50 One-of-a-Kind 60th Birthday Gift Ideas (+ Amazing 60th Birthday Gift Ideas from 26 Contributors)

One-of-a-Kind 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing a special 60th birthday gift for a loved one is tough. After all, if you were to ask your special someone, he or she is bound to reply, “I don’t need anything at all!” The truth is that everyone loves to receive a thoughtful surprise for their birthday.

Consider a box of scrumptious mini cheesecakes and gourmet brownies. Paired with a bundle of Happy Birthday balloons, it’s a delightful and delicious gift that’s sure to make anyone’s 60th birthday brighter. Choose a box of delectable chocolate dipped treats including Bavarian pretzels, graham crackers, and more, plus strawberries and cake-shaped pineapples dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. It’s all packaged in a custom Happy Birthday box and even comes with real candles you can light for a 60th birthday celebration like no other.

Or, choose a delightful arrangement of fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits topped with pineapple letters reading “B Day.” It’s all carefully arranged in a keepsake martini glass-shaped container they can use again and again. No matter the soon-to-be 60 year old’s taste and interests, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to make any 60th birthday memorable at Edible Arrangements®.

For more fabulous 60th birthday gift ideas your friend or family member will absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about the best 60th birthday gift ideas.

Phillip AshPhillip Ash

Phillip Ash is the Founder of Pro Paint Corner.

“What I have noticed is that the generation who are now turning 60 mostly do not have laptops. They have the desktop computer and the smartphone, but as they have become more digitally savvy, the need nowadays is a laptop.

Buying your grandparent or parent a laptop for their 60th birthday is a gift of information and personalized organization. Laptops are a lot easier to manage. Offering a fresh, new laptop allows this generation to store all their photos, movies they like, and home filing system on their portable computer.

My number one tip if you are doing this is to have the laptop already set up with everything they need and want. Download apps you know they’ll use like Zoom, Skype, Kindle, and Netflix, and buy malware security and the Microsoft Office suite for them, too.

Ensure that their first efforts with the laptop are easy. Be there with them to show them where to find what they are looking for. Laptops are indispensable, so they make a great gift for a 60th birthday.”

Adam ChaseAdam Chase


Adam Chase is the President of Music Minds.

“It’s never too late to learn an appreciation for music. Whether you’re just wanting to listen to more music or learn to play, everyone can benefit from forging a deeper relationship with music. For the former, you could consider something as simple as a Spotify Premium membership or an iTunes gift card. Maybe XM radio for the individual’s car.

If you want to give them knowledge, though, there are plenty of fantastic courses on Udemy that will teach you the basics of playing guitar, piano, and a variety of other instruments both popular and obscure. This is a great way for older individuals to stay sharp, too. It engages so many different parts of your brain and usually helps promote a fair amount of dexterity that can help potentially arthritic hands.”

Stephen LightStephen Light


Stephen is the Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer at Nolah Mattress.

“As humans reach the age of 60, they often begin to experience back problems. Since the degeneration of joints in the lumbar spine starts at this age, the aging person needs to support their spine during sleep to avoid back problems.

Ergonomic mattresses help prevent back problems in the morning while simultaneously making sleep quality better. Besides helping with back problems, ergonomic mattresses might have advanced technology to improve sleep, such as breathable materials, or generate health data during the sleep cycle.”

Lorie AndersonLorie Anderson

Lorie Anderson is the founder of MomInformed.

“My mother recently turned 60. For her birthday, I bought her a yearly membership to a local ceramics studio.

She always told me that she wanted to try pottery, but I know that she would never take the steps necessary to actually try it. So, I got her a membership, and now she goes to the studio three nights a week!

When someone is retired or reaching retirement age, give them the opportunity to try something new. They have a lot of time to fill, so it’s good to gift them something to fill it with.”

Kristen BoligKristen Bolig


Kristen Bolig is the Founder at SecurityNerd.

“As we get older, it gets increasingly difficult to keep tabs on our home. Thankfully, SimpliSafe is here to save the day. SimpliSafe is a cutting edge home security system that can help you keep your loved ones safe. This 8-piece bundle comes with top-of-the-line devices to cover all of your home security needs.

Their standard security package comes with a motion sensor, keypad, entry sensor, base station, and a camera. The best part? It’s easy to install. Their simple setup means you can secure your home in just minutes. At just $14.99 a month, SimpliSafe is also on the more affordable side of the big-name security providers. It’s a great way to ring in a 60th birthday and to help protect your loved ones for years to come.”

