10 Amazing 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas (+ Amazing 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas from 28 Contributors)

50th wedding anniversary gift ideas

When two people have spent half a century of love and happiness together, it’s worthy of commemoration. In fact, the 50th anniversary is often referred to as the “golden” anniversary, and it’s the most celebrated by friends and family. Rejoice in your golden anniversary by gifting something to your spouse that symbolizes all you’ve built together. Or, if you have a couple in your life who are about to reach this monumental milestone, choose a gift that makes them reminisce on all the wonderful memories they have built throughout the years. Unsure of where to begin? Check out our gift guide below.

How to Choose a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold, which symbolizes wisdom, strength, and prosperity for the couple. Anything gold goes for this celebration. Think a his and hers set of gold jewelry. Or, choose a piece of gold décor the couple can display in their home. Another alternative is a personalized gift or keepsake. These kinds of gifts can be the most cherished, as they help the couple to reminisce on the happy times throughout their lives. Some good ideas for personalized gifts include collages, photo books, or frames. You might even want to think outside the box and choose a gift that the couple can use together going forward, such as tickets for a getaway or a gift card for a couple’s massage.

Consider a delightful love-themed fruit arrangement featuring heart-shaped pineapples, fresh strawberries and chocolate dipped strawberries, and juicy grapes to celebrate their love. It’s perfectly paired with a box of melt-in-your-mouth Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory confections. Or, choose a gift bundle including white and semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries, a sampler box of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolates, and a box of our amazing fresh-baked cookies. If you’re hosting a celebration for the happy couple’s golden anniversary, a pair of party platters filled with strawberries dipped in creamy white chocolate and classic chocolate dipped strawberries topped with beautiful dove-shaped pineapples dipped in white chocolate is the perfect crowd-pleaser.

For more fabulous 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas your friends will absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the companies or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Edgar ArroyoEdgar Arroyo


Edgar Arroyo is the President at SJD Taxi.

“Small gold furniture pieces such as tealight candleholders or flatware sets make great gifts that are also excellent additions to the home.

Even bigger pieces like chairs with golden frame legs can also add a classy touch. Anti-aging creams with real gold in them are also good choices, and small tubs are affordable. Gold-rimmed sunglasses or aviators are practical.

Alternatively, a staycation or a road trip can be a great 50th anniversary gift idea to spend time together and rediscover the early days of the marriage.”

Paige Arnof-FennPaige Arnof-Fenn

Paige Arnof-Fenn is the founder and CEO of global marketing and branding firm Mavens & Moguls based in Cambridge, MA. Her clients include Microsoft, Virgin, The New York Times Company, Colgate, venture-backed startups as well as non-profit organizations. She graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Paige is a popular speaker and columnist who has written for Entrepreneur and Forbes.

“When my great grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary, my family threw them a big party to celebrate with friends from all over. They were very social and had friends from every part of their life, so it was a weekend filled with food, dancing, music, and fun. We took tons of pictures and made an album after the event as a lasting gift.

For my in-laws, it was a small, low-key celebration with immediate family only at a secluded resort, which was perfect for them. We also found a great photo of them as a young couple and had mugs printed with it for everyone, along with a framed letter and photo from their courtship which we all cherish. In our family at least, the best gift was being together with the people you love and having a sentimental reminder of the time you shared.”

John ChoJohn Cho

John Cho is the Founder of My Pet Child.

“50th anniversaries are a huge milestone, and in my opinion, it’s worth spending a little more for the occasion. I suggest finding something luxe that features real gold, but if you want to go beyond the expected jewelry or plates, these whisky glasses make a beautiful gift. They feature a built-in glass ice cube covered in 24K gold leaf, so your drink never dilutes but can stay nice and cold. They are handcrafted in North Carolina, and I think they’d be an awesome gift alongside a nice bottle of whisky, bourbon, or the couple’s favorite liquor.

If you want the same effect for a smaller budget, you can find a nice set of heavy crystal glasses at most thrift stores or home stores and can customize them with etching or by putting applying gold leaf yourself. You can find gold leaf kits online or at most craft stores.”

Ian KellyIan Kelly


Ian Kelly is the VP of Operations at NuLeaf Naturals.

