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    Bites and Butters Bundle Shown: One Size
    Product Code: 6931

    Bites and Butters Bundle

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    Our Bites and Butters Bundle Pack offers a sample of everything with our Variety Pack of Bites (1 bag each flavor) and Nut Butters (1 jar each flavor). This is the best bundle to give a sampler pack of all our products. It includes our decadent Bites for a sweet indulgence without the sugar or regret. They'll always leave you feelin' good. It also includes our Nut Butters which function great as a spread or straight from the jar. If you love nut butters these are a must try! They're the most creamy, delicious, spreadable nut butters we could dream up.

    All our products are made with REAL ingredients, never sugar or carbs, and taste delicious. Our snacks are keto, paleo, and 100% plant-based, but most importantly taste like decadent sweets you'd never know were healthy! You can enjoy them whenever a sweet craving strikes. They provide high quality fats from organic coconut (high in MCTs), almonds, and cacao. At <1g sugar per serving (1g net carb), they're a truly healthy snack you can be excited about eating!

    Description of Items in our Bundle Pack:
    - Our Double Dark Chocolate Bites includes a rich chocolate ganache filling and crunchy cacao nibs for the chocolate lovers among us.
    - Our Snickerdoodle Bites provides sweet notes of cinnamon with a creamy hazelnut butter filling.
    - Our Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Bites includes a creamy chocolate almond butter filling and diced almonds for a sweet smooth taste.
    - Our Matcha Latte Bites includes a creamy vanilla macadamia-cashew butter filling and ceremonial-grade green tea matcha powder.
    - Our Hazelnut Cacao Nut Butter flavor reminiscent of a beloved chocolate spread.
    - Our Vanilla Cookie Nut Butter flavor is a rich blend of cashews, macadamia, and coconut with vanilla specks for a golden delicious taste.

    All our products are naturally sweetened with monk fruit and non-gmo allulose. We use clean ingredients to create a snack both your body and tastebuds will



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