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Salt and Pepper Cashews

For a foodie who loves savory eats, salt & pepper cashews are a guaranteed hit. Shop our selection of curated snack boxes featuring salt & pepper cashews today!

Salt & Pepper Cashews

Salt & pepper cashews are a favorite gourmet snack for many. Edible Arrangements® has partnered with Black Bow Sweets to bring you the finest salt & pepper cashews and candied nuts, whether you’re looking for your favorite snack for self-indulgence or you’re in search of a gift for someone special. Choose from gift baskets, snack bundles, and more featuring salt & pepper cashews to find the perfect treat for any occasion.

Gourmet Salt & Pepper Cashews

Gourmet salt & pepper cashews from Black Bow Sweets are a savory treat made in small batches using the finest-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Made with sea salt and cracked black pepper and cashews sourced from family farms in California toasted to perfection, they’re packaged in classic, elegant packaging that’s perfect for gift-giving or anytime snacking. Pair gourmet salt & pepper cashews with some sweet treats like candied nuts, chocolate covered treats including Bavarian pretzels, graham crackers, and sandwich cookies, chocolate dipped fruits, or fresh-baked cookies for the perfect sweet and savory experience.

Salt & Pepper Cashews Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are ideal gifts for just about any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a foodie or someone who has everything, a gift the whole family can enjoy, or a gift that you know they’ll actually use, a gift basket is sure to fit the bill. At Edible Arrangements®, choose from a variety of gift baskets featuring salt & pepper cashews and other gourmet treats from our Edible Marketplace partners, or opt for a curated box filled with an assortment scrumptious snacks like salt & pepper cashews, gourmet popcorn, chocolate dipped fruits, gourmet chocolate confections, and more.

Salt & Pepper Cashews Gifts

For a foodie who loves savory eats, salt & pepper cashews are a guaranteed hit. Made with cashews locally sourced from family farms in California in small batches, Black Bow Sweets’ salt & pepper cashews have the perfect blend of sea salt and cracked black pepper seasoning and are toasted to perfection for fabulous gourmet flavor. Salt & pepper cashews make incredible gifts for foodies, nut lovers, and more. In fact, they’re often a family favorite that everyone enjoys. Shop our incredible selection of gourmet gift baskets, gift bundles, and curated snack boxes to find an amazing gift featuring Black Bow Sweets’ incredible salt & pepper cashews for any occasion.

Salt & Pepper Cashews Delivered

You don’t have time to run to the store every other day, let alone visit every specialty gourmet food retailer in a 50-mile radius to find your favorite snack or the perfect gourmet food gift for someone special. Take advantage of our convenient delivery services to have salt & pepper cashews and your other favorite treats from Edible Arrangements® and our Edible Marketplace partners delivered straight to your door. Choose from curated boxes and gift bundles for a selection of amazing treats the whole family will enjoy.

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