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Unique Get Well Gifts & Treats

For anything from sniffles to surgery, Edible® get well fruit baskets are just what the doctor ordered. If they’re feeling under the weather, we’ve got a special get well gift delivery that’s sure to cheer them up. Plus, our get well treats are packed with all the good stuff they need to feel better in no time.

Your Selection: Get Well

Get Well Fruit Arrangements

In some cultures, it’s customary to bring gifts of food to loved ones in their times of need. Next time a friend or loved one is ill, send an Edible® fruit arrangement. Not only is an arrangement just as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers, but it tastes wonderful, too. As guests visit your loved one, a beautiful display of fruit doubles as a refreshing snack for visitors to enjoy as they spend time together in the hospital or rehab center. Consider choosing a lush Edible® fruit arrangement, as it offers a diverse array of fruit pieces, from juicy orange half slices, cantaloupe and honeydew wedges, to strawberries and grapes on sticks. It’s easy to eat – and delicious.

Get Well Fruit Gift Baskets

Fruit gift arrangements are a classic way to show your loved one support when they’re feeling under the weather. A get well gift from Edible® Arrangements brings a fun twist. With fruit cut in flower shapes or transformed into Edible® Donuts made from Granny Smith apple slices topped with chocolate, a colorful glaze, and sprinkles, it’s hard not to smile when presented with an Edible® get well fruit arrangement. During difficult times, having a beautiful and creative get well gift can make all the difference.

Chocolate Covered Fruit Get Well Gifts

Offer your friend a sweet get well gift to take her mind off their recovery and brighten her day. A box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ can do just the trick. You can choose a mixed variety of seasonal fruit such as kiwi in the summer, or a year-round favorite, such as chocolate Dipped™ and drizzled bananas, green apple wedges, and strawberries. Consider a box of Swizzle Berries® for a decorated and tasty treat that’s portable and easy to eat. Each box contains 12 or 24 fresh strawberries dipped in a variety of white chocolate and semisweet chocolate. Another refreshing treat, an arrangement of pineapple daisies, melon spears, and grape sticks brings on a smile.

Affordable Get Well Fruit Baskets

Our collection of get well gifts give you a simple way to make their day better. Pineapple and melon daisies are whimsical and create instant smiles. A simple box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ can let a much loved friend or family member that you’re thinking of them when they’re not feeling their best.

Get Well and Just Because Gifts Delivered

For times when you want to show them that you’re there for them, even from afar, shop our selection of get well and just because gifts that can be delivered straight to their door or office. A beautiful Bunch of Get Well Wishes balloons can spruce up a room. A chocolate Dipped Fruit™ arrangement, with chocolate covered pineapple “cupcakes,” offers just the right balance of lighthearted fun and love that can be uplifting in any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Get Well Fruit Gifts

What are good get well gifts?

Fruit arrangements make excellent get well gifts, offering something nutritious yet delicious to help them recover. For something a little sweeter — because they deserve to indulge! — an arrangement featuring an assortment of fresh fruit favorites and chocolate dipped fruits is sure to be a hit. You can also give a get well gift that will satisfy all their cravings, like a box of decadent desserts such as mini cheesecakes, brownies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered strawberries, and more. 

Do you send thank you cards for get well gifts?

In general, it’s common practice to send thank you cards for get well gifts. After all, you appreciate that they were there for you and their thoughtfulness. For certain relationships, such as your BFF who would think you’re crazy if you sent her a thank you card, you can skip the thank you note and thank her in person or over the phone instead.  

What can you send instead of get well flowers?

While get well flowers can help cheer someone up while they’re recovering from an illness or injury, there are lots of other get well gifts you can send instead, such as mouth-watering arrangements of fresh fruits like strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapples, and more. 

What to put in a get well soon gift bag?

You can put just about anything in a get well soon gift bag that will bring the recipient comfort or help them recover. Items such as soup, tea, cozy slippers or pajamas, and an ultra-soft blanket will definitely be appreciated, but don’t forget to spoil them a little, too, with a box of fresh-baked cookies or gourmet mini cheesecakes topped with chocolate dipped fruits. 

What do you put in a care package after surgery?

In a care package after surgery, you want to put things that will be comfy and cozy, such as fuzzy socks, cozy blankets, and the most comfy pajamas you can find. Include some soup to soothe their soul and some sweet treats to give them a sweet escape, such as chocolate covered strawberries, fresh-baked cookies, or an assortment of chocolate covered pretzels, graham crackers, and sandwich cookies. 

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