Chris LaanChris Laan


Chris Laan is the Founder of Designer Sheds.

“One great gift for anyone turning 60 is a family tree book. You can buy these on Amazon or at any large book store, or make one on your own for free. Each chapter details a member of the person’s family, when they were born, where they went, what their interests are, etc.

You can fill in the information for the birthday person’s ancestors, their descendants, or both. The best way to do it is to pass the book around to everyone in the family so they can add some personal information about themselves and their love for the family member. Once everyone’s had a chance to add their share, you’ll have a wonderful keepsake for the recipient to remember well past their 60th birthday.”

John StevensonJohn Stevenson


John Stevenson is the Marketing Specialist for My GRE Exam Preparation.

“What better way to celebrate 60 than to make them smile with a cute and funny description for their age!

This Funny 60th Birthday Mug does just that, making them feel extra special every time they take a sip.”

Simon ElkjærSimon Elkjær


Simon Elkjær is the Chief Marketing Officer at avXperten.

“One of the best gifts you can give to anyone who’s celebrating their 60th birthday is a photo album filled with photos and trinkets that are valuable to them. This is a great way for them to reminisce and look back at the great memories they’ve accumulated in the last 60 years.”

Paige Arnof-FennPaige Arnof-Fenn

Paige Arnof-Fenn is the founder & CEO of global marketing and branding firm Mavens and Moguls based in Cambridge, MA. Her clients include Microsoft, Virgin, The New York Times Company, Colgate, venture-backed startups as well as non profit organizations.

“My husband and many of his friends turned 60 the year before COVID, and the gifts they appreciated most were spending time with each other over meals and/or weekends away filled with laughter and stories of decades of friendship. By this age, you value your time and relationships more than anything else. Old photos and mementos from shared adventures mean much more than expensive items or gifts. The more personal, the better.”

Sarah JimmensSarah Jimmens

Sarah Jimmens is an Entrepreneur and founder of Planet Shoes.

“We all start losing hope of a great life as we grow old and weak, which is normal. The book, How to Be a Stoic: Using Ancient Philosophy to Live Modern Life, is the best gift you can give to someone turning 60 as it gives a way of life and a way of finding possibilities of doing things. The ancient philosophy of stoicism diverts our focus and attention to what we can possibly do and how to do it, and it also guides us to determine what is unimportant in life. Focusing on possibilities and letting go of unimportant things in life, as the book has guided me, has made my life easier and given me a chance to live happily again at this old age. Everyone turning 60 should read this.”

Ian WrightIan Wright


Ian Wright is the CEO of Bequests, a retirement and end-of-life planning information portal.

“One of the best gifts I can recommend for people turning 60 is a robot vacuum cleaner.

It’s quite practical for your senior loved ones. Robot vacuum cleaners are easy to set up and use, which will make keeping the floors clean much more convenient.”

Fred McGill Jr.Fred McGill Jr.


Fred McGill Jr is the Founder and CEO of SimpleShowing.

“Being 60 is not too late to be techy. Give your senior loved one a smartwatch. It’s functional and beneficial in a lot of ways. They can track their daily fitness, sleep, and other health aspects, and they can connect it with their mobile phone for taking calls and reading text messages conveniently.

You can also collect photos of special events in their life over the past 60 years and compile them in a photo album. It’s a heartfelt gift that will help them reminisce about all the good times.”

David CusickDavid Cusick


David Cusick is the CSO and Executive Editor of House Method.

“Here are my two favorite 60th birthday gift ideas:

Amazon Echo Dot

It’s great to have around the house, helping your loved ones with a lot of things, including controlling smart home devices, checking the weather, and playing music through voice command.

Heating pads

Most people at the age of 60 would complain about backaches, especially when it’s cold. Help them have immediate relief with heating pads, which they can put on their bed or wrap around their backs.”

Bakez BakerBakez Baker

Bakez Baker works with HeartAFact. He is a fashion freak and lifestyle blogger who covers trends and news in music, art, style, and culture. Heartafact celebrates creativity, innovation, and art with a purpose to provide nothing but value to its audience and community.

