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Romantic Gifts for Your Girlfriend

A romantic gift is always a gesture that will make your girlfriend feel loved. Edible Arrangements is your one-stop shop for gifts for her. Shop here today!

Romantic Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary, or just because, a romantic gift is always a touching gesture that will make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated. Edible Arrangements® is your one-stop shop for romantic gifts for your girlfriend for any occasion. Choose from boxes of delectable chocolate Dipped Fruit™, beautiful fruit arrangements, fresh baked cookies, decadent cheesecakes, and more to find the perfect gift for her.

Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Looking for romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend? Browse our extensive collection of delicious gifts to find a gift that hits just the right romantic note. A fruit arrangement featuring heart-shaped pineapples and other fresh fruits like strawberries and grapes is a sweet way to let her know she’ll always have your heart. Carefully arranged in a keepsake container, it looks great displayed on a table or counter and tastes delicious, too. Or, choose an arrangement featuring a mix of fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits for a sampling of the amazing blend of fruit and chocolate flavors. She’ll savor every last bite!

Romantic Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend’s birthday is around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about birthday gift ideas. For a fun twist on traditional birthday cake, choose an arrangement featuring cupcake-shaped pineapples dipped in white and semisweet chocolate and topped with colorful sprinkles. With fresh strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberries, and our signature Swizzle Apple Fruit Truffles®, there’s a variety of tasty treats she’ll absolutely love. Choose a sweet gift that’s perfect for sharing after a romantic birthday dinner, such as a box of our classic chocolate dipped strawberries. We hand-dip every strawberry in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate for the perfect taste and presentation, so you can be sure she’s getting the best of the best.

Love Gifts for Your Girlfriend

When you really want to show your girlfriend how much you love her, a sweet, unexpected gift just because is sure to make a big impression. Choose a box of indulgent Stuffed and Dipped Strawberries, featuring classic chocolate dipped strawberries paired with strawberries stuffed with pineapple, banana, or peanut butter and topped with dark chocolate Swizzle®, white chocolate Swizzle®, or white crispies. The flavor combinations are out of this world, and it’s sure to knock her socks off. Choose a bouquet filled with classic chocolate dipped strawberries and strawberries dipped in gourmet chocolate and rolled in red velvet cake crumbles. Opt for a gift bundle, paired with a box of traditional chocolate dipped strawberries and a bundle of I Love You balloons to really make a lasting impression.

Romantic Gifts for Your Girlfriend Delivered

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend or you simply want to send an unexpected romantic surprise, take advantage of our convenient delivery options to have a romantic gift delivered straight to her home or office. Simply browse our extensive collection of romantic gifts, let us know where to send it, and we’ll handle the rest. All you have to do is sit back and wait for that excited phone call from the girl who has your heart!

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