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Good Luck Gift Ideas

No need to keep your fingers crossed - a good luck dessert from Edible® works like a lucky charm. Wish them the very best on a difficult test, an important presentation, or a big interview with a good luck treat. Choose from a box of gourmet chocolate Dipped Fruit™ or one of our incredible fruit arrangements all available for delivery right to their door!

Your Selection: Good Luck

Good Luck Gifts for Boyfriend

Want to send a good luck gift to your boyfriend to support him on his big day? Shop our large selection of good luck gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends for a no-fuss treat that will make them feel as special as they are to you. Whether you choose chocolate Dipped Fruit™ or a fresh fruit arrangement, your good luck wishes will come across loud and clear.

Good Luck Gifts for Exams

There’s more pressure than ever before to do well on exams, from the SAT to college finals. Send a bit of love and good luck wishes to your favorite student before the big test. A gourmet Belgian chocolate pop or a box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ are both welcome treats for those late-night cram sessions, whether they’re studying solo or with a group of friends. Perhaps Swizzle Berries® can be the good luck charm that they need to really ace the test.

Good Luck Gifts for New Job

Help them make the right first impression at their new job with a good luck gift that they can share with their new team on their first day. Many of our Dipped Fruit™ arrangements include a bountiful display of chocolate Dipped Fruit™, with melon and pineapple daisies, grape sticks, and ripe honeydew – something for everyone! Add on a colorful “Good Luck” balloon to really make a statement of support.

Good Luck Gifts Online

You don’t have to be there in person to wish someone good luck. Our collection of Edible® good luck gifts represents some of the best good luck gifts you’ll find anywhere, online or off. Send a fruit arrangement filled with fresh cantaloupe balls and wedges, grapes, honeydew wedges, strawberries, and our signature pineapple daisies or a box of chocolate Dipped™ strawberries. Looking for the complete package? Opt for a gift set with festive balloons and a fuzzy teddy bear they can enjoy long after the fruit has been eaten.

Good Luck Charms Gifts

Our variety of good luck charms gifts bring energy and luck for exams, a new job, an engagement, and every occasion, with gifts that look as amazing as they taste. With colorful dipped glazed Pineapple Drip CakesTM, the celebration of opening up a college acceptance letter starts early with fun “cakes” that they can share with family or choose to keep to themselves. A mixture of fresh fruit and chocolate dipped treats paired with a brightly colored “Good Luck” balloon in a keepsake vase is an ideal way to distract a loved one while they wait for an update after an important medical test.

Good Luck Gift Arrangements

For those times when a simple good luck card won’t do, opt for good luck fruit arrangements full of delectable fresh fruit and decadent chocolate dipped treats. You can choose from our collection of Edible® gifts of various sizes and price points to match every need and occasion – simply choose the gift you think they’ll enjoy most. We have petite fruit bouquets like the FruitFlowers® Bouquet that can neatly fit on an office desk or a hallway table, as well as large tabletop displays for large groups and parties, some of which require on-site assembly. No matter how much luck you want to send, there is an Edible® gift available that’s a perfect fit.

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