“While 50th anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with a golden gift, I think it is much more fun to find something inspired by gold or the honeymoon of the celebrant couple.

Liquid gold is always a great idea. How about a beautiful bottle of scotch or whiskey that would be a big splurge for any other occasion? If you are really indulgent, maybe you can find a bottle from the year the couple was married.

If you know where the couple went on their honeymoon, create a care package reminiscent of the place they traveled 50 years ago. If it was Italy, a basket with good bread, gourmet olive oil, Italian wines, and a Fellini movie makes a perfect gift. If they went to Hawaii, consider a can of macadamias, gorgeous fresh tropical flowers, and a fun pair of Hawaiian print shirts. Get creative and bring the vacation to them!”

John BarnesJohn Barnes


John Barnes is the Design Editor for Lamps Plus, the nation’s largest lighting retailer. They carry all the top brands alongside thousands of exclusive and patented designs in lighting, home furnishings, and décor.

“The 50th wedding anniversary is commonly known as the golden anniversary. When choosing the best gift, capture the symbolism of this milestone by gifting a gold statement piece for the home. My favorite gifts include beautiful picture frames, decorative trays, or pieces of art. These are the perfect reminders of long-lasting love:

Fiona McDougallFiona McDougall


For over a decade, Fiona and her partner Matt ran a web design and development studio and collaborated with many great clients before they decided to create their own product— Fondfolio. Now she mostly designs for Fondfolio and, of course, makes books.

Fondfolio helps you create a one-of-a-kind book to honor a special moment or person by collecting thoughtful words and stories from everyone they love — a meaningful gift. There are many reasons why I think this would make a great 50th wedding anniversary gift, but here are just a few.

It’s people and good relationships that matter most in life. There also aren’t enough opportunities to tell our favorite people how much they mean to us, and even the happiest among us needs to be reminded of our worth once in a while. A Fondfolio is a tangible representation of those important human connections — the ones we’re all craving right now.

If you’ve ever experienced the joy of giving someone a compliment, you know that everyone involved in that exchange (the giver, the receiver, and anyone within earshot) gets a little mood boost. A Fondfolio is that, many times over.

Each book is completely unique, like the human you’re giving it to — the grain of the wood, the design we create for the cover, the flecked pattern of the speckletone paper, and the vintage scarf we wrap each one in all result in a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

These books are made to last a lifetime, and we source our materials carefully. The paper is archival quality, the waxed Irish linen thread is super durable, and the wood has a water-resistant coating. We also chose the Coptic binding method in part for its durability; some of the oldest known books are bound this way. No glue, just really high-quality materials.
Fondfolio allows you to gather a large group of people together (in print) no matter where they live, unlike traditional gatherings, so everyone can participate. Even the most tech-averse will find it easy to contribute.”

Pat HopePat Hope


Pat Hope is the founder of WeddingLearning.com, an informational website that provides education and training resources for wedding vendors. WeddingLearning.com was established in 2020.

“My favorite 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas are:

1. A personalized compilation video for the couple featuring the significant people in their lives. So the couple’s adult children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other family members would each record a short video message that shares their fondest memories of the couple. All of this would be beautifully edited together creating a very precious 50th
golden wedding anniversary gift.

2. A hand-bound copy of a newspaper from their wedding day 50 years ago. The bound copy would have the couple’s name embossed on the cover.”

Mark StephensonMark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson is the Editor at How To Shoe.

“For a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, my favorite gift idea would be a portrait painting of them.

It would serve as a reminder of their love and devotion to each other. Or, consider a picture of togetherness after all the trials in their marriage. For me, it’s a gift that holds significant meaning and value.”

Dave PedleyDave Pedley

Dave is the owner-publisher of a website called Your Cub, which is devoted to all things parenting and kids. He’s a proud entrepreneur and father to two lovely children.

“My favorite 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas are usually sentimental or customized. The couple who has reached their 50th year of marriage deserves something that will always remind them how far they’ve come. So, I always go for custom items. I prefer to give garments with the embroidered name of the recipients – something that they would love to wear often, such as a sweatshirt or robe.”

