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    Festive Fall Gifts & Treats

    Our festive fall gifts and treats are the ultimate addition to your next office party, gathering, or special occasion. Featuring an irresistibly decadent assortment of gourmet chocolate Dipped Fruit™, fresh fruit arrangements, and so much more, our collection of fall favorites has everything you need to celebrate the season deliciously.

    Your Selection: Fall Favorites

    Fall Dinner Party Ideas

    Fall is the perfect time of year for hosting dinner parties and fun get-togethers to kick off the holiday season. Browse our selection of fall favorites for the perfect Edible® fruit arrangement for any event. Our fresh fruit arrangements make beautiful centerpieces, and they double as delectable appetizers, too. Many of the arrangements even include leaf-shaped pineapples and other fruits that reflect the colors of the season.

    Best Fall Foods

    The fall holidays bring a large assortment of flavors and fall-specific foods. Edible Arrangements® offers a variety of fall fruit arrangements that include all your favorite flavors in new combinations, shapes, and colors. Choose from arrangements and gifts featuring fall flavors such as apples dipped in caramel and semisweet chocolate, strawberries and bananas topped with delicious hazelnut crunch, and refreshingly tangy orange.

    Fall Gift Ideas for Clients

    One of the best ways to improve your relationship with your business clients is to continue to show them value. You can do that with Edible Arrangements® by sending your clients one of these fall gift ideas. The arrangements are a great choice as they provide a combination of a fall-focused look, fresh fruit and chocolate options. If you prefer to send gift boxes, there are several options available that combine fresh fruit and chocolate. Salted caramel apples are a fall favorite, and they come packaged in a ready-to-deliver gift box. That way, you can show your customers that you appreciate them quickly and in a memorable way.

    Fall Gift Ideas for Coworkers

    The fall is a great time for showing your coworkers that you appreciate them with a delicious treat from Edible Arrangements®. The new fall favorites are available and come in a variety of fresh fruit shapes and variations. A popular option is our signature Swizzle Berries®, which are hand dipped to perfection in gourmet, semisweet chocolate and topped with decadent white Swizzle® so they look and taste spectacular! It is an elegant way to show someone that you care. If it’s close to Halloween, make a coworker’s day with a sweet treat like our chocolate dipped pineapple bats, cats, and ghosts, plus donut-shaped slices of Granny Smith apple dipped in gourmet chocolate with a decorative pumpkin theme.

    Fall Gifts for Her

    For the women in your life, Edible Arrangements® are a great way to show them how you feel. A collection of fruits dipped in chocolate sends a clear message that you care and that you want her to have something special. They also make great gifts for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, or anytime you need to make a big statement to the people that you care about. You can also try a box of the adorable Pumpkin Pineapple Drip Cakes™, which are a fun and sweet way to celebrate the occasion! That way, she’ll know that you are thinking of special ways to make her fall season more enjoyable.

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