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Eat an Extra Dessert Day

Eat An Extra Dessert Day is on September 4th and is a day to throw restrictions out the window and treat yourself to a decadent dessert or two! Shop today!

Eat an Extra Dessert Day

Eat an Extra Dessert Day is one of the best days of the year. Taking place each year on September 4th, Eat an Extra Dessert Day is the day to throw your diet restrictions out the window and treat yourself to a decadent dessert (or two!). From rich, graham cracker-crusted mini cheesecakes to delectable chocolate dipped fruits, fresh-baked cookies, and more, Edible Arrangements® is your one-stop shop for all the tasty treats you need to celebrate Eat an Extra Dessert Day.

Best Desserts for Eat an Extra Dessert Day

What are the best desserts for Eat an Extra Dessert Day? Desserts that taste like you spent hours preparing them in the kitchen even though you didn’t have to lift a finger, of course! Edible Arrangements® offers an extensive collection of delicious desserts, from beautiful arrangements filled with fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits to boxes of chocolate dipped fruits, scrumptious cheesecakes topped with fresh fruit and chocolate dipped fruit, fresh-baked cookies, and more. With so many tasty desserts to choose from, you won’t be able to eat just one!

Order Desserts Online for Eat an Extra Dessert Day

Why spend hours in the kitchen prepping delectable desserts for Eat an Extra Dessert Day when you can have a selection of amazing desserts delivered straight to your door? Choose a box of assorted desserts like scrumptious mini cheesecakes, chocolate dipped fruits like strawberries, apple wedges, and banana bites, and fresh-baked cookies in assorted flavors. Or, savor the taste of strawberry shortcake with white chocolate dipped strawberries topped with graham cracker crumbs paired with our exclusive white chocolate strawberry cookies. You can even opt for a whole box of assorted mini cheesecakes topped with classic chocolate, chocolate dipped fruits, and whipped cream. There’s something for the whole family to enjoy at Edible Arrangements®!

Delicious Desserts Near You for Eat an Extra Dessert Day

Want to surprise someone you love with a delectable dessert on Eat an Extra Dessert Day? Stop by your local Edible Arrangements® store to pick up a tasty treat on your way home from the office – or anytime you’re craving a sweet treat! With more than 1,200 locations worldwide, there’s an Edible® Store near you. You can even take advantage of exclusive offers and in-store specials. For the ultimate in convenience, you can order online and stop by to pick up your order on your evening commute to save time.

Eat an Extra Dessert Day Desserts Delivered

On Eat an Extra Dessert Day, send a sweet gift to someone you love and wow your taste buds with a gourmet dessert from Edible Arrangements®. Browse our extensive collection of mouth-watering fruit arrangements, chocolate dipped fruits, mini cheesecakes, fresh-baked cookies, and seasonal treats to find the perfect dessert you know they’ll love. Then, tell us where to deliver it, and we’ll take it from there. We prepare every gift shortly before delivery so it arrives on their doorstep at the peak of freshness – so they can dig in right away!

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