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NYC Gift Baskets

Edible Arrangements® offers an extensive collection of gift baskets and fruit baskets with convenient delivery options in NYC. Choose from gift baskets filled with fresh fruit favorites and chocolate dipped fruits, gourmet baked goods, chocolate confections, candied nuts, and more to find the perfect NYC gift basket for any occasion.

Your Selection: NYC Gift Baskets

The Best NYC Gift Baskets

When you’re in search of the best NYC gift baskets, shop with Edible Arrangements® to choose from our incredible selection of gift baskets and fruit baskets. Choose a basket filled with fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits like chocolate dipped strawberries, white and semisweet chocolate dipped bananas, chocolate dipped pineapple daisies and pineapple stars, and more. You’ll even find gift baskets featuring popular seasonal favorites like orange slices and kiwi slices. Pair it with a bundle of festive balloons or a box of fresh-baked cookies, scrumptious cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, or other tasty baked delights for a gift that covers all the bases.

NYC Fruit Basket Delivery for Every Occasion

You’ll find NYC gift baskets for every occasion at Edible Arrangements®. Celebrating someone’s birthday? Send a mouth-watering fruit basket with fresh fruit favorites and chocolate dipped fruits, topped with glistening pineapple letters that spell “B DAY.” An anniversary? Choose a fruit basket featuring pineapple hearts to share your love. Need a gift basket to express your thanks to someone who went out of their way for you? No problem. We have an amazing selection of gift baskets suitable for holidays, birthdays, special occasions like graduation and retirement, and even just because gift baskets.

Luxury Gift Baskets in NYC

Your friends and loved ones deserve nothing but the best, so don’t settle for anything less. Instead, shop with Edible Arrangements® and choose from our collection of luxury gift baskets to suit anyone’s taste. For the chocolate lover in your life, consider a gift basket filled with luxury chocolate confections from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory such as pecan and caramel Bears™, individually wrapped English toffee or milk chocolate, assorted chocolate bars, mini truffles, chocolate drizzled caramel corn, and more. Or, for your health-conscious friends and loved ones in NYC, choose a gift basket filled with vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly treats. There’s something for everyone!

Gift Baskets NYC Same Day Delivery

Forgot to plan for a holiday or special occasion? Don’t fret. Edible Arrangements® offers a variety of last-minute gift baskets, fruit baskets, and gift bundles with convenient NYC fruit basket delivery options. Choose from our selection of next day delivery and same day delivery gift baskets to find the perfect gift basket for the occasion. Then, tell us where to send it, and we’ll hand-deliver it straight to their doorstep in NYC. Your recipient will never guess such an incredible gift basket was purchased at the last minute!

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