What kind of boss do you have?


What kind of boss do you have?


When it comes to work/life balance, your boss:

You're 20 minutes late for work. Your boss:

What's your boss's leadership style?

A colleague compliments your boss on something you worked on. Your boss…

When things get crazy, how does your boss react?

A meeting with your boss is usually:

Which emoji best describes your boss?

QUIZ: What should you give your boss for Boss's Day?
the employee of a... somewhat misunderstood boss? Why not treat them to a little something this Boss's Day to help build your relationship? (Hey, they might even share with you and the team!) And, if you can get away with it, a funny card message to make them laugh.

the employee of a solid (though probably really busy) leader. We'd suggest one of our best-selling Boss's Day gifts to get the job done. Don't forget a card message that will acknowledge all their hard work.

the employee of a unicorn. Seriously -- your boss is incredible and deserves the best! We'd suggest giving them a gift with a little bit of everything along with a card message that says it all.

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