Succulent Plant Pots (Price: $15.99) make an excellent 60th birthday gift. These cute yet intricate plant pots serve as a fantastic gift, be it for a 16-year-old or a 60-year-old. Made of ceramic, these succulent pots are designed to perfection and look beautiful placed around the house. Gift these to your loved ones and let them plant their favorite succulents. It comes in a set of 6 pots.”

Alessandra KesslerAlessandra Kessler


Alessandra Kessler is the CEO of Healthy Body Healthy Mind.

“Here are two great 60th birthday gift ideas:

1. Coffee Mug Warmer

Price: $ 19.99

With old age comes its problems; in such situations, a mug warmer becomes a must! It can easily be placed on a side table, making it convenient and simple. It is equipped with a gravity sensor switch and a built-in indicator LED light, which turns off automatically once you remove the cup. This feature makes it user-friendly and safe yet reliable!

2. Dry Fruit Tray

Price: $ 33.99

It’s intricate, it’s beautifully designed, and it’s perfect for storing your favorite dry fruits! This dry fruit plate comes with five different compartments. Made of aluminum, it’s long-lasting and easy to take care of. Gift it to your loved ones and let them keep their preferred fruits within easy reach.”

Sarah WalkerSarah Walker

Sarah Walker is the Founder of ShoesCentric.com.

“I just recently celebrated my uncle’s 62nd birthday. Uncle Jacob has been suffering from backaches ever since he was young. He was the tallest guy out there. He would often complain of backaches and come home in agony. There were many things he did to reduce the pain, but everything went down the drain. Either you keep taking pain medications for it for the rest of your life, or just keep suffering.

A long time ago, he bought a heating pad, and it greatly relieved his pain. But since it was so old, my sister and I thought to give him a new heating pad for his birthday this year. He was delighted and grateful for the gift.

A heating pad for people over 60 with a backache is the biggest life-saver. Not only are you cutting down on taking regular medications, but you are also using the easiest method to relieve your pain.

The heat helps with improving blood flow to the affected area. It reduces the stiffness in the muscles to alleviate the symptoms.

On the other hand, you can also give some expensive oral supplements to your loved ones above 60 years of age. Your gifts should add great value to their lives. Other decoration pieces may sound great, but they do not really help with keeping your loved ones healthy and well.”

Miles BecklerMiles Beckler


Miles Beckler is the Founder and Entrepreneur at MilesBeckler.com.

“The 60th birthday is a big occasion and demands a gift of equal grandeur like the EONIQ custom watch. Not only are EONIQ’s custom watches fit with premium components, but you’re also given the option to resize the numbers and upload your very own design. This includes your very own custom signature to truly make the watch personal to you.

The watches are individually hand-assembled, sparing no expense on quality. Starting at just $168, it’s a fair price to pay for a watch built to last. For a gift to remember, design your very own EONIQ watch.”

Joshua BerkowitzJoshua Berkowitz


Joshua Berkowitz is the founder of Palace. They design and sell one-of-a-kind party goods – art pieces that look beautiful on display but also get your party started. Previously, Joshua was a startup executive and management consultant.

“Champagne is the perfect way to celebrate a 60th birthday. And there’s no better way to impress your friends and get the party started than by opening the bottle with a Sabre. It’s much easier than you think, but always a show stopper. And while on display, champagne sabres are beautiful pieces of home decor. The Palace Sabre is our favorite.”

Sarah LoganSarah Logan

Sarah Logan is the editor over at The Bunny Hub.

“There is no denying that as we age, we feel different body aches and ailments. So, for anyone celebrating their 60th birthday, I would give something that would help in relaxation and for reducing pain. The TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller is perfect for that! The elderly may find it tiring to travel to a massage parlor. They would love something handy to make them feel better. With the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager, they can sit anywhere and get a great massage.”

Emily WendzichEmily Wendzich

Emily owns and runs her own blog, Gift and Giving.

“The best gift for a 60th birthday is long-distance videos from at least 6 people, one per decade of life. Find a childhood friend, a high school friend, a college friend, etc., and have them record a short video. I used Tribute for my mom’s birthday not too long ago, and it was amazing. Alternatively, a beautiful scrapbook that chronicles memorable events from each decade of life works, too.”

Michelle DevaniMichelle Devani


Michelle Devani is the Founder of LoveDevani.