George HadaryGeorge Hadary


George Hadary has 15 years of experience in the diamond trade. With Astteria Diamonds, George manages the servicing of clients all over the UK and has not only made strong contacts with brokers and ambassadors, but with prestigious clients in the West End, and even Harrods. He graduated as a gemologist and has been instrumental for the business through founding their London branch and showroom.

“Anyone’s 50th (or golden) wedding anniversary is a particularly special occasion. It marks the longevity of a dedication that only some of us can hope to ever achieve.

In keeping with the ‘golden’ theme, a great gift idea is a simple, yet elegant white diamond ring, held in place by two effortless bands – one white, and the other yellow gold. The brilliant aura of this sparling gem is held safely between the two bands like a promise between two partners.”

Meg MarrsMeg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the founder of Safer Senior Care, a website dedicated to helping caregivers find the best resources for elderly friends and relatives in order to allow them to age in place safely and comfortably.

“Most couples who reach their 50th anniversary are incredibly hard to buy for because they really do have everything!

I think a plant is a perfect gift. The couple will nurture it as they have their love for each other and as they do so will reflect on their anniversary. The rose is said to represent love, so what better golden wedding anniversary gift than a Golden Rose? The Golden Celebration English Rose is the perfect gift for a 50th-anniversary celebration.”

Jerry HanJerry Han


Jerry Han is the Chief Marketing Officer at PrizeRebel.

“Here’s a simple 50th wedding anniversary gift idea: customized couple’s t-shirts with a printed caption of the couple’s wedding date.

Couple’s t-shirts are also one way to publicly display love and affection, mainly if the shirt’s design includes their wedding year. When strangers see the couple in a crowd, they’ll think it’s adorable that they lasted for more than five decades.”

Keith WillardKeith Willard


Keith is the President of Keith Willard Events.

“For 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas, I recommend:

  • A hot air balloon ride, with ‘Time to see the world,’ or ‘Love is in the air’ noted on the card. Most couples get caught up in their day to day lives, and people sometimes forget how many cool things they might not see or do.
  • A vow renewal. I just had vow renewal in April where the kids wanted to gift it to their parents. We ended up doing a prom theme. This was complete with yearbooks that I had created from photos the guests sent in, which also served as their guest books. It included mementos from the couple’s last fifty years and the stories with them. The band played their kind of music…no one was seated near a speaker, and the coffee was super hot! It was an awesome event and they didn’t want to leave!
  • A family cruise: Getting the grandparents, their kids, their grandkids, and possibly even their great-grandkids on a ship where the whole family eats together every night is a 50th wedding anniversary gift idea that has some real charm to it. It also means the couple gets to see new sights, and if they get tired, their room is right there. I did this for my mom’s 65th birthday with a cruise to Alaska. It was spectacular. We did the same thing, invited everyone that was closest to her. She recently said it was her favorite trip, and this woman has seen the world.
  • Skydiving, although I think this idea may only be popular because George Bush Senior did it on his 85th birthday.”

Damon RoutzhanDamon Routzhan

Damon Routzhan is the Founder of Concrete Candles.

“My favorite 50th wedding anniversary gift idea is the Bisque Porcelain Bisque Porcelain Figurine (Price: $87.99). This porcelain bisque is the perfect gift to remind your parents or grandparents of the 50 years of love that they’ve shared. The porcelain bisque is symbolic of how true love never dies and remains forever young. So, on your parents’ or grandparents’ 50th anniversary, remind them of not only how much you love them but also about how much they’ve adored one another throughout the years.”

Dan HunterDan Hunter


Dan Hunter is a Chief Editor at Authority Tattoo. He is a fashion freak, self-confessed ink addict, tattoo artist, and studier of all forms of tattooing for over 10 years.

“My favorite 50th wedding anniversary gift idea is The Metal Foundry ‘Wonderful Years’ 2020 Wedding Anniversary Sundial Gift (Price: $74.95). Finding the ‘right’ anniversary gift can be challenging, especially because you want both him and her to like the present. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult when you can gift an anniversary sundial to the couple. It has all the important dates engraved onto it, from the marriage year to the anniversary year. This makes the sundial seem like it has been
personalized, especially for the couple. Moreover, it also comes with a mounting stand, so your favorite couple can mount it anywhere they like. The anniversary sundial is the perfect gift for all anniversaries!”

