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The Rose Bear

The Rose Bear redefines the traditional method of giving flowers by creating a gift that will last forever – a teddy bear made of roses! Shop The Rose Bear today!

Your Selection: The Rose Bear®

The Rose Bear

The Rose Bear is a California-based gift company launched in 2017, creating unique bears crafted out of artificial roses that will last forever. Each Rose Bear is handmade to create a one-of-a-kind, delicate gift that lasts a lifetime.

The Rose Bear: A Company Built on Meaning

The Rose Bear’s founders created the company with the goal of redefining the traditional gift of flowers into a unique, timeless, and everlasting gift. Rose Bears are a collection of roses, a symbol of love and promise, carefully crafted into a shape we all know and love: the classic teddy bear, which was inspired by the strength and hope of the California state animal. The family owned and operated business is based in Pasadena, California, which is, aptly, the City of Roses, adding yet another meaningful and inspirational tie behind the company’s unique gifts. Each Rose Bear is handcrafted by one of the company’s talented artisans who are devoted to delivering perfectly crafted, unique gift for the most special people in your life.

Unique, Handcrafted Rose-Themed Gifts for Any Occasion

In addition to the popular Rose Bears, the company also offers a selection of other beautiful rose-themed gifts, including bouquets and heart-shaped boxes filled with their delicate, everlasting roses, a Rose Dog for the animal lovers in your life, and sweet add-ons like a sparkly crown or a graduation cap. Choose from a variety of rose colors, such as red, blue, white, pink, brown, and more, and bow tie colors to create the perfect gift for someone you love. Rose Bears come with a clear gift box so they can be safely stored and displayed proudly for years to come. Rose Bears are made with a lightweight, non-toxic Styrofoam, so they’re permitted in most hospitals where real flowers may not be allowed. But they’re not just ideal as get-well gifts. Rose Bears are a thoughtful gift for any holiday, special occasion, or just because, and are sure to be appreciated by any recipient who appreciates the value and meaning of a delicately handcrafted gift. They’re also a unique and delightful gift option for someone who loves flowers – particularly roses – but wishes all the beautiful floral arrangements they’ve received over the years could last forever.

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