“Having your 60th birthday is one of the events in your life that you really look forward to. People who celebrated their 60th birthday mentioned that celebrating this event with loved ones and friends makes it more fun. Of course, we want them to feel special and loved, and that is why we make sure to prepare a gift for them that they can really use and will make their life easier. Here are some gift ideas for your loved one’s 60th birthday:

  • A hotel booking. They need to relax and refresh themselves. They are already in a stage wherein they have spent their life working for their family and are preparing for their retirement stage, so giving them a hotel booking where they can just rest and pamper themselves will surely be appreciated.
  • Orthopedic shoes or sandals. They already feel the aches and pains caused by aging, and walking can be a burden. Giving them orthopedic shoes or sandals that can give them comfort and support will make it easier for them to do their daily tasks.”

Sonya SchwartzSonya Schwartz


Sonya Schwartz is the founder of Her Norm.

“A 60th birthday marks a great milestone and is worth celebrating. In some cultures, it is associated with diamond stone. Here are some of the best gift ideas for a 60th birthday:

  • Bonsai Tree – Gifting someone a bonsai tree on any occasion is a big surprise for the receiver. It means harmony, peace, and balance. This is one of the best gifts a 60-year old can receive because it is beautifully curated and easy to take care of.
  • Robot Vacuum – It does the work while you do something else important. This is best for someone who is enjoying their retirement. They can just turn on the robot vacuum while enjoying a cup of coffee or watching their favorite shows.”

Samantha MossSamantha Moss


Samantha Moss is the Editor and Content Ambassador at Romantific.

“Reaching 60 years of age for anyone can be considered a milestone. A lot will change when you turn 60 and of course, it should be celebrated and you should give them gifts. Personally speaking, I always want to give gifts on every occasion, and these are my two best 60th birthday gift ideas:

  • Beeping Item Tracker. We all know that people who reach 60 years of age are now prone to losing and misplacing items. Beeping item trackers help you find the item by attaching a small tracker to your items and a remote to make your trackers beep.
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners make everyone’s life so much easier, making this a great 60th birthday gift.”

Chris AbramsChris Abrams


Chris Abrams is the founder of Abrams Insurance Solutions, an independent insurance and financial services company.

“If you know someone approaching 60 who hasn’t yet taken advantage of life insurance, it can make for a great gift.

For one, age 60 is the last year you can use SBLI’s no medical exam term life insurance. Many options cease to exist after age 60, so it’s important to not put this off.

I recommend getting a loved one turning 60 a meeting with an independent insurance advisor. They can shop the market and find a plan that works best for your loved one. They can also help them shop around for a new policy instead of renewing an old one — which can be a great money saver if your loved one has gotten healthier in recent years.

Life insurance can protect your loved one’s future and pay off for years to come. Consider scheduling a meeting and helping enlist someone in a plan before it’s too late.”

Katie TejadaKatie Tejada

Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She often covers developments in HR, business, recruiting, real estate, law, and finance, but also enjoys writing about travel, interiors, and events.

“The 60th birthday is a major milestone. While some people may feel self-conscious about their age, this birthday, in particular, is an excellent opportunity for you to celebrate a loved one’s life. And what better way to commemorate them than a custom-framed photo of one of your favorite memories with them?

At FrameStore, you will receive one-on-one attention from a framing professional to craft a unique design that perfectly matches your friend’s or family member’s style and decor. For a truly unique milestone birthday gift, commemorate your time with your loved one with a custom framed photo.”

Gabi BellairsGabi Bellairs


Gabi is a freelance writer and copy strategist who loves to write about events and gifts. She also sometimes works with companies such as Royal Egyptian Bedding.

“Sixty is certainly a milestone birthday, but being sixty and feeling sixty aren’t quite the same. These days, people aren’t surprised to hear about a sixty-year-old running a marathon or heading to Crossfit. Age may be just a number, but wear and tear are real. This is the time to consider gifts that add that little extra luxury to your loved one’s life, things they may not splurge on for themselves, such as a plush mattress topper. They’ll feel fresh as a daisy and keep everyone guessing their age!”

50 One-of-a-Kind 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Still looking for amazing 60th birthday gift ideas? We’ve compiled a list of 50 sensational gift ideas below to help you find the perfect gift for anyone about to celebrate this birthday milestone.

1. Edible®Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries

Edible Arrangements Birthday Pineapple Drip Cakes™ & Berries

This beautiful and delicious gift is sure to make an impression. Cake-shaped pineapple is dipped in chocolate and decorated with chocolate glaze and sprinkles. Paired with strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate, it’s an oh-so-delicious treat.

