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Maddy & Maize

Maddy & Maize Fancy Popcorn specializes in small-batch gourmet popcorn in an assortment of unique flavors. Shop Maddy & Maize at Edible Marketplace today!

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Maddy & Maize Brand Bio

Maddy & Maize Fancy Popcorn specializes in small-batch gourmet popcorn in an assortment of incredible and unique flavors. Every flavor of Maddy & Maize Fancy Popcorn is GMO-free, gluten-free, and made from all-natural ingredients, with no artificial colors, flavors, or additives. Located in Minnesota, Maddy & Maize was inspired by a bright-eyed, enthusiastic girl named Maddy who inspired the company’s creators to re-create their favorite snack – popcorn, of course – using locally sourced, all-natural ingredients.

Maddy & Maize Fancy Popcorn: High-Quality, Small-Batch Popcorn Made from All-Natural Ingredients

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Maddy & Maize was started by Brett Striker in 2016. Striker didn’t have experience making snacks or running a food company, but what he did have was a passion for clean eating and endless creativity. The company started with just a few flavors – each with a story behind it – and quickly grew from a few stores to being sold at more than 100 stores by late 2017. Maddy & Maize has partnered with Edible Arrangements® to bring you a variety of delectable gourmet popcorn treats in a selection of gift baskets, curated snack boxes, gift bundles, and more. From a variety pack featuring four of the most popular Maddy & Maize popcorn flavors – perfect for movie night or discovering your new favorite popcorn flavor – to exquisite Maddy & Maize popcorn flavors perfectly paired with chocolate confections, chocolate dipped fruits, fresh-baked cookies, and other tasty treats, Maddy & Maize small-batch popcorn makes any gift (or treat-yourself snack) more amazing.

Maddy & Maize Offers Scrumptious Gourmet Popcorn in an Incredible Assortment of Flavors

If you think you’ve tried all the popcorn flavors in the world, you’re missing out on something special if you’ve never had Maddy & Maize Fancy Popcorn. With a variety of seemingly wacky, yet oh-so-amazing flavors, everyone will discover their new favorite popcorn flavor from Maddy & Maize. The company’s founder, Brett Striker, started experimenting with the popular snack food to create unique flavors using no artificial flavors or colors. Today, the company offers an evolving variety of flavors, such as Berries & Rosé, Dark Chocolately Caramel, Birthday Cake, Lemonberry Cupcake, Bourbon Barbecue, Chocolaty Churro, Thai Curry, and the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Bean and Peppermint Fudge Sundae flavors. Every Maddy & Maize popcorn flavor is non-GMO and gluten-free, and they’re all free of artificial flavors and colors. Instead, fruit and vegetable extracts are used to create the amazing flavors and colors you’ll see on your new favorite popcorn variety from Maddy & Maize. Some flavors are vegan, soy-free, and dairy-free, as well, making it possible for nearly anyone with any dietary restrictions or preferences to enjoy this classic snack favorite in a new and delicious way.

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