Peter HeadPeter Head

Peter is the Editorial Director at Japanoscope.com. Peter is passionate about Japanese language and culture. He holds a Masters Degree in musicology from the Kyoto City University of Arts and passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. He lived in Japan for 4 years and tours there every year with his Japanese wife and children.

“Japanese Kintsugi Pottery makes an excellent 50th wedding anniversary gift idea. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken items with gold lacquer. The basic idea is, that instead of trying to hide the cracks of a broken item, you highlight them in lustrous golden lines. It is usually used on valuable pieces of ceramics and pottery that are too dear to be thrown out if cracked.

So, Kintsugi pottery becomes the perfect symbol of something that is highly cherished, that has been used for a long time and may have taken a few knocks, but is considered so valuable that it is worth being mended and ultimately turned into something more beautiful than the day it was created.

In this way, a Kintsugi item holds the perfect resonance to be given as a golden anniversary gift. A good example is this exquisite blue-bronze Kintsugi display plate.”

Jeremy HarrisonJeremy Harrison

Jeremy Harrison is the Founder and Head of Content Strategy at Hustle Life.

“For your 50th wedding anniversary, a gold-tone heart clock is perfect for the occasion. Your golden anniversary is exceptional, and putting a special message or your wedding picture inside the heart will make it more memorable. The clock also symbolizes the time you spent together. At $50, this is not that expensive but will surely be unforgettable.”

Michael MillerMichael Miller

Michael Miller is the CEO of VPN Online, one of the fastest-growing media companies in the cyber-security space.

“A gold bracelet is an excellent idea to commemorate your 50th wedding anniversary. You can personalize it and put your pictures in it. Plus, it’s small enough that you can wear it anywhere. It’s a genuinely creative symbol of your accomplishments.”

Chris LaanChris Laan


Chris Laan is the Founder of Designer Sheds.

“The gift my father gave to my mother for their 50th anniversary is something special, and one I’d like to emulate on my 50th.

He commissioned a painting from a local artist illustrating all the favorite places, people, and things my parents most cherish. The painting is a lovely timeline of their entire marriage, with each kid appearing in order, and growing up alongside the new houses and places we all lived.

Everyone loves to pore over the details, and I know my father had a wonderful time writing down all his favorite memories for the artist to illustrate. He gave it to my mother in a golden frame, since 50 is the golden anniversary. The picture, however, is worth far more than gold.”

Daniel CarterDaniel Carter


Daniel Carter is the founder of Zippy Electrics. He provides in-depth guides and reviews on a variety of electronic riding gadgets on his blog. He also enjoys his 25-minute morning commute aboard his own trusty electric scooter and shares his passion for cool rides with his two teenage sons and readers of his blog.

“My parents just recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last November 15th. My brothers and I decided to give them a portrait that uses gold ink and dust, and the result of such a masterpiece is truly amazing. The artist of the portrait is a close friend of ours, and the idea of using the said media was from us.

The portrait has dimensions of 36” x 24″, and we sealed it using a glass frame. It is totally gorgeous and that, by far, is the most magnificent 50th wedding anniversary gift idea that I truly adore.”

David TookeDavid Tooke

David Tooke is the founder of CampingFunZone.com, a travel blog that is all about adventure in the outdoors, games, watersports, archery, survival, fishing, hiking, camping in tents and RVs, and having fun.

“Here are my top gift 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas that will bring tears of joy to your partner:

  1. Abstract Gold Leaf Art Set
  2. Gold Leaf Dining Set
  3. Glass Frame
  4. Arm-Knitted Throw Blanket
  5. Golden Hand Painted Coffee Mugs”

Lubna MajidLubna Majid

Lubna Majid heads the content department at Pashmina.com.

“It seems like yesterday when you first said the words, ‘I do.’ You can’t believe 50 years have passed since then. Now that it’s your 50th wedding anniversary, you need to show them that your relationship is as young and full of emotions and life as it was 50 years back. Since present times are hard and you can’t take them to their favorite place or the place where you first met, gifting might be the last option to impress them. We recommend giving your partner a Cashmere wrap or scarf. We choose Cashmere for a number of reasons:

  1. Cashmere is timeless. It suits and delights all ages and all temperaments.
  2. Cashmere scarves are sustainably handmade. As responsible shoppers, we never harm the planet and love to give back.
  3. Cashmere is handmade, so it is filled with the love and emotions of craftsmen who have worked on each piece for months or even years together.
  4. Cashmere stays for a lifetime. Pure Cashmere can even last for over 20 years.
  5. Cashmere wraps are available in hand-embroidered designs. You can even personalize your wrap with their name, initials, or a memory.”

