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Retirement Gifts for Women

Edible Arrangements has a variety of mouth-watering gifts that are perfect for helping any woman celebrate her retirement. Shop our retirement collection here!

Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement is a huge milestone. It represents a complete lifestyle change and is something most people look forward to for years. This milestone deserves adequate celebration with a suitable gift, like a tasty treat from Edible Arrangements®. We feature a variety of mouth-watering gifts that are perfect for helping any woman celebrate her retirement. From simple, fresh fruit arrangements to a box of semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries, we have an extensive collection of hand-crafted gifts that she won’t soon forget. We use only the freshest fruits and real, gourmet chocolate in every creation, so a gift from Edible Arrangements® is sure to be a stand-out hit!

Retirement Gifts for Women Coworkers

If your coworker is retiring, it’s time to start considering what you’re going to get her as a retirement gift. Even if your office isn’t having a luncheon to celebrate her achievement, a gift is often suitable, particularly if she’s a coworker you’ve been particularly close to over the years. To commemorate the occasion and let her know you’ve appreciated her camaraderie, have a delicious gift from Edible Arrangements® delivered right to her office. A box of our Classic Apple Fruit Truffles® will make a standout impression, featuring 30 Granny Smith apple bites dipped in decadent semisweet chocolate, covered with either rich chocolate micro drops or decorative white drizzle. It’s perfect for dessert at a retirement luncheon, too. Our arrangements come in many different themes, so you’re sure to find something fitting for your coworker, no matter her personal tastes.

Personalized Retirement Gifts for Women

Personalizing your gift is a great way to show someone how much you care about them. After all, personalizing a gift often takes more time and effort on your part. If you’re looking to personalize someone’s retirement gift, then Edible Arrangements® has you covered. We offer a variety of tasty treats, so it’s easy to find something to please any retiree. From arrangements that feature a variety of fresh fruits for the health-conscious retiree to beautiful arrangements featuring decadent chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped pineapples, and more, a gift from Edible Arrangements® is the perfect way to celebrate her retirement.

Unique Retirement Gifts for Women

From mugs to engraved awards, typical retirement gifts have their place. But when you’re looking for something more unique and memorable, choose a delicious gift from Edible Arrangements®. Our Delicious Daisy® Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple is a simple, yet impressive fruit arrangement offering the best of both worlds: fresh, juicy fruit favorites and decadent chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped pineapple stars, and our signature pineapple daisies dipped in creamy gourmet chocolate. To make a standout impression, thank the retiree for her years of dedication with our Hard Work Deserves Fresh Fruit arrangement, which includes a mix of fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits paired with a festive Thank You balloon. Topped with a delectable Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop, this unique gift bundle is one she’ll never forget.

Retirement Gifts for Women Delivered

Looking to have a retirement gift delivered straight to the office? Edible Arrangements® is here to help. Offering convenient delivery options, you can choose from our extensive collection and have an arrangement or fruit box hand-delivered straight to her office door. What better way to make her last day in the office unforgettable? Our expert artisans hand-craft every arrangement shortly before delivery, so it arrives at the very peak of freshness – ready to be enjoyed (or shared) right away!

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