Cost: $59.99

2. Edible® Best Birthday Ever

Edible Arrangements Best Birthday Ever

This stunning arrangement is made with chocolate dipped strawberries, white and semisweet chocolate dipped pineapple cupcakes, and a variety of delicious fresh fruit. It also includes a bundle of festive balloons.

Cost: $71.99

3. My M&M’S® Occasion Gift Box – Birthday Blend

My M&Ms Occasion Gift Box - Birthday Blend

Who doesn’t love M&M’S®? This birthday box includes a variety of birthday-themed M&M’S®, all packaged in a beautiful keepsake black box.

Cost: $39.99

4. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls

If your loved one can’t get enough golf, these personalized golf balls make the perfect gift. You can personalize with any name or initial up to twelve characters.

Cost: $20.00

5. Year to Remember Money Clip

Year To Remember Money Clip

This money clip is a truly unique gift anyone will love. It features a genuine U.S. half dollar from the year of your loved one’s birth, with a three-letter monogram on the other side.

Cost: $79.99

6. Song Sound Wave Art

Song Sound Wave Art

Turn your loved one’s favorite song into a piece of stunning artwork. Using sound and image manipulation software, your song choice is transformed into visual soundwaves and placed on either a white or a dark grey background.

Cost: $49.95

7. Royal Albert Miranda Kerr Teacup and Saucer

Royal Albert Miranda Kerr Teacup and Saucer
This delightful teacup and saucer set is perfect for anyone who loves a cup of afternoon tea. Adorned with peonies and elegant butterflies, it’s delicately adorned with 22ct gold.

Cost: $60.00

8. Birthstone Wishing Balls

Birthstone Wishing Balls

This wishing ball features shimmering hand-blown glass with 52 tiny slips of paper. Each piece of paper is intended for a message of hope or gratitude to be filled out once a week throughout the year. Each wish is tucked up in the tiny hole near the base of the ball, adding to the permanent display.

Cost: $32.00

9. Name a Star

Name a Star

Name a star in honor of your loved one. You’ll get a certificate and instructions for finding your star in the night sky.

Cost: $39.90

10. Burnham Watches Men’s Luxury Wooden Watch & Stainless Steel

Burnham Watches Men's Lusury Wooden Watch & Stainless Steel

This stunningly beautiful chronograph wooden watch features hand-selected zebra wood with a black stainless steel band.

Cost: $55.00

11. Engravable Birthstone Signet Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Engravable Birthstone Signet Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
This cuff bracelet is a simple, yet stylish personalized piece that makes a great gift. On one end is a tag that can be engraved with one initial, and the other end features a birthstone in a silver setting.

Cost: $32.20

12. Gold & Enamel Cuff Links

Gold & Enamel Cufflinks

These cufflinks instantly elevate any man’s shirt. They feature subtle gold-tone and rich, onyx colored enamel in a classic style.

Cost: $39.20

13. Irish Lambswool Scarf

Irish Lambswool Scarf

This luxurious Irish lambswool scarf is yarn-dyed for rich color. It’s 71 inches long for easier wrapping.

Cost: $34.99

14. Keurig K-Classic K50 Single Serve

Keurig K-Classic K50 Single Serve

The Keurig brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a delicious cup of hot coffee in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cost: $79.99

15. 60th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace

60th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace

This beautiful handcrafted love knot necklace features six sterling silver rings, each ring commemorating a decade in your loved one’s life. The rings are intertwined and hanging from a sterling silver chain.

Cost: $50.00

16. Red Cast Iron Fondue Set

Red Cast Iron Fondue Set

This retro-style fondue set includes eight color-coded forks, an enameled cast iron and burner. Use it to make cheese, chocolate, or oil for the perfect fondue.

Cost: $39.95

17. Warming Foot Massager

Warming Foot Massager

After a hard day on your feet, nothing is better than this warming foot massager. It features fleecy foot pockets with two levels of soothing vibrations and an option for gentle warmth.

Cost: $49.99

18. McKenna Leather Travel Jewelry Box

McKenna Leather Travel Jewelry Box

This travel companion box is wrapped in bonded leather and can be personalized with a foil monogram. It is roomy enough to keep all of your favorite baubles while on-the-go and includes a travel-sized mirror.

