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Seasonal Treats

Limited Time Only!

Treat yourself to one of our Fresh Fruit Treats made especially for the season!

Nut Lover's Parfait

A delightfully tasty twist on the classic
yogurt and fruit parfait, our Nut Lover's
Parfaitis a delicious anytime snack. Our
Fruit Experts® carefully layer sweet
strawberries, pineapples, and yogurt, topping
it off with a combination of delicious
textures like granola and our Nut Lover's
Blend of almonds, pistachios, and hazelnut.
Whether you're just starting your day or
enjoying a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, this
satisfyingly indulgent snack is exactly what
you need to get (or stay) energized!
286-397 Cal

Nut Lover's Indulgent Fruit Salad

Satisfyingly tasty at any time of day, our Nut
Lover's Indulgent Fruit Salad is the treat
you need to kick start your energy! This fruit
salad is expertly crafted with layers of
pineapple, banana, strawberry, and our Nut
Lover's Blend of almonds, pistachios, and
hazelnuts. Topped with hot fudge, whipped
cream, and even more nuts, this indulgent
delight is the perfect mix of crunchy and
sweet!  528-915 Cals

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