Valentine’s Day Gifts During Quarantine

Valentine's Day Gifts During Quarantine

It feels like we’ve been in some sort of quarantine or social distancing or missing our friends and family for years. But, the current social distanced world only started in March 2020, so this year will be our first Valentine’s Day in the COVID world. So, from first year couples to those celebrating 50th anniversaries, there is always a dilemma over choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. Now, how do you choose the perfect Valentine’s Day during quarantine?

How to Choose a Valentine’s Day Gifts During Quarantine

Although quarantine and social distancing put a damper on Valentine’s Day, there are certainly some things that don’t change. For example, she’ll always love the same type of flowers and chocolates. The staples of your relationship remain at the core of any great Valentine’s Day gift. But, simply heading to your favorite restaurant isn’t as straightforward during the COVID era. Or, a classic date night and heading to the movie theater is out the window this year. However, planning ahead and ordering takeout from a meaningful restaurant or figuring out where to stream her favorite movie will set the mood. Conversely, for newer couples, this Valentine’s Day offers a blank slate and a golden opportunity to create new memories. Or, consider the classics like creating a DIY scrapbook (perhaps of the last year) always demonstrates your love. There are a couple different options you can choose when shopping for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. Finally, choose a classic Valentine’s Day gift, such as chocolate covered strawberries, a bouquet of roses, some sparkly jewelry, or a stuffed animal. These gifts are classics for a reason. They’re super sweet and romantic and always hit the right note.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts During Quarantine

If you’re still not sure what to get your sweetheart this year for Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Here are ten great Valentine gift ideas during quarantine that will surely fit the unique holiday and create a memorable day.

  1. Valentine’s Day Cheesecake Platter

Does your partner love chocolate? A platter filled with chocolate and cheesecake that is delivered to your home will make your Valentine’s Day special. This chocolate lover’s dream features chocolate cream-filled cookies, graham crackers, and Bavarian pretzels; all dipped in decadent Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate. Plus, the platter includes some berry delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries decorated with festive sprinkles and X’s and O’s on white chocolate sentiment. For the ultimate indulgence, three creamy cheesecakes topped with fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries sit at the center of this platter perfect for sweethearts and ideal for any Valentine’s Day.

Cost: $49.99

2. Valentine’s Day Berries & Bouquet

The classics never go out of style, so chocolate and flowers delivered to your home is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift during quarantine. This arrangement is great for someone with a sweet tooth as the delicious arrangement pairs our signature chocolate-covered berries with sprinkles and X’s and O’s that make each and every one of your taste buds tingle. Plus, the arrangements includes freshly cut flowers to say “I Love You” in a festive container. A great gift that will leave some memories of a unique holiday time.

Cost: $79.99

3.Rose Gold Filled Cuff Bracelet

Rose Gold Filled Cuff Bracelet

Although quarantine and social distancing and the winter means you won’t be heading outside much, don’t let that stop you from a beautiful rose gold cuff bracelet. This adorable rose gold cuff bracelet is hand stamped to include your initials. It’s the perfect way to state your love in and out of quarantine. Plus, she’ll want to show off her new jewelry when the time comes!

Cost: $22.00

4. J. Crew Vintage Cotton Pajamas

J. Crew Vintage Cotton Pajamas

A cozy pair of pjs never goes out of style and are always in need in our COVID era. This classic cotton set pairs a loose-fitting top with soft, cozy pants for the ultimate in comfort. If we’ve learned anything over the last few months its that we need our comfort, so these pjs will make a great Valentine’s Day gift (perhaps paired with something sweet).

Cost: $57.00

5. Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club

Is your loved one the ultimate bookworm? If so, she probably worked through her previously exhaustive list of books she always wanted to read over the last year. So, the Book of the Month Club makes a great Valentine’s Day gift as it delivers one book a month, which she can select from a curated list, right to her door.

Cost: $44.99 (3 months) to $149.99 (12 months). Get 6 months for $79.99.

6. I Love Us Engraved White Washed Picture Frame

I Love Us Engraved White Washed Picture Frame

A somewhat DIY gift always shows thoughtfulness and for the less artistic, a custom frame means you won’t mess up! This Valentine’s Day select a memorable photo from the last year and fill this photo frame for a timeless gift that conveys more than words can say.

Cost: $21.95

7. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

What’s more romantic than a luxurious massage that hits all the right points? Gift certificates for massages might be out this year, but this pillow massager fits perfectly behind your neck and body and features three-dimensional massage nodes and an advanced heating function to soothe aching muscles. A great Valentine’s Day during quarantine gift that is part gag, part useful, but fully memorable.

Cost: $49.95

8. The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition 

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Have you exhausted all of date night ideas? Tired of Zoom calls with friends to replace a night out? This book ends all of that as it offers a guide for your and your partner to never be bored or starved for ideas on another date night. It’s packed with adventures and experiences you will never forget. The only catch is that your date idea is a mystery until you scratch off a challenge.

Cost: $39.99

9. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

After a trying year, the gift of relaxation will surely win her over this year. This bathtub caddy is made of high-quality bamboo wood, it features two side-trays, adjustable handles, and accessory slots to keep all of your bath time goodies right within reach.

Cost: $49.97

10. LoveBook “Why I Love You” Personalized Gift Love Book

Valentine's Day gift ideas for her: LoveBook Why I Love You Personalized Gift Love Book

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Celebrate your commitment to your partner with this “Why I Love You” book. It lets you tell your love story in a unique and thoughtful way, including all the reasons why you fell in love. It will remind each of you of better times and allow you to stroll down memory lane.

Cost: $43.96

From breakfast in bed to a relaxing bath, there are plenty of thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts during quarantine that won’t feel like another day at home. For more ideas, then look at our Valentine’s Day gifts, which can be picked up at your local store or delivered to set the mood and enjoy each other’s company.