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Shown: Regular
This Product is no longer available, click here to see more Products. Edible Arrangements®
Product Code: 1291

Delicious Fruit Design®
Edible Numbers 16

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A delicious fruit bouquet overflowing with pineapple daisies, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew and topped with pineapple numbers in the shape of the number 16. The Delicious Fruit Design® is a great gift for any occasion. Size Shown: Regular. Container may vary. Add Edible Numbers to any arrangement, it's as easy as 123. First choose your arrangement. After you enter in the recipient information you will go to the "Dip It" section where you can choose to add dipped fruit, then you will go to the "Personalize It" section where you can add any pineapple shaped Edible Numbers, balloon, bears and more!
Do not select this arrangement unless you want the number 16 at the top of the arrangement.



1 Review(s)
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