10 Fabulous 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Turning fifty is a huge milestone. Age may be just a number, but turning the big 5-0 still deserves a huge celebration. In her lifetime, she’s probably accomplished some pretty big feats, such as raising a family, moving up in her job, and even imparting words of wisdom to other women around her. If you have someone in your life who’s turning 50, you may be wondering what to get them to help celebrate.  Read our gift guide below to discover how to choose the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women.

How to Choose a 50th Birthday Gift for Her

Shopping for a 50th birthday gift can be a bit of a challenge. She probably already has most of the things she wants. She also most likely isn’t all that forthcoming on gift ideas. One way to get around this obstacle is to consider her hobbies, likes, and interests. For example, if she loves gardening, get her a new pair of gardening gloves or a tool kit.

If you’re not sure what hobby she loves best these days, consider getting her a gift that coincides with her 50 years of life. Get her a wall hanging that includes 50 reasons you love her. Or, choose a necklace that’s made with five rings, one for each decade she’s been alive. This idea is sweet and sentimental, and she’s sure to appreciate the gesture.

Another option to consider getting the woman in your life for her 50th is a tasty food gift. Fifty trips around the sun is an excellent excuse to indulge. Get her an assortment of decadent brownies and cheesecake. Or, choose one a delightful chocolate dipped fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements® that tastes great and looks even better.

Top 10 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

If you’re stuck coming up with the perfect 50th birthday gift for your loved one, don’t worry. We’ve gathered up ten amazing 50th birthday gift ideas for women so you don’t have to.

1. Birthday Wish-Tini®

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women: Birthday Wish-Tini®

She’ll love this one-of-a-kind arrangement packed full of Apple Fruit Truffles®, bite-size pieces of honeydew and cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple stars. All of these sweet treats are mixed together in a fun, martini glass-shaped container.

Cost: $74.99

2. Birthday Cheesecake Bundle

Birthday Cheesecake Bundle

Three creamy cheesecakes topped with chocolate dipped strawberries and three fudgy brownies stand out at the center of this decadent birthday box. Plus, it comes with three cheerful Happy Birthday Balloons to seal the deal as the birthday present ever.

Cost: $65.99

3. Birth Month Tree of Well-Being Art

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women: Birth Month Tree of Well-Being Art

Your loved one deserves a life of health and happiness. Featuring bright glass in birthstone colors, this tree sculpture comes with an encouraging meaning that will promote healing and happiness in her life.

Cost: $75.00

4. Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You

This wall art is made for the 50 year old woman in your life. You personalize it with 50 reasons why you love that special someone in your life and the artist compiles them all together on a museum-quality canvas.

Cost: $40.00

5. Happy Birthday Gift Box for Woman

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women: Happy Birthday Gift Box for Woman

This gift box is all about being 50 and fabulous. It comes with a stainless steel tumbler that’s personalized with your loved one’s name, a key bottle opener, two silk roses, and so much more.

Cost: $44.99

6. Grace Birthstone Toggle Necklace

Grace Birthstone Toggle Necklace

Get her a stylish necklace made with her birthstone. This coin-style pendant features a toggle that adds an updated twist to a classic favorite.

Cost: $84.00

7. Birthday Wish Candle

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women: Birthday Wish Candle

This candle offers more than just a sweet vanilla-and-orange birthday cake scent. It includes a combination of crystals that are specifically chosen to help bring love, happiness, positivity, and abundance into your loved one’s life.

Cost: $30.00

8. Birthday Care Package

Birthday Care Package

Give her the gift of comfort for her fiftieth year. This package comes with a celebratory jar of soup, six yummy rolls, six scrumptious cookies, a sparkly ladle, and just a bit of fun birthday confetti.

Cost: $79.99

9. Stone Diffuser

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women: Stone Diffuser

This stone diffuser will scent your loved one’s home with delightful essential oils. Plus, it features a beautifully crafted matte ceramic cover that blends in with practically any style of décor.

Cost: $119.00

10. Everyday Joy

Everyday Joy

This gift includes everything your loved one needs to make a comforting cup of tea, including a white ceramic mug, green tea made with raspberry and apple, and delectable honey sticks made from the nectar of West Coast wildflowers. It also comes with a miniature box of inspirational quotes that will help lift her spirits whenever she needs a pick-me-up.

Cost: $69.00

For your loved one’s 50th birthday, choose a gift that will make a big impact. Consider her likes, interests, and hobbies and use those to help you pick the perfect gift that will make her 50th even better.