The Ultimate Birthday Bucket List


Another year older, another year wiser. How does the time go by so fast?! Birthdays only come by once a year, so it’s important to make them count! To keep the excitement rolling all year round, we created the ULTIMATE Birthday Bucket List of 15 things you should accomplish before your next birthday! Each year, you can revisit your bucket list to add more exciting things to look forward to. Check it out below!

what is on your birthday bucket list?

  • See one of your favorite artists perform live!

There is nothing like a live show. From all-time great musicians still on tour to up-and-coming artists, find some time to see your favorite performers live. And, not just musicians, see if your favorite comedians will be in town or head to a nearby theater. There are plenty of ways to celebrate your birthday with some live entertainment!

  • Learn a fun fact every day – for the entire year.

Learning is a lifelong pursuit, so why not start on your birthday and learn a new or interesting fact for the next year. There are plenty of great resources that provide cool, unknown facts for every day of the year, including daily calendars or easy to use fact of the day web sites.

  • Eat dessert first!

Why not start with dessert on your birthday? It is your day, so do what you want! We think anything covered in chocolate sounds like a good idea. Plus, if you start with chocolate covered strawberries, you still get some fruit in your daily diet!

Congratulations Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

  • Rearrange the furniture in your home.

Looking for a change of pace or a new, fresh vibe in your home? Try something simple like rearranging the furniture. As The Spruce points out, feng shui offers a simple and fun design process.

“Getting started with feng shui for your home is easy when you begin with the house basics and gradually move on to the more complex feng shui levels. After you have mastered these seven home feng shui steps, you can explore the deeper levels of feng shui, such as the annual movement of feng shui stars, or energies. The important things to remember are to start simply, have fun, and thoroughly enjoy the process—this is good feng shui.”

  • Reconnect with a friend you lost touch with (& invite them on a smoothie date)!

We all have a few childhood friends that we lose touch with over time. Well, thanks to Facebook, maybe they wished you a Happy Birthday. Take their lead and reach out to reconnect with them. From our experience, childhood friends quickly reconnect. And if you live nearby, try a smoothie date over a coffee because its different and will help jumpstart a conversation!

  • Do something you loved as a child, but haven’t done in a while.

Frequently, we all have a bit of nostalgia around our birthdays. Hopefully, good childhood thoughts pop into your head about playing in the park, having a catch with your brother or sister or something similar. Maybe you had a favorite board game as a kid, so pull out the Monopoly board or Scat-a-gories and reconnect with your youth!

  • Try a green smoothie!

Smoothies provide a great little treat. They are made from fruits and vegetables, but offer a sweet and refreshing beverage without the guilt of a milkshake. For any smoothie-lovers, we all know the tried-and-true strawberry banana smoothie, so this year try something different like a green smoothie. (We promise you, they’re delicious! As long as they’re from Edible. :))

  • Adopt a new (positive) habit.

A common birthday bucket list theme is trying new stuff and what else provides a lasting impact than adopting a new (and positive) habit? For example, start reading every day (it only takes an hour before you get up or before you fall asleep to get started), jumpstart an exercise routine (as simple as going for a 10 minute daily walk) or contacting different family members you typically only see at the holidays.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter the habit, just pick something that you think you can stick with throughout the year. Then, next year, pick a new habit!

  • Surprise someone close to you with a gift, “just because.”

It is your birthday, which means you’ll receive a few gifts. Take the cue and send someone you admire or appreciate a just because gift! Acknowledge your Mom and Dad with a small gesture of your appreciation for their role in your life. Or thank your sibling or close friend for helping you through a recent struggle. Or send a gift to a friend that just bought a house or started a new job. The options are limitless to say thanks!

  • Try out a new haircut!

Have you been thinking about a new “do” for a while, but afraid to take the plunge? Take the plunge when your next birthday rolls around and stand by your decision to mix up your look for the coming year. Plus, if you don’t like it, then it’ll grow back and you can try another look next year!

  • Introduce yourself to a neighbor you haven’t yet met.

Did you just move to a new neighborhood? Or did a new neighbor just move in? If you haven’t introduced yourselves to each other, then a birthday presents a great opportunity to meet your neighbors. Plus, if you have some friends and family over to celebrate, then invite your neighbor. You never know, maybe they’ll become an automatic friend invite next year!

  • Try a new food.

Like a few other birthday bucket list ideas, trying a new food helps you grow. For example, have you always wanted to try sushi, but had no idea how to order it? Invite one of your foodie friends out for lunch and ask them to order the basics! There are plenty of new food fads every year to try or local restaurants that open each year. Go on a new food adventure during your birthday weekend and try something new!

  • Take a class to learn a fun new skill.

Similar to learning a fun fact, take the opportunity to learn a new skill. Interested in perfecting your home garden or wood working? Your birthday is a great time to start a new class. Plus, many local colleges offer classes in unique skills (like computer coding or artistic classes), so these would make a great gift from your family as well. Or take advantage of technology and learn a new skill via an online class.

  • Re-read a book that you loved when you were younger.

Did you love Goosebumps when you were younger? Or has it been a while since Harry Potter captured your undivided attention? How about the Hunger Games? No matter the book that riveted you as a child (or at any point from your younger days), re-read one of your personal favorites during your birthday weekend and re-live the memories.

  • Treat yourself to your favorite sweet treat.

Finally, it’s your birthday, so treat yourself to your favorite treat!


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