Cost: $34.50

19. White Peony Quilt 

White Peony Quilt

This elegant white throw can be personalized with your loved one’s name and birth date. It features a delicately quilted, peony-inspired design.

Cost: $65.00

20. Swannies Classic – The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Swannies Classic - The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Artificial light at night can interrupt sleep patterns and cause you to lose sleep. These light-blocking glasses help filter out harmful artificial light from smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions so your loved one can catch more Zs.

Cost: $49.00

21. Estee Lauder Protect and Hydrate Kit

Estee Lauder Protect and Repair Kit

This beauty set includes targeted formulas to help keep skin glowing. It features an anti-oxidant moisturizing creme, a night repair recovery complex, an eye cooling gel creme, and a night detox creme.

Cost: $35.00

22. 60th Birthday Collage

60th Birthday Collage

This 60th birthday collage features 25 to 40 of your favorite snapshots along with a personalized message. A blessed life can be captured in a beautiful way.

Cost: $44.00

23. Executive Personalized Ballpoint Pen & Pencil Set

Executive Personalized Ballpoint Pen & Pencil Set

This ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil desk set comes in a sleek rosewood gift box. You can personalized the wood box with laser engraving of up to three full lines of text to commemorate your loved one’s birthday.

Cost: $64.00

24. Rainbow-Vision Sandbilder Deep Sea Sand Art

Rainbow-Vision Sandbilder Deep Sea Sand Art

This sand art is perfect for anyone who appreciates beautiful sand sculptures. With each turn, the sand falls in a different pattern, creating new and unique landscapes.

Cost: $89.95

25. World Coffee Tour Box

World Coffee Tour Box

This coffee tour box features 16 gourmet coffee samples that provide the ultimate tour of the world’s top coffee-producing regions. It includes samples of chocolate-rich Latin American coffees, fruit-forward African roasts, earthy Sumatran blends, and more.

Cost: $89.00

26. DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass

This portable Bluetooth wireless speaker features high definition stereo sound. It’s perfect for anyone who loves playing music at home, giving you fingertip control of the tracks you’re playing, their volume, and so much more.

Cost: $28.99

27. Deco 79 28489 Aluminum & Wood Chess Set

Deco 79 28489 Aluminum & Wood Chess Set

This chess set is a beautiful gift for those who love to play or just as a decorative item. It features 1-inch pieces in gunmetal grey and silver authentic chess pieces with a polished finish.

Cost: $52.55

28. Time Capsule Stainless Steel Waterproof Container

Time Capsule Stainless Steel Waterproof Container
This time capsule is a perfect gift for your loved one to preserve his or her most prized possessions for future generations. It is constructed of polished stainless steel that resists corrosion, is temperature resistant, and is anti-aging.

Cost: $69.99

29. Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker

Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker

A sous vide cooker allows you to cook vacuum-sealed food in water that is accurately temperature controlled by an immersion circulator. This delivers super-juicy, flavor-packed meals, every time.

Cost: $79.99

30. Family Name Sign

Family Name Sign

Over the past 60 years, your loved one has probably established a whole life around his or her family name. Commemorate that name with this beautiful wooden name sign.

Cost: $48.00

31. Personalized Grill Master Bamboo BBQ Set

Personalized Grill Master Bamboo BBQ Set

If your loved one loves to barbecue, this set of tools is a perfect gift. It includes a stainless steel bamboo-handled fork, tongs, and spatula, with personalized initials on the front of the case.

Cost: $59.99

32. Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Rose Crochet Set Needles

Knitter's Pride Symfonie Rose Crochet Set Needles

For the avid crocheter, this elegant boxed set includes eight hand-crafted crochet hooks composed of laminated birch wood, each embellished with a beautiful Swarovski crystal. The set comes all packaged in an attractive satin case.

Cost: $78.79

33. Leather Bound World Travel Journal

Leather Bound World Travel Journal

This gift is perfect for an intrepid traveler. The journal includes pages for journaling, full-color maps of major cities, world weather info, and international dialing codes, and can be personalized with a foil debossed monogram.

Cost: $70.00

34. Key Mirror

Key Mirror

This geometric mirror adds a touch of glamour to any room. It’s perfect for anyone who loves unique pieces of home decor.

