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Top Picks

Only the best of the best smoothies make it to this list. We update our
Top Picks from time to time so
you'll always find new smoothies
to love!

Available in select locations.
Look for the Smoothie Image in the Store Finder

Fruit Smoothies

Liquid Sunshine

Strawberry + Banana + Pineapple
168-333 Cals

Big Apple

Pineapple + Apple
137-275 Cals

Blush Crush

Cantaloupe + Strawberry
112-224 Cals

Catch Me If You Can-taloupe

Pineapple + Cantaloupe
131-261 Cals

Green Smoothies

You've Got Kale!

Pineapple + Honeydew + Kale
136-269 Cals

Emerald Sipper

Blueberry + Banana + Avocado + Spinach
251-438 Cals

Yogurt Smoothies

Night at the RoxBerry

Strawberry + Blueberry + Yogurt
155-295 Cals

Banana Baby

Banana + Honeydew + Yogurt
205-395 Cals

Indulgent Smoothies

Chocolate Covered Apple

Apple + Chocolate + Whipped Cream + Almonds
382-662 Cals

Protein Smoothies

Banana Blitz

Chocolate + Banana + Protein
436-816 Cals

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