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Send Chocolates

No matter the reason, Edible Arrangements is your one-stop shop when sending chocolates as an amazing gift to someone you love. Shop our chocolates today!

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Send Chocolates

There are lots of reasons you might want to send chocolates to someone across the miles, or even across town. Sometimes, our busy schedules prevent us from celebrating special occasions with friends or loved ones in person. Some occasions don’t necessarily warrant a big party or get-together, but you still might want to offer congratulations or well wishes. Other times, you might want to send chocolates as a fun surprise, either for their birthday, a holiday or other special occasion, or just because. No matter the reason, Edible Arrangements® is your one-stop shop when you want to send an amazing gift to someone you love.

Chocolate Gift Baskets

From gift bundles featuring boxes of assorted chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to boxes of our decadent chocolate dipped strawberries and other fruits, you’re sure to find the perfect chocolate gift basket for any occasion at Edible Arrangements®. Choose an arrangement filled with a variety of decadent chocolate dipped fruits like pineapples, strawberries, apple wedges, and more, topped with a to-die-for Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop or two. Or, select a gift bundle that includes a fresh fruit arrangement and a box of Dipped Fruit™ or a box of assorted chocolates. We carefully craft every gift shortly before delivery, ensuring that your chocolate gift basket arrives at your recipient’s door at the very peak of freshness.

Send Chocolate Gifts

Edible Arrangements® makes it easy to send chocolate gifts to your friends and family across the miles. We offer an extensive collection of delicious chocolate gifts, from chocolate Dipped Fruit™ boxes to gift bundles including a 24-piece box of assorted chocolates, and more. Simply browse our extensive collection, choose the perfect chocolate gift for your recipient, and tell us where to deliver it. We’ll take care of the rest! We use only the finest-quality ingredients, including fruits carefully selected for quality and freshness and real, gourmet semisweet and white chocolate, and we’ve partnered with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to offer top-quality gourmet assorted chocolates in select gift bundles. You can be sure that when you send chocolate gifts from Edible Arrangements®, your recipient is getting the very best.

Send Chocolates for Last-Minute Gifts

It’s difficult to stay on top of the many birthdays, holidays, and special occasions that happen throughout the year. If you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday, your anniversary, or another special occasion, don’t stress. At Edible Arrangements®, we make it easy to send last-minute gifts. Just choose the perfect gift, such as a gift bundle featuring a 24-piece box of assorted chocolates, a fresh fruit arrangement, and more, and tell us where to send it. Then, you can leave the rest up to us! We’ll hand-deliver the delightful, delicious gift you carefully chose straight to their door.

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