Valentine’s Day Ideas: Thinking Out of the (Chocolate) Box

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Out of the (Chocolate) Box Ideas for Valentine's Day

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day? In the not-so-distant past, February 14th was a strictly a day for romance, grand gestures and professions of love. But it has become more common for this celebration to include friends, family and even coworkers.

We recently reached out to 500 Americans with an “Out of the (Chocolate) Box” survey to find out how they think about Valentine’s Day. We learned that 18-34 year olds view the holiday in the broadest terms, saying they’ll celebrate romantically and with friends and family. They say they prefer to give more healthy food or lifestyle gifts. Respondents also said that the “least desirable” gifts include picture frames, appliances, drugstore chocolates and generic gift cards. Read more about the “Out of the (Chocolate) Box” survey results.

With more people to shop for, it can be tough to decide on the perfect gift. So, how do you find the ideal Valentine’s Day present? Edible Arrangements® CEO, Tariq Farid, has years of gifting experience under his belt, and he’s sharing his own gift-giving tips to help you find something just right for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion! Here are Tariq’s top tips for giving a great gift:

1)      Get inside your recipient’s head. Think about what gives your friend or loved one joy and gain some “intel” from past conversations, posts they may have created on social media or your own observations about their style and taste.

2)      Compile a list of great go-to gifts. Throughout the year, keep a running list of special gifts you’ve heard about, received, or saw in a favorite magazine or blog.

3)      Be known for your unique gifts. Edible Arrangements’ recent survey shows that, after budget, the most significant influencer on a gift-giving decision is “pride in the gift you choose.” Be the person that keeps up with fashion, health and other trends, while still keeping your recipient’s preferences in mind.

4)      Don’t forget the little extras. With thoughtful touches like a beautiful, heartfelt card or whimsical wrapping paper, every gift can be a delight.

5)      Give a gift for no reason. It’s easy to stay on top of the expected gift-giving occasions, but nothing is better than a gift for no reason! Let loved ones know you care by remembering them with something special “just because.” You can even put reminders in your calendar to do just that.

6)      Oh, you shouldn’t have! Every so often, buy something you know that they want, but would never buy for themselves. Remember, gifts aren’t about spending a lot of money. Giving is about pleasing the person you care about.

Still not sure what to get for your “special someone” (or for the person in the next cubicle)? Let us help you find the best Valentine’s Day gift ever for everyone on your list!