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    Flowers for Bridal Shower Tables

    One of the best things that you can do to help with a bridal shower is to provide the table decorations. Flowers are a common choice, and Edible Arrangements® can be a simple and effective solution to finding the right flowers for bridal shower tables. Many of the arrangements include several varieties of flower-shaped fruit that make a colorful and tasty decoration for the cake or gift table. The chocolate Dipped Fruit™ options add variation to both the color scheme and the flavor palette. Having centerpieces that you can eat is a great way to make this bridal shower stand out from the others.

    Flowers for Bridal Shower from Groom

    While the groom is often excluded from the bridal shower, he can make sure he’s on his fiancée’s mind by sending a memorable gift. An Edible Arrangements® fruit arrangement from the groom is a great way to help out and make the shower memorable. Send flowers that she can eat in an assortment of different flavor options. Flower-shaped fruit or chocolate Dipped™ strawberries make a good addition to the party. There are also wedding and love-themed options to choose from that perfectly complement the overall party theme. It is a great way to help your bride-to-be have the bridal shower that she dreams of.

    Bridal Shower Table Centerpieces

    Every party needs centerpieces, and getting bridal shower table centerpieces that you can eat from is a quick way to make your shower different from any other. The arrangements include fruits in a variety of shapes and flavors, which can easily replace a brightly-colored centerpiece. They are also a great way to keep everyone well fed throughout the party with flavorful snacks at an arm’s reach.

    Bridal Shower Gifts

    If you want to show the bride that you care, then send her an Edible Arrangements® bridal shower gift. These tasty fruit arrangements are a unique way to show her that you care because they are both beautiful and delicious. For a classy gift, opt for the Swizzle Berries® or the chocolate dipped strawberries. Their unique look and traditional flavor make them great options for a formal event. You could also go with one of the many fruit flower arrangements that provide flavorful sweets with a fun and festive appeal.

    Bridal Shower Vases

    Bridal shower vases are a great way to use Edible® Arrangements to add color and style to a party. There are many options to choose from. You can choose from a collection of strawberry-focused arrangements with hints of fruit flowers, or go with arrangements that focus heavily on brighter fruits with chocolate strawberries mixed in. They are a great way to add variety to your decoration and food options without taking up a lot of space.

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