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BEST FOR NEW YEARS! 2016 Delicious Fruit Design® Salted Caramel Apple Wedges & Dipped Strawberries Shown: Large
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Product Code: 4053

Best For the New Year! Delicious Fruit Design® 2018 Salted Caramel Apple Wedges® & Dipped Strawberries

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For a limited time, ring in the New Year and receive FREE delivery on this arrangement! Enter code NEWY2017 at checkout to redeem.

Our classic Delicious Fruit Design® with Dipped Strawberries and Salted Caramel Apple Wedges® is a fruit bouquet that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. Created to resemble a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we’ve filled this arrangement with an assortment of all our favorite fresh fruit, including pineapple daisies, fresh strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew and grapes. Plus, this arrangement features our NEW (and amazing) Salted Caramel Apple Wedges® and our signature pineapple 2017 Edible Numbers®!

Container may vary. Must enter coupon code NEWY2017 at checkout to redeem free delivery. Free delivery has a $13.99 value.


Apple Dipped in Caramel and Semisweet Chocolate topped with Sea Salt

Cantaloupe Balls

Cantaloupe Wedges


Honeydew Wedges

Pineapple Daisies

Pineapple Number 1

Pineapple Number 2

Pineapple Number 8

Pineapple Zeroes

Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries





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