What Fruits Are in Season?

What Fruits Are In Season?

When are strawberries in season? What are fruits are in season in the fall? With so many fruits being imported from other states and countries sitting on the shelf at the supermarket, it can be hard to know what fruits are in season and freshly picked. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the freshest in-season fruit.

Why It’s Important to Choose In-Season Fruit

While apples and bananas are largely in season year-round, most fruits have specific seasons when they’re the freshest. When fruit is freshly picked, it’s much tastier and more nutritious. That’s because it doesn’t have to endure lengthy travel to get to your local food store or farmer’s market.

Think about it. You love biting into a fresh, plump peach in the summertime because it’s sweeter, juicier, and a whole lot tastier than a peach in the winter. For a taste of the many mouth-watering, in-season fruits, Edible®’s Summer Fruits Platter is packed with fresh fruits that peak in the summer, like mangoes, kiwi, and watermelon. It makes a tasty appetizer or dessert for your summertime get-togethers. If you’re headed to a potluck picnic, impress the crowd with a delicious fruit platter from Edible Arrangements® – no prep work or baking required because all of our arrangements utilize fresh fruit. We stand by the quality of our products and want customers to know that Edible Arrangements® means Real Fruit. No Kidding™.

In addition to being more delicious and nutritious, you’ll also save money by purchasing in-season fruits as these are usually a lot less expensive than their out-of-season counterparts. Plus, buying in-season fruit ensures that you’re boosting the local farming economy versus that of a different country or state.

12 Popular Fruits – And When They’re in Season

Here are 12 of our favorite fruits, the in-season months for each, and how to know you’re buying the freshest fruit possible. Keep in mind that these guidelines are for the general Northeastern part of the United States and may vary by location.

  1. Strawberries


Strawberries are at their freshest during the during the spring and summer months. Choose berries that are firm, plump, and red. Avoid berries that look shriveled or have squishy spots.

  1. Cantaloupe


A summer staple, cantaloupe is the freshest between June and August. Choose melons that feel heavy for their size and have a sweet, slightly musky scent.

  1. Blueberries


Blueberries are freshest in the early summer months, between June and July. They make a delicious addition to yogurt and smoothies, and they’re a nice compliment to treats like cottage cheese. Look for firm, dry, plump and a deep, blueish black color.

  1. Cranberries


A staple for all your favorite fall recipes, cranberries are freshest during September, October, and November. The freshest cranberries are firm with fire engine red skin and will even bounce if you try.

  1. Peaches


Fresh, juicy peaches are in-season in the summer months. Choose peaches that give a little when you gently squeeze them. Avoid any peaches that are bruised or mushy.

  1. Pineapples


Pineapples are in season in early spring, between March and June. Look for green leaves and a firm shell. You should also be able to smell the distinctive pineapple smell near the bottom of the fruit.

  1. Oranges


You can buy oranges any time of year, but they reach their peak between November and January. To ensure you pick the freshest oranges, they should be firm, smooth, and have a vivid, solid orange hue.

  1. Cherries


Cherries come into season in April and last through early summer. Look for cherries that are firm, with no soft spots or bruising, and have a deep, bright red to mahogany color.

  1. Watermelon


No summer is complete without watermelon, which peaks between June and August. Choose a watermelon that is heavy for its size, has a yellow spot on the bottom, and has a deep, hollow sound when (gently!) tapped.

  1. Lemon


Lemons are in season in the winter months, between January and March, but you can usually find them throughout the year. To pick a perfect lemon, choose one that’s firm and has a fine textured peel with a deep yellow color.

  1. Mangoes


There are six popular mango varieties, each with different seasonal availability, although the most common varieties are in-season during late spring and summer. To choose the ripest mangoes, squeeze them gently and choose those that give slightly but not too much. Ripe mangoes should have a delicious mango scent at the stem end, as well.

  1. Kiwi


Kiwis are one of the most popular summertime fruits. Kiwifruit availability depends mostly on where it’s grown, but you can typically find kiwifruit from May through early fall. To select the best kiwi, choose those that are fragrant and plump, giving slightly to a gentle squeeze.

Whether it’s spring or fall, you’ll find fresh, in-season fruit that’s delicious and nutritious. And if it happens to be summertime, grab Edible®’s Summer Fruits Platter to get a taste of the freshest summer fruits around.