Cost: $58.00

35. Personalized Golf Towel

Personalized Golf Towel

This monogrammed golf towel will brighten the day of any avid golfer. Made with 100% cotton with a gold tone bag clip and embroidered monogram (with thread in the color of your choice), this towel makes a great gift for celebrating someone’s 60th birthday.

Cost: $24.00

36. Italian Olive Oil of the Month Club

talian Olive Oil of the Month Club

Give the gift of unique olive oil flavors. Each month, a distinctive olive oil from a different region of Italy will be selected and shipped to your loved one’s door with a recipe and information on the oil and its producer.

Cost: $34.00

37. Personalized Year of Birth Print

Personalized Year of Birth Print

If you’re looking for a unique gift, this word art is the ticket. It features up to 17 lines of text about your loved one, including their name, age, hobbies, alma maters, jobs, loved ones, and more, all centered around their year of birth.

Cost: $49.99

38. Playing Card Case with Notepad

Playing Card Case with Notepad

If the birthday guy or gal in your life loves playing card games, this leather case will be a much-appreciated gift. It features full grain leather, comes with two decks of Bicycle playing cards and one scoring notepad, and can be personalized on request.

Cost: $70.00

39. Rix Brass 14″ Wall Clock

Rix Brass Wall Clock

This wall clock brings the modern minimalist look to life. It features slim metal rods that mark the hour on a slim frame, finished in warm brass.

Cost: $49.95

40. Yeti Rambler Mug

Yeti Rambler Mug

This mug is the toughest, most well-designed mug you can find. It features double-wall vacuum-insulation to keep your hot or cold contents at exactly the temperature you want.

Cost: $24.99

41. Saddle Leather Eyeglass Case

Saddle Leather Eyeglass Case

This eyeglass case is handmade with lightly distressed leather with topstitching to add a refined finish. You can add a monogram or personalize it with a name for your loved one.

Cost: $24.50

42. Silver Tree of Life Necklace

Silver Tree of Life Necklace

This sterling silver Celtic Tree of Life necklace is handmade in Ireland. Not only is the necklace beautiful and elegant, but it also symbolizes the forces of nature combining to create balance and harmony.

Cost: $55.00

43. Floral Printed Hankies

Floral Printed Hankies

As practical as they are beautiful, these handkerchiefs are crafted from 100% cotton and printed with eye-catching blossoms. The set includes a dozen in an assortment of pink, blue, and pale yellow.

Cost: $24.95

44. Harmony Red Hummingbird Feeder

Harmony Red Hummingbird Feeder

For the bird lover, this beautiful hummingbird feeder features a ruby red glass vessel, exactly the deep, shimmering color hummingbirds are attracted to. The copper and brass scrolled metal adds an air of elegance with cheerful flowers at the end.

Cost: $34.95

45. Gunmetal Mechanical Pocket Watch

This pocket watch features visible gears and Roman numerals on the face with a cool gunmetal finish. You can personalize it with up to six characters of text in a variety of fonts for your loved one.

Cost: $39.99

46. Biddeford Plush Heated Electric Blanket

Biddeford Plush Heated Electric Blanket

This electric blanket features ten custom heat settings, a ten-hour automatic shut off, and a remote control to keep your loved one warm and cozy no matter the weather outside.

Cost: $59.99

47. Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

This paraffin-soy wax candle provides the scent of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, with exotic mountain greens. It features an 85-hour burn time and an exquisitely beautiful jar.

Cost: $30.00

48. King of the Grill Apron

King of the Grill Apron

If your loved one is an avid grilling enthusiast, this personalized apron is sure to delight. It’s made of 100% cotton twill, features two handy front pockets hold cooking utensils, and can be personalized with any name up to 12 characters.

Cost: $24.99

49. SKLZ Accelerator Pro – Indoor Putting Green

SKLZ Accelerator Pro - Indoor Putting Green

This indoor putting range is perfect for anyone who wants to practice golf at home. It features an automatic ball return for uninterrupted play and alignment guides to promote consistency.

Cost: $39.99

50. Earth Products Ultimate Outdoor Adjustable Fishing Chair

HOMSPORT Outdoor Ultimate Fishing Chair

This fishing chair is the ultimate in comfort. It is made with 600D polyester fabric that’s easy to wipe clean, includes a removable pillow, and features oxford bags to store all of your fishing gear.

Cost: $48.99

If you’re stumped on what to get your loved one for their 60th birthday, choose any one of these amazing gifts and you can’t go wrong!