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Small Gifts for Men

When you’re in search of a small gift that’s sure to bring a smile to his face, Edible Arrangements is your go-to solution for easy gift-giving. Shop here!

Your Selection: Small Gifts for Men

Small Gifts for Men

Whether you’re shopping for a guy who insists that you don’t make a big fuss over him or you’re on a budget but want to find an affordable gift that still makes a big impression, finding small gifts for men isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sure, there are plenty of small gift ideas for men, like wallets, shot glasses, and mugs, but a guy only needs so many. When you’re in search of a small gift that’s sure to bring a smile to his face, Edible Arrangements® is your go-to solution for easy gift-giving. From small fruit arrangements filled with all his favorite fresh fruits to boxes of chocolate dipped fruits, like our classic chocolate dipped strawberries, we make it easy to find the perfect small gift for any guy.

Small Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Special occasions sometimes call for big, extravagant gifts, but sometimes, a small, simple gift is more suitable for the occasion. If it’s his birthday or a holiday, or you’re simply looking for a sweet, small gift just because, Edible Arrangements® offers a variety of small gift ideas for any occasion. A trio of Dipped Fruit™ featuring mustache-shaped pineapples dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate (some even topped with delicious hazelnut crunch!) paired with our classic chocolate dipped strawberries and banana bites dipped in white and semisweet chocolate is a manly gift your guy will love. Our boxes of Dipped Fruit™ are great for sharing, too, making them ideal small gifts when you’re planning a romantic evening together.

Cool Small Gifts for Guys

Looking for a cool gift for your favorite guy that won’t break the bank or embarrass him in front of all his pals? A box of decadent Dipped Fruit™ like our signature Apple Fruit Truffles® or Pineapple Drip Cakes™ And Swizzle Berries® is a delicious treat he can save all for himself or share with the group, without letting go of his many, tough-guy façade. For the guy who never misses the game, a box of our amazing Edible® Donuts is sure to make his day. Featuring donut-shaped Granny Smith apple slices dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate and decorated to look like basketballs, baseballs, and footballs, it’s a great small gift for the sporty guy on any occasion.

Useful Small Gifts for Men

Many guys have a practical nature, so a useful gift is one you know he’ll appreciate. And every guy has to eat, so what could be more useful than a gift of tasty treats? When you shop with Edible Arrangements®, you can choose from small, simple arrangements filled with fresh fruit favorites like strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupe, honeydew, and more, or opt for an arrangement featuring a mix of fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits like star-shaped pineapples dipped in semisweet chocolate, bite-size bananas dipped in white and semisweet chocolate, and, of course, sensational chocolate dipped strawberries. Just because a gift is useful doesn’t mean it can’t be out-of-this-world amazing, and when you shop with Edible Arrangements®, you get the best of both worlds!

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