This Year’s Top 5 Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Top Valentine's Day Gifts

We realize that Valentine’s Day is still a ways out, but trust us when we say that it’s going to sneak up on you and you’re going to be stuck scrambling. And whether you’re purchasing for you parent, your spouse, your child, or your new main squeeze, you’re not going to want to be the ONLY one who didn’t give a Valentine’s Day Gift. That’s a bad look.

So seeing as you’re ahead of the game, you have your choice of the best gifts money can buy. So let’s take a look at the top 5 hottest gifts for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re sending “love” on a budget this year, the Valentine’s Day Berries are the perfect solution – 12 chocolate dipped strawberries artfully topped with red and pink curls, micro-drops, and our super sweet chocolate sentiments that say “I Love You.” It’s all put together in a beautiful “I Love You Box” that says it all.

Full Of Love Berries

The Strawberry Sweetheart Bundle takes the big day one step further with a decadent box of chocolate covered strawberries covered in festive sprinkles, along with X’s and O’s. Plus, pair the delicious box with a plush bear! It’s a great gift that says “I love you so much and I want everyone to see.” Also great for “I know I messed up a few times recently, so hopefully this helps you forget that.”

Not quite ready to say the L word yet? We get it – Valentine’s Day can be tricky for new relationships. You need to give them SOMETHING but you can’t commit to the whole “I Love You” thing. Fear not – the Blooming Hearts is the perfect solution. It’s pretty, it’s delicious, and it has a bunch of hearts throughout it, but no mention of love. Boom. Happy medium.

And now the Be Mind Bundle. It offers an arrangement bursting with chocolate dipped strawberries, heart-shaped pineapple, and more. Artfully crafted to create a beautiful presentation and paired with a bundle of festive balloons and 2 Belgian chocolate “X’s and O’s” pops, this arrangement will put a smile on anyone’s face.

The last gift on my Top 5 is the trifecta – it’s called You’re The Sweetest – cute right? It’s got our most popular Valentine’s Day Bouquet and smirking Valentine’s Day balloon. This is seriously the whole package. Guaranteed to put a smile on their face and KEEP it there.

So that’s our top 5, but trust us when we say there are dozens of amazing gifts you can choose from to be the HERO of this Valentine’s Day. So, if you’re ready to skip the stress of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifting, check out our website or call your local store to see our full collection of Valentine’s Gifts that your special someone will LOVE. Or like – if you’re not ready for love.