have a handcrafted picture frame to add to her photo collection or your siblings’ names engraved into a beautifully crafted necklace. Or, if you’re trying to save money, you can reuse material around the house to create your own homemade gifts.

Either one gives her a thoughtful gift that she will cherish since it has her children on it.

Picking out the perfect gift for your mother can be tricky when she’s not into expensive jewelry or fancy clothes. So, why not select an experience she won’t forget with a virtual wine tasting or an outdoor movie theater with advanced audio to recreate the drive-in movie experience. With many places closed or requiring social distancing, making her home a staycation during her birthday will make her remember it as one of her best birthdays.

Even buying a cheap movie projector can save you money and give her the best experience for her birthday when she can’t go to the movies or eat at her favorite restaurant.”

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom from Son

If you’re still unsure what to get your mom, don’t worry. We’ve gathered up ten outstanding birthday gifts that will truly impress any mom:

  1. Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries

Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries

Made with fresh pineapple covered in chocolate and decorated with colorful glaze and sprinkles, this set is a must-have for any birthday. Plus, each cake is topped with a candle you can actually light. The set also includes fresh, juicy strawberries that have been dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate.

Cost: $59.99

  1. Today We Celebrate You

Today We Celebrate You

This delectable arrangement is packed with all the best treats your mom could ask for, including chocolate dipped pineapple stars, chocolate dipped pineapple daisies, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, and more. It all comes complete in a keepsake Happy Birthday container and is accompanied by a festive balloon.

Cost: $104.99

  1. Mom State Mug

Mom State Mug

If you live far away from your mom, this mug will make the perfect gift. It features the sweet phrase, “Love between a mother and son knows no distance,” and is personalized to include both of your states.

Cost: $25.79

  1. Mother Son Necklace

Mother Son Necklace

This beautiful sterling silver necklace features two interlocking rings, symbolizing the never-ending love between a mother and her son. Plus, it comes in a gift box with a sweet, sentimental message inside.

Cost: $39.00

  1. Fleur De Paris Infinity Collection

Fleur De Paris Infinity Collection

Every mom loves roses and these roses are everlasting, meaning they’ll last one year or more with proper care. They come in 16 beautiful colors, each more vibrant and beautiful than the last.

Cost: $89.00

  1. Plated Subscription

Plated Subscription

Take some of the pressure off your mom this year with a Plated subscription. She can choose her favorite meal plan and recipes, and the required ingredients will be delivered to her door each week without having to shop or plan ahead.

Cost: $67.00

  1. Willow Tree® Mother and Son Figurine

Willow Tree® Mother and Son Figurine

This heartwarming piece captures the love between a mother and son, right at the time he’s gaining some independence, but still needs some encouragement from his mom. It’s the perfect memento that represents a mother’s love.

Cost: $43.99

  1. The Love Between A Mother and Son Lasts Forever Frame

The Love Between A Mother and Son Lasts Forever Frame

With the words, “The love between a mother and son lasts forever,” this frame will melt mom’s heart in seconds flat. Place a favorite photo in the frame for a perfect gift she’ll always treasure.

Cost: $19.95

  1. Keurig Special Edition K-Cafe SE Single Serve K-Cup Pod

Keurig Special Edition K-Cafe SE Single Serve K-Cup Pod

This Keurig makes creating a coffee-shop-worthy latte as easy as the push of a button. With the “shot” feature, you can brew a concentrated shot of coffee from any K-Cup pod and use the included frothier to create foam to top your creation.

Cost: $149.99

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

If your mom loves to read, this Kindle is an essential must-have. It’s been recently updated with a flush-front design, 300 ppi glare-free display, and completely waterproof exterior so you can use it in the sun and by the pool.

Cost: $129.99

Whether you want a sweet sentimental gift or something practical, you’re sure to find an option for your mom on this list. No matter what gift you choose, she’ll be thankful for the kind and thoughtful way you help celebrate her birthday.