Why Administrative Professionals’ Week Matters


Administrative Professionals’ Week is happening NOW, and I’m here to share 3 reasons YOU should celebrate! This holiday was founded in 1952 by what is NOW known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Although the way people celebrate it has evolved over the years, its purpose is STILL the same – recognizing the amazing administrative professionals in YOUR life for ALL their hard work and dedication!

Why Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week?

Even though you probably ALREADY show your appreciation throughout the year, this week is YOUR opportunity to REALLY take the time to thank your administrative team.

Here are 3 reasons celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Week in your office is SUCH a great idea:

  1. Employee recognition goes a LONG way. According to a Globoforce blog about employee recognition, the number one reason most Americans leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated. Administrative Professionals’ Week is the PERFECT opportunity to recognize your team for going above and beyond, day in and day out.
  1. Your administrative team is the glue that holds your office together! Think about it…what would happen to your office without them?! They are truly the masters of it all – multitasking, organization, communication skills, handling stress… the list goes on. Take this week to REALLY recognize EVERYTHING they do to keep things running smoothly. And… most importantly…
  1. They are more than just a title – they’re a BIG part of your team and work family. They’re here for you through it all, so it’s important to make sure they know how much you appreciate it! Things wouldn’t be the same without them in the office, and this week is ALL about letting them know that. After all, everyone deserves to have some time in the spotlight!

Administrative Professionals Week Gift Ideas

Administrative professionals are the grease that keeps the whole machine working, even though they often don’t get the thanks they deserve. However, unlike other holidays, it can be difficult to think of an appropriate way to celebrate Administrative Professionals Week. After all, it’s a relatively new event – at least compared to long-standing traditions like Easter and St. Patrick’s Day – meaning there aren’t too many set-in-stone traditions just yet. There are many gifts you could give your administrative professionals this year – pens, picture frames, even water bottles, but these gifts can get old fast and admins collect enough pens and water bottles throughout the year.

Start a new tradition this year with a large fresh fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements®. Many of our arrangements come in multiple sizes so you can choose the perfect arrangement that’s perfect for just one person or one that’s ideal for a large department or office to share. If you work at a relatively large office, these extra-large arrangements are a wonderful way to celebrate all the administrative professionals that work there.

For example, the Thank You Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box offers a personal or team thank you for all of their work, particularly during a tumultuous and chaotic time.

We can’t think of a sweeter way to show your appreciation than with our legendary chocolate dipped strawberries! Each fresh strawberry is carefully hand-dipped in melt-in-your-mouth gourmet semisweet chocolate for a truly indulgent taste! Perfectly packaged in a custom Thank You box, this gift is an extra sweet way to say thank you and easily delivered to each team member at their home!

Additionally, a simple Thank You Bouquet shows that you care and appreciate all of the sacrifices and efforts your team makes (not only in the recent months, but all year long).

Our Thank You Bouquet is a fun and creative arrangement filled with mouthwatering daisy-shaped pineapple, our signature white and semisweet chocolate dipped bananas, and more. Topped with a decadent Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop, it’s an especially thoughtful way to say “thank you”!

Now… are YOU ready to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Week? Check out our other blog post: “Celebrating Administrative Professionals’ Week: A How-To Guide” for some out-of-the-box inspiration OR give us a call. We have beautiful gift baskets, arrangements, chocolate dipped fruit boxes, and more that are the SWEETEST way to say thank you this week. We’d love to help you make this week INCREDIBLE for your administrative team AND you!