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Candied Almonds

If you love the irresistible combination of salty and sweet, candied almonds are the perfect treat. Shop candied almonds at Edible Arrangements today!

Your Selection: Candied Almonds

Candied Almonds

Candied almonds are a classic favorite treat for anytime snacking and gifting. If you’re looking for gourmet food gifts for a nut lover, almond lover, or anyone who enjoys the irresistible combination of salty and sweet, Edible Arrangements® has partnered with Black Bow Sweets to bring you a variety of gift baskets, gift bundles, and more.

Candied Almond Gifts

Candied almonds make any gift even more fabulous. Black Bow Sweets uses only whole, natural ingredients and prepares every batch of candied almonds by hand for a truly exquisite blend of nutty almond and sweet flavors. Choose a gift box featuring Black Bow Sweets’ candied almonds or a set of four irresistible candied nut varieties, including the popular candied almonds. Opt for a gift bundle to pair a bag of candied almonds with Edible Arrangements’® classic chocolate dipped fruits and snack favorites like chocolate sandwich cookies, Bavarian pretzels, and graham crackers covered in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate. If you’re looking for a gift with candied almonds, there’s no shortage of choices when you shop with Edible Arrangements®.

Candied Almonds Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are ideal gifts for just about any occasion, and candied almonds take any gift basket up a notch to make a lasting impression. Choose a gift basket featuring candied almonds and an assortment of chocolate dipped fruits, chocolate dipped sandwich cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, and chocolate dipped graham crackers, or opt for a gift bundle featuring a delightful arrangement of fresh fruit favorites paired with a bag of delectable Rosemary Truffle Candied Almonds from Black Bow Sweets. Shopping for a chocolate lover? You can even pair a bag of candied almonds with a box of gourmet chocolate confections from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, paired with an arrangement filled with fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits.

Candied Almond Gifts for Any Occasion

Make any special occasion sweeter with a gift of gourmet candied almonds. Available through the Edible Marketplace, Black Bow Sweets’ candied almonds are made from top-quality, all-natural ingredients in small batches. Every batch is carefully prepared by hand using almonds sourced from the San Joaquin Valley farmland. Made from non-GMO ingredients, Black Bow Sweets’ exquisite candied almonds are free of gluten, soy, dairy, and preservatives, so they’re suitable gifts for friends and family members with a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions, as well. Browse the Edible Marketplace for candied almonds gifts from Black Bow Sweets or explore our collection of fabulous gift baskets and gift bundles featuring delectable candied almonds to find the perfect gift for any recipient, no matter the occasion.

Candied Almonds Delivered

You don’t need to spend hours driving to every specialty and gourmet food store in your area to find the best candied almonds. Whether you’re in search of the finest quality candied almonds to stock up on your snack supply at home or at the office or you’re looking for a gift for someone special, take advantage of our convenient delivery options to have delicious candied almonds delivered straight to your door.

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