What is Sweetest Day?


We are all about making every celebration a little sweeter, and we can’t think of a better day to do that than Sweetest Day! Now, many of you might be thinking…what is Sweetest Day? Well, we’re here to help – with a little bit of the holiday’s history, who celebrates, why it’s celebrated, and why YOU should celebrate, too!

What is Sweetest Day?sweetest day treats example 1

Originally known as “Sweetest Day in the Year,” Sweetest Day was first introduced in Cleveland, Ohio on October 10, 1921. Candy-maker and philanthropist C. C. Hartzell wanted to create a day for people to give something or do something kind for those who weren’t as fortunate, so he gathered the first “Sweetest Day in the Year” committee and distributed over 20,000 gifts and small boxes of candy to orphans, poor families, and the elderly. Over the years, this holiday has evolved in many ways. Today, people celebrate Sweetest Day on the 3rd Saturday of October by giving gifts to their friends and loved ones while giving back to the community. Now that’s a sweet way to celebrate if you ask us!

Where is Sweetest Day Celebrated?

Although anyone can partake in Sweetest Day festivities, this holiday is most commonly celebrated in the Midwestern United States and in some parts of the Northeast. The states that typically celebrate Sweetest Day include Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, and parts of New York and Pennsylvania. If you aren’t from one of these states or haven’t celebrated before, consider this your official invitation to join in on the fun by indulging in sweet treats and sharing them with others.

How Can YOU Celebrate Sweetest Day?

swizzle berriesNow that you know what Sweetest Day is all about, you need the tasty treats to help you celebrate! Send someone your love with a delicious You’re The Sweetest arrangement, featuring the look and feel of a beautiful boutique of flowers. Or, enjoy a night in with friends and family and share a box of Full of Love Berries™! To celebrate by giving back to the community, perform a random act of kindness by sending one of our patriotic treats to your local Veterans’ Affairs organization or bringing a vibrantly colored box of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ with Custom Swizzle® Colors to the Children’s Hospital in your area! Whoever you choose to celebrate with, our Sweetest Day gifts are exactly what you need to make this Sweetest Day sweeter than ever!

So… are you ready to celebrate Sweetest Day in style? Give your local store a call to place your order! Happy Sweetest Day!