Druhin BalaDruhin Bala


Druhin Bala is the founder of GetChefNow.com, an online platform based out of Toronto, Canada. They make it easy to hire local pro chefs on-demand to come and cook for users.

“One of the best gifts is the service of a pro chef coming in and cooking a 3-course meal!

It’s difficult to find a table at a restaurant in current times. Getting takeout is often not the best experience and can be quite expensive when you include the extra fees. We do the shopping for the freshest of ingredients, and then a pro chef comes to your place, cooks, plates, and cleans up. No messes left behind!

Our first priority is the safety and security of our customers. Our chefs have stringent guidelines that they follow in accordance with government-mandated laws.”

Joe NeedhamJoe Needham


Joe Needham is the Owner of Citrus Studio, a company that specializes in custom made jewelry.

“Whether you’re going the traditional or modern route, the 50th anniversary (also known as the ‘golden anniversary’) is the year to give gold.

Instead of walking into a jewelry store and picking something on display, represent this incredible milestone in your lives and design your own jewelry! After you decide whether you want a ring, pendant, or pair of earrings, you then choose the stones, metal colors, and all the details that will make this piece just as unique and special as your marriage. Certified jewelers can bring your vision to life.”

Ian SellsIan Sells


Ian Sells is the CEO and Founder at RebateKey.

“Gold is the traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift. My friend wanted to give his parents something that had a gold element to it but wasn’t wildly expensive. My friend bought his parents a vintage table lamp that was made around the 1970s and had some gold elements in it. The recipients loved the vintage lamp because it was made the decade they got married. It was a really unique gift.”

David McHughDavid McHugh


David McHugh is the CEO and Founder of My Mixify.

“There is nothing more special than two people spending their whole life together. A special gift is exactly what is required here. The Metal Foundry 50th Golden Sundial Gift is like a medal that you can place on your desk or side table. Made from recycled metal, its craftsmanship is shown by the attention to little details. The lovely message underneath the sundial is a beautiful reminder of your 50-year-long journey together!”

Jeanine DuvalJeanine Duval

Jeanine Duval is the co-founder of Edelwyn. As a certified kaivalya yoga instructor for 10 years and a health expert, she’s advised students and clients on their mental health.

“The mamre Moon is a romantic, ambient light where you can write your favorite wishes to congratulate them. This elegant and decorative light suits the mood and increases the romance in your life.

Date nights are the secret to maintaining a long and happy marriage. To keep the fun going, games such as the Love Language Card Game offers inspiring cards to start new conversations. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about your partner!”

John LindenJohn Linden

John Linden is an interior designer from Los Angeles.

“The Golden Jubilee is a milestone that few couples will reach. Seniors are generally easy to satisfy because they understand that the intent and gesture are more important than the actual item.

Here are six 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas that you can give to your favorite couple to help commemorate their landmark:

  1. Matching Watches – Watches are a classy gift and they are always acceptable for any occasion. You can give a matching pair of unisex watches to the couple in celebration of their love story. The watches can be engraved or small photos of them can be inserted into the watches.
  2. Before and After Photo Frame – You can give a gift that resonates with the couple by giving them a photo frame that shows the couple at the time of the wedding and the 50th anniversary.
  3. Framed Photos and Paintings of the Couple – Other framed photos also are appreciated. If you have some money to spare and you would like to take things up a notch from the photography end of things, you can commission an art portrait of the couple. They are surely going to be impressed by your efforts and taste.
  4. A Trip to a Resort – One thing that a lot of couples don’t get is time off, especially if they are working class. They spent so much time trying to build a future that they might have had no time off other than their honeymoon. You can provide this for them by sending them on a relaxing trip to a resort. This can bring some fairytale events into their celebration. Even if it’s just for the weekend, they surely will appreciate the relaxed and intimate atmosphere.
  5. Art – Even if they are not collectors, seniors have a developed sense of art appreciation. You can give them something to cherish by giving them artworks like paintings or sculptures for their wedding anniversary.
  6. Custom Coffee Mug – On the more affordable end of things, a pair of personalized coffee mugs is a nice and inexpensive gift to any couple. With the coffee mugs, they can celebrate their love while enjoying a routine cup of joe. This idea can be transposed into whiskey glasses, champagne flutes, and dinnerware. You will simply make some of their favorite routines become an interesting celebration.
  7. A Gift Basket or a Food Crate – If your favorite couple is going to be spending their anniversary at home, you can make it more comfortable with a nice food crate or gift basket. They are relatively affordable, and they contain novelty items like wine, chocolates, and more.”

