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Curated Boxes

Edible Arrangements makes planning any get-together simple with curated boxes filled with scrumptious snacks & tasty treats that are sure to impress. Shop today!

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Curated Boxes

Planning a movie night, game night, date night, or another small gathering with friends or family? Edible Arrangements® makes planning any get-together simple with curated boxes filled with scrumptious snacks and tasty treats that are sure to impress.

Curated Snack Boxes for Date Night

Whether you’re going for dinner and a movie or spending some quality time with the one you love at home while the kids are away, every date night needs some sweet treats. Our curated date night boxes are filled with an assortment of scrumptious snacks and delectable sweets like Maddy and Maize™ gourmet popcorn, gourmet chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, our decadent chocolate dipped fruits, fresh-baked cookies, mini cheesecakes, and more. Choose a snack bundle featuring your preferred selection of treats or opt for our done-for-you curated date night boxes so you can focus on planning an amazing date without worrying about preparing appetizers, desserts, or snacks.

Curated Movie Night Snack Boxes

No movie night is complete without scrumptious snacks, but finding and preparing a variety of snacks to suit everyone’s taste can seem like an impossible feat. That’s why we’re offering done-for-you curated movie night boxes filled with an assortment of divine sweet treats like chocolate dipped fruits and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory gourmet chocolates, amazing gourmet flavored popcorn from Maddy and Maize™, and other incredibly delicious snacks to keep everyone satisfied throughout the entire movie. Whether you’re craving salty or sweet, or a little bit of both, you’ll find the perfect satisfying snack in our curated movie night box.

Stress-Free Planning with Curated Snack Boxes

Whenever you’re planning an event for the family or your significant other, like date night with your love, movie night for the family, or game night for a group of friends, there always seems to be more to do than you first realized. Cross one more thing off your to-do list by ordering a curated box from Edible Arrangements®. These done-for-you boxes contain an assortment of carefully selected gourmet treats and scrumptious snacks perfect for the occasion, so you can be sure you’ll always make a good impression, no matter who’s attending.

Curated Snack Boxes Delivered

Finding recipes, making a list of ingredients, and spending hours in the grocery store to find everything you need, then spending a few more hours in the kitchen to prepare a variety of snacks is enough to leave anyone exhausted. And what fun is date night or movie night when you just want to crawl in bed and get some sleep? Edible Arrangements® does all the hard work for you with curated boxes for movie night, date night, and more featuring carefully selected snacks and delicious treats that are perfect for the occasion. Plus, we’ll hand-deliver it straight to your door! All you have to do is choose the perfect curated box for whatever you’re planning and tell us where to deliver it. Then, you can focus on your other planning tasks and save your energy to have fun with your family, friends, or significant other.

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