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Christmas Gifts Under $30

Finding a quality Christmas gift for the right price is easier than ever with Edible Arrangements. We offer fabulous Christmas gifts under $30. Shop here!

Christmas Gifts Under $30

Finding the right Christmas gift, for the right price is easier than ever with Edible Arrangements® festive Christmas arrangements. You can create your own Christmas themed arrangement or choose from one of our specially designed holiday gifts at a price you can afford.

Festive Christmas Gifts Under $30

The colors most often associated with Christmas are green and red. Lucky for you, Edible Arrangements® has plenty of vibrantly colored fruits and chocolates to make your holiday all the more festive. If you choose an arrangement featuring honeydew and strawberries, for example, your seasonal green and red shades are brilliantly displayed, and that’s one item you can cross off your holiday theme checklist. You can choose an assortment of fruits dipped in semisweet chocolate or white chocolate and topped with bold red and green chocolate Swizzle® that will have your loved ones squealing with delight, or if you’re not sure which they’ll love most, choose a gift bundle that offers a variety of treats to cover all your bases.

Personalized Christmas Gifts Under $30

With Edible Arrangements®, you’ll easily able to create a personalized gift for a reasonable price. With our Edible®, Your Way collection, you can pick the contents of your box and customize them to suit anyone’s taste. For the holidays, you want your loved ones to have the very best of the best, and that’s what you get when you shop at Edible Arrangements®. You can choose the size of your gift, the fruits, and the scrumptious toppings to create a unique and personalized gift they’re sure to love.

Christmas Gifts Under $30 for Everyone on Your List

With Edible Arrangements®, you can ensure everyone on your gift-giving list has a festive holiday, and for less than you may think. Buy a gift for an entire family gathering with a merry platter full of succulent strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupe, and more, or opt for a holiday themed platter filled with an assortment of chocolate dipped fruits or scrumptious baked goods like gourmet cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and more. You can’t go wrong with a variety of fresh fruits and tasty treats that ensures everyone can find something they like. And for individual gifts, opt for a bundle of individual treat boxes that will delight each person on your list.

Christmas Gifts Under $30 Delivered

Being away from your loved ones is no longer an obstacle to celebrating the holidays thanks to Edible Arrangements®. In many cases, you can wait until the last minute and still come out smelling like roses when you take advantage of our same day delivery options. You can even bundle actual roses with gourmet treats to give the best of both worlds – a fresh-cut floral arrangement and mouth-watering confections. If you’re able, you probably want to avoid the rush and plan ahead to ensure timely delivery. But even if you didn’t order it in time to send your gift by Christmas, you can still swing by one of over 1,000 Edible® Stores worldwide to hand-deliver those delicious gifts right to your loved one’s front door. That way you’ll also get and give the best gift of all: quality time spent together.

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