If you’re in need of inspiration to find an amazing gift for the golden couple in your life, check out our suggestions below.

  1. Loving Memories Bouquet™

For the lovebirds in your life who can’t pass up a tasty treat, the Edible Arrangements® Loving Memories Bouquet™  is the perfect fit. This arrangement includes chocolate dipped strawberries and heart-shaped pineapple, and is sure to put a smile on their faces.

Cost: $63.99

  1. 50th Anniversary Photo Frame

50th Anniversary Photo Frame

This photo frame features a curved glass design with beautiful script etching right into the glass, making it a lifelong keepsake. It can be personalized with the couple’s names, wedding date, and can also include a heartfelt personal message to the couple.

Cost: $75.95

  1. The Anniversary Journal

The Anniversary Journal

The Anniversary Journal allows you to record all your anniversaries from the 1st to the 60th with prompts such as how you celebrated, as well as a photo page to illustrate each section. You can complete the journal in advance to surprise your spouse. It makes a great gift for a couple, too, prompting them to spend some time together reflecting on their decades of love.

Cost: $85.00

  1. Belleek Classic Anniversary Plate

Belleek Classic Anniversary Plate

This beautiful keepsake plate makes a great sentimental keepsake for any couple. An inscription in golden letters reads “50th Anniversary” along with a touching Irish anniversary blessing.

Cost: $75.00

  1. His and Hers Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robes

His and Hers Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robes

After 50 years of marriage, the happy couple in your life deserves some time to relax and unwind. This pair of luxuriously soft micro-fleece robes comes in pink and black, with each robe custom embroidered with the couple’s first names or initials.

Cost: $88.19

  1. 50th Anniversary Pillow

50th Anniversary Pillow

Hand crafted by an Etsy artisan, this 50th anniversary pillow is customized to record special moments between the couple, such as the date they met, their wedding date, major life events, and special memories. It’s the perfect gift for the sentimental couple to display in their home.

Cost: $74.69

  1. Edible Arrangements® I Love You Berries™

Edible Arrangements® I Love You Berries™

When it comes to celebrating love, no gift comes to mind more than chocolate covered strawberries. This decadent gift from Edible Arrangements® comes with gourmet strawberries dipped in semisweet chocolate, decorated with eye-catching adornments and white chocolate hearts with the words “I Love You.” The chocolates are arranged in a signature heart-shaped box for the ultimate wow factor.

Cost: $89.99

  1. Amara Gold Vase

Amara Gold Vase

This beautiful and eye-catching gold vase subtlety alludes to the theme of the 50th anniversary. The couple is sure to think back to their anniversary and all the moments that led up to it each time they use it to display flowers in their home.

Cost: $90.00

  1. Seiko Gold-Tone Anniversary Clock

Seiko Gold-Tone Anniversary Clock

With a bright gold tone finish, the Seiko Anniversary Clock makes a great impression. It also symbolizes the happy times the couple has shared together and all that they have to look forward to.

Cost: $71.25

  1. “Today, Tomorrow, Always” Snow Globe

"Today, Tomorrow, Always" Snow Globe

This snow globe features golden tones and the word “Love” emblazoned with Swarovski crystals. It plays the romantic melody “Always in My Heart” and can be personalized to include the two names of the couple, creating a special tribute to their happy marriage.

Cost: $69.99

Any of these gifts are sure to bring tears of joy to your loved ones as they reminisce on all the happy years they’ve spent together. Whatever you choose, they’re sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture!