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Thrive Farmers - Gourmet Coffee & Tea

Thrive Farmers gourmet coffee & tea is proud to be built on a Farmer-Direct model striving to create economic sustainability. Shop Thrive products here!

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About Thrive Farmers

Thrive Farmers is a business that strives to make an impact, investing in people and communities that cultivate and grow their products. Creating farmer-direct supply chains and building a better approach to agriculture, Thrive Farmers offers an exquisite collection of coffees, teas, and accessories of world-class quality while improving the quality of life for their farmers.

Building Sustainable Futures

Born in 2009 in Monteverde, Costa Rica from a simple idea of connecting coffee directly to consumers, Thrive Farmers partners with farmers rather than working with them in a supplier relationship. This enables Thrive Farmers to create sustainable income opportunities for farmers. Since then, the company has expanded its coffee partnerships throughout Central America and is now working with a network of tea farmers in Sri Lanka to produce the finest quality loose leaf teas.

Bold and Exquisite Blends of Coffee and Tea

Thrive Farmers has partnered with Edible Arrangements® to bring you bold and innovative blends of coffees and teas through the Edible Marketplace. Choose from a variety of amazing gift ideas and gift bundles for the coffee lover or tea lover in your life. Thrive Farmers sources its coffees and teas directly from farmers who can build more sustainable futures for their families thanks to the predictable, stable, and higher incomes they can earn. By reengineering the coffee and tea industries, Thrive Farmers makes an impact and makes the world a better place for farmers, their families, and consumers who benefit from the exquisite tea blends and bold, rich coffees direct from farmers around the world. When you need a morning pick-me-up or a midday refresh, Thrive Farmers coffees and teas are products you can feel good about buying.

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