We’re Ready for Valentine’s Day 2013


The season of love is officially upon us, and here at Edible Arrangements®, we’ve been preparing for the BIG day for 364 days… every day since last Valentine’s Day! Our local stores and corporate offices are buzzing with activity, as we anticipate one of the single busiest weeks in Edible Arrangements® history: Valentine’s Day 2013.

This year (and every year) we believe the right mix of mouthwatering marketing and WOW-worthy products are vitally important in a successful Valentine’s Day holiday, so our efforts bring both together for maximum impact —

Our Valentine’s Day marketing campaign is in full swing. We have a national television campaign with an all new TV spot just for Valentine’s Day. We are on the air with ESPN Radio spots and in print with ESPN the Magazine placements. Our digital marketing campaign has been ramped up and tailored just for Valentine’s Day on the web.  And, as always, our franchisees’ Valentine’s Day marketing efforts are complementing national efforts in local markets throughout the United States and Canada.

We’ve also lined up a truly delicious selection of Valentine’s Day gifts this year. We’ve combined traditional fruit favorites and fresh new additions for a collection filled with a variety of Sweet and Lovely options.

Sweet and Lovely

Our Sweetheart Bouquet, filled with our legendary chocolate dipped strawberries, is one of our most-loved fruit bouquets for Valentine’s Day. Our Blooming Hearts & Berries Bouquet with Dipped Strawberries, featuring sweet pineapple hearts and fresh strawberries, is one of our exciting NEW options this year.  And, of course, we have a variety of classic chocolate dipped fruit boxes: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Swizzle Berries™, Swizzle Berries Rose Box, Chocolate Indulgence Strawberries, and Lovely Berries™.


Blooming Hearts & Berries Bouquet™ Dipped Strawberries

We think we’ve made the perfect match of mouthwatering marketing and WOW-worthy products this Valentine’s Day. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day 2013?