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Tennessee Cheesecake

Tennessee Cheesecake specializes gourmet cheesecake and desserts including assorted cheesecake, pies & more. Shop Tennessee Cheesecake at Edible Marketplace today!

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Tennessee Cheesecake

Specializing in unforgettable desserts for the foodservice industry, Tennessee Cheesecake has been handmaking delectable desserts with heart in the company’s Southern kitchen since 1981. A commercial wholesale bakery, Tennessee Cheesecake is a family owned and operated company serving the restaurant and retail grocery industry.

Tennessee Cheesecake: A Rich History

In 1981, Valerie Wilson set out to create the perfect cheesecake. Armed with an idea and a 5-quart mixer in her Nashville-based home kitchen, Valerie devoted many hours of careful research and development to perfecting her recipe. Nashville restaurants soon began offering Valerie's cheesecakes to their customers, and Tennessee Cheesecake was born. Tennessee Cheesecake was founded on three core pillars since its very first cheesecake: handcrafted desserts, quality ingredients, and the utmost care by their production team. These principles continue to serve as the company’s foundation today. Tennessee Cheesecake recently expanded its production facility to a 50,000-square-foot space. Celebrating more than three decades in business, the company offers an extensive product line ranging from cheesecakes of all flavors and sizes to Southern-inspired pies and more. Tennessee Cheesecake’s desserts have been a staple in homes throughout the Southeast for years.

Tennessee Cheesecake Offers Delectable Desserts

Tennessee Cheesecake offers a variety of retail-ready and restaurant-ready desserts, from a signature line of irresistible cheesecakes in incredible flavors like strawberry swirl, key lime, turtle, New York-style, cookie dough, and more, to Southern-inspired pies like chess pie and chocolate fudge pie, and other delectable sweet treats like layer cakes, brownies, cookies, and dessert bars. Tennessee Cheesecake aims to meet or exceed its customers’ premium dessert needs through creativity, craftsmanship, and partnership. With a deep pride of work baked into every dessert they make, Tennessee Cheesecake is committed to going above and beyond expectations every day for their customers and community. The company is proud to expand its reach through a partnership with Edible Marketplace and offer its unforgettable desserts from coast to coast.

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