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    Peace Lily in Robinista Clay Shown: Peace Lily
    Product Code: 7336

    Peace Lily in Robinista Clay

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    Sending wishes of peace with this lovely Peace Lily, also called Spathiphylum, will be a meaningful gesture. The 4.5-inch clay container is substantial and nearly bold, but natural enough for the Peace Lily to maintain the spotlight. Ideal as a work-from-home decor plant, this Spathiphyllum is a natural air filter and is on the NASA list of indoor plants that remove air impurities found in households. The bold green leaves are attractive on their own but the white bloom undoubtedly adds to the appeal of this tropical houseplant. Harmful if ingested by pets, please keep away from your furry friends such as cats and dogs. Detecting watering requirements is easy because if the Peace Lily starts to dry you will notice a droop. Typically, watering happens once a week to keep the soil slightly moist and prevent sagging leaves. Regarding light levels, partial shade is preferred. Florescent lights found in offices and commercial buildings provide adequate light. This Peace Lily is an easy-care plant adored by many for its beauty, tropical look and for its low level of required care. Product may vary slightly from image.



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