10 Delicious Vegan Treats to Satisfy Any Craving

Vegan Treats

Do you have a sweet tooth? Going vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite treats. You can still enjoy your favorite indulgences, even on a vegan diet. You just need to make a few simple tweaks to ensure you aren’t consuming any animal products. Then you can recreate the classic treats you knew and loved before you went vegan. Here’s how to enjoy your favorite vegan treats.

How to Ensure Your Treats Are Vegan

As any vegan knows, going vegan isn’t just about giving up milk, eggs, and dairy. There are so many more unexpected ingredients that are made using animal products than you might imagine. For example, products containing omega-3 fatty acids and gelatin are made using animal products. You’ll also want to steer clear of any products that use gelatin as part of the manufacturing process (like some beer and wine). You’ll need to keep an eye out for these ingredients and many more while on the hunt for vegan treats.

One easy way to determine if a product is vegan is to look for the “V” or “Certified Vegan” symbol on the package. Sometimes scouring the ingredient label can be misleading. For instance, the words, “Artificial or natural flavoring” can include flavoring derived from butter, coconut cream, or egg flavors. You can also take a look at the allergen warning. If it says it contains milk or eggs, the product is not vegan. On the other hand, if it says it may contain these products, that means it is made in a facility that processes these ingredients and there is a chance for cross-contamination. Whether you choose to eat these products is up to you (and whether you have an allergy to these ingredients), but it generally means they are still vegan.

Top 10 Vegan Treats

If you’re looking to add some tasty vegan treats to your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten delicious treats you can enjoy on a vegan diet:

1. Simply Edible™ Bouquet

Simply Edible Bouquet

For a simply scrumptious vegan treat, choose this delicious arrangement packed with pineapple daisies, strawberries, canteloupe, honeydew, grapes, and other fresh fruit. It all comes in a pretty keepsake container.

2. Mediterranean Pastries Vegan Box

Mediterranean Pastries Vegan Box

Choose this gift box to enjoy an assortment of mouthwatering vegan Mediterranean pastries. It includes unique sweets, such as Bjewia Pistachio topped with dried rose petals and Baklava EL Bey.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, but your typical Chips Ahoy aren’t exactly vegan. This recipe, on the other hand, cuts out all animal products and instead uses vegan butter and milk of your choice. Plus, it gives plenty of options for vegan-friendly chocolate chips.

4. Vegan Macarons

Vegan Macarons

This recipe swaps out the egg whites typically required in macarons with aquafaba, the liquid leftover from cooked chickpeas. The result is a perfectly smooth and crisp cookie ready to be filled with dairy-free cashew buttercream.

5. Vegan Chocolate Cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake

This recipe creates the most perfectly moist chocolate cake, you’ll never guess it’s vegan. Plus, it’s topped with vegan buttercream made with Earth Balance butter for even more indulgence.

6. Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie

If you’re looking for a rich and creamy dessert that will leave you wanting more, this banana cream pie is it. It’s made with whipped coconut cream, organic cane sugar, bananas, and a crust made from almonds and gluten-free rolled oats.

7. Vegan Raspberry Mousse Tart

Vegan Raspberry Mousse Tart

This raspberry mousse tart is not only vegan, but it’s also gluten- and sugar-free. It includes a jam layer made from fresh raspberries, maple syrup, and agar powder and a mousse layer made from coconut cream, maple syrup, and raspberries.

8. Vegan Apple Pie

Vegan Apple Pie

Don’t miss out on your favorite American classic. This vegan applied pie replaces the butter in the crust with a vegan alternative and includes tons of apple pie flavor in the cinnamon apple filling.

9. Creamy Vegan Lemon Bars

Creamy Vegan Lemon Bars

These creamy and naturally sweetened vegan lemon bars are made with just ten simple ingredients. Plus, the delicious gluten-free crust comes together with gluten-free oats, raw almonds, coconut sugar, and maple syrup.

10. Vegan Angel Food Cake

Vegan angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is in a category of its own with its light-as-air, soft, and delicate texture. It’s made with just six ingredients and calls for just 20 minutes of preparation, making it perfect for times when you need a quick and easy vegan treat.

These vegan treats are sure to satisfy your cravings. They’re reminiscent of the treats you loved before you went vegan, but are made completely without the use of animal products.