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Low Carb Desserts

Edible Arrangements offers a variety of delicious low carb desserts that suit a variety of dietary needs and can be delivered straight to your door. Shop here!

Your Selection: Low Carb Desserts

Low Carb Desserts

If you’re cutting back on carbs or adopting the keto diet, you might think you’ll have to say goodbye to delicious desserts. Luckily, Edible Arrangements® makes it easy to continue enjoying tasty desserts even if you’re reducing your carbohydrate intake with an extensive collection of delicious treats and desserts, including scrumptious low carb dessert options from innovative companies like Revol Snax™ and Uplift Food.

The Best Low Carb Desserts to Buy Online

Looking for the best low carb desserts to buy? Don’t spend hours in the kitchen trying to modify recipes to suit your dietary needs without sacrificing flavor. Instead, shop with Edible Arrangements® and choose from delicious low carb dessert options like delectable dessert bites from Revol Snax™ in amazing flavors like Double Dark Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Dark Chocolate and Almond, and Matcha Latte. Or, choose some amazing Gut Happy Cookies® from Uplift Food in flavors like Salted Almond Butter with Vanilla and Hemp, Sunflower Butter with Vanilla and Chia, and Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate and Coconut. Can’t decide? Get an assortment of all the delicious low carb snacks from our collection to enjoy a different low carb dessert every day!

Low Carb Desserts without Artificial Sweeteners

If you’ve been following a low carb diet for a while, you know how challenging it can be to find low carb desserts that don’t contain artificial sweeteners. Edible Arrangements® is here to make your life easier with amazing low carb desserts that contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Gut Happy Cookies® from Uplift Food are sweetened with coconut sugar and monk fruit extract, and Revol Snax™ bites are made with clean ingredients and a natural sweetener blend of monk fruit and organic erythritol. Both of these scrumptious low carb dessert options are made with 100% plant-based ingredients and are ideal for your low carb lifestyle.

Low Carb Cookies and Dessert Bites

You might think that tasty desserts like cookies are out of the question if you’re following a low carb diet, but Edible Arrangements® offers delectable desserts that suit a variety of dietary needs, including low carb and keto-friendly desserts from Uplift Food and Revol Snax™. Both companies use 100% plant-based ingredients in their keto-friendly, low carb dessert options and use natural sweeteners and clean ingredients to create low carb desserts that not only meet your dietary requirements, but actually taste great, too! Dessert bites from Revol Snax™ are keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and vegan. These tasty bites are filled with creamy nut butter or ganache for a sweet, satisfying treat perfect for enjoying after a meal or anytime you’re craving a sweet treat. Uplift Food’s Gut Happy Cookies® are also vegan and free of any gluten-containing ingredients, plus they’re an excellent source of dietary fiber to support gut health.

Low Carb Desserts Delivered

Tired of spending hours in the kitchen trying to find a low carb dessert recipe that actually tastes good? Why not skip the frustration and save time by having delicious low carb desserts delivered straight to your door? Edible Arrangements® makes it easy to enjoy scrumptious desserts even if you’re sticking to a strict low carb diet. Browse our extensive collection of delicious dessert options and choose a low carb dessert that makes your mouth water. Then, tell us where to deliver it, and sit back and relax. We’ll hand deliver amazing low carb desserts straight to your door!

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