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Chocolate Covered Pineapple

While you’re sure to love the exquisite blend of fresh pineapple and semisweet chocolate, a chocolate covered pineapple treat makes an amazing gift. Shop here!

Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Edible Arrangements® blends fresh fruit and delicious chocolate with delectable chocolate covered pineapples that are sure to boost your mood and brighten your day. Whether you’re looking for a tasty chocolate covered pineapple treat for self-indulgence or a delicious gift for the pineapple lover in your life, Edible Arrangements® offers an extensive collection of mouth-watering gifts featuring the exquisite blend of pineapple and chocolate flavors.

The Best Chocolate Covered Pineapple

If you’re going to give the gift of indulgence, then you want to go for the best, and Edible Arrangements® can certainly help with that. Shop our Edible®, Your Way collection to choose your chocolate and your toppings with ease for a customized treat that will melt in your mouth. Choose pineapples dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate or rich, creamy white chocolate and your choice of toppings like hazelnut crunch, shredded coconut, or chocolate Swizzle®. You can even opt for a whole box of rich, yet airy mini cheesecakes topped with chocolate dipped pineapple daisies and lightly sweetened whipped topping.

Chocolate Covered Pineapple Fruit Arrangements

With Edible Arrangements® fruit bouquets, you won’t have to choose between beautiful and delicious. You’ll be able to customize your own arrangement from our Edible®, Your Way collection, or choose from one of the specially designed bouquets that will spoil you and anyone you share it with. Choose from arrangements featuring star-shaped pineapples dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate, chocolate dipped pineapple daisies, cupcake-shaped pineapples dipped in white and semisweet chocolate and topped with sprinkles, and more.

Chocolate Covered Pineapple Gifts

While you’re sure to love the exquisite blend of fresh pineapple and semisweet chocolate, a chocolate covered pineapple treat from Edible Arrangements® makes an amazing gift for someone special, too, no matter the occasion. Celebrate a friend’s or loved one’s birthday with an arrangement topped with a few cupcake-shaped pineapple slices hand-dipped in semisweet chocolate and creamy white chocolate, topped with colorful sprinkles for that added touch of flair. Or, opt for a box of cake-shaped pineapples and strawberries dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and topped with confetti sprinkles, along with classic chocolate dipped strawberries topped with white chocolate Happy Birthday sentiments. After all, why give the same boring gift over and over, when you can give a practical and gorgeous gift that will definitely be appreciated?

Chocolate Covered Pineapple Delivered

Whether you can be there in person or not, Edible Arrangements® can still make sure you’re the life of the party. With our same day delivery options, you’ll be able to arrange your favorite confections to arrive when you want them to, even at the last minute. You’ll still have access to a wide selection of arrangements and delicious gifts. If you really want to knock it out of the park, then try our mini cheesecakes topped with chocolate-dipped pineapples to create a mouth-watering treat that will have everyone singing your praises. Should your preference not be available for same day delivery, visit one of over 1,000 Edible® Stores worldwide for a hand-delivered indulgence.

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