50 Popular Types of Roses for Your Garden or Floral Arrangement

Types of Roses and Bouquet Gift Ideas

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. They are beloved for their striking colors, impressive blooms, and sweet fragrances. They are categorized into different types, including hybrid tea roses, climbing roses, grandiflora roses, floribunda roses, and more.

With all of these types, over 150 species, and thousands of hybrids, it can be challenging to find the perfect rose for your garden or floral arrangement. That’s why we have compiled a list of 50 popular varieties of roses, each with its own characteristics, growing conditions, and care requirements. Here are 50 popular roses for your garden or floral arrangement:

1. Mr. Lincoln

The Mr. Lincoln rose is a classic, deep crimson rose variety with a beautiful, sweet fragrance. The buds start out a dark velvety red color and lighten to cherry red as the bloom matures.

2. Peace

One of the most well-known hybrid tea roses, this variety was named Peace to commemorate the end of World War II. It features six-inch blooms in yellow edged with pink.

3. Double Delight

The Double Delight variety features beautiful double blooms in a rich, creamy white with strawberry-red edges. It produces large blooms with approximately 30 petals and a strong, pleasant fragrance.

Red and white roses

4. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, one of the oldest varieties, features bright pink and salmon shades. With barely any thorns, plants grow to be quite tall by fall, producing huge candelabras of beautiful blooms.

5. Chrysler Imperial

The Crysler Imperial rose features huge double blooms that contain up to fifty petals per blossom, reaching over four inches in size. It boasts a deep red color with a luscious velvety texture.

6. Tropicana

Featuring a fruity scent and an iridescent coral-orange hue, this rose earns its name of Tropicana. Blossoms can reach an amazing five inches across and feature curled-back outer petals for a unique look.

Orange roses

7. Blue Girl

Opening from dark buds, the Blue Girl features huge flowers with a silvery-lavender blue finish. The plant boasts upward-facing, high-centered blooms that are five and a half inches wide.

8. Fragrant Cloud

Emitting a sweet and spicy perfume, the Fragrant Cloud features perfectly shaped, five-inch flowers in a coral hue. The plant features richly deep green foliage that is highly resistant to mildew and rust.

9. Oklahoma

The Oklahoma rose features such a dark red color that it can appear black in warm weather. Its huge, fully double, five-inch blooms boast more than thirty petals and exude an old rose perfume.

Person holding a bouquet of red roses

10. Chicago Peace

A Chicago native, this rose features a gorgeous blend of pink and canary yellow double blooms with 40 to 45 petals per blossom. It attracts butterflies and other pollinators and has an extended bloom time until late summer.

11. The Fairy

The Fairy is a small, compact shrub rose with delicate pink flowers that bloom in clusters. Its blooms provide a beautiful carpet, allowing you to use the plant as groundcover or as edging.

12. Sweet Juliet

The Sweet Juliet features medium-sized rosettes with over 70 petals, each in shades of glowing apricot and pink. It emits a strong, delightfully fresh fragrance that softens to lemon as the blooms mature.

Apricot and pink roses

13. St. Patrick

This rose loves the heat and develops its best color in warmer weather. It features yellow petals brushed in hints of green when hot and a more golden hue during cooler temperatures.

14. Wild Blue Yonder

With a sweet citrus and rose fragrance, the Wild Blue Yonder rose features velvet-like purple blossoms with a lavender center. They open wide and actually resemble Camillas more than roses.

15. Just Joey

Just Joey features large, five-inch apricot blooms veined with red and attractively waved petals. With an inviting scent, it features open and spreading growth with dark green matte foliage.

Roses next to a cup of coffee on a bed

16. Memorial Day

The Memorial Day rose features enormous, long-stemmed flowers with frilly petals in pink tones that have just a hint of lavender. It emits a rich fragrance that evokes happy summertime memories.

17. Pope John Paul II

Named in honor of the late pope, this rose features full white roses that reach up to six inches across and emit a sweet citrus scent. The plant grows four to five feet in height and a bit shorter in width.

18. Abraham Darby

Named after the industrialist Abraham Darby, this rose boasts large, cup-shaped flowers in varying shades of apricot, yellow, coral, and pink, with up to 70 petals per blossom. It features a rich, fruity fragrance.

Yellow roses

19. All American Magic

The All American Magic rose boasts stripes of bright red and yellow that fade to pink and cream as the bloom matures. This variety is hardier and more resistant to disease than other varieties of striped roses.

20. Barbra Streisand

Named after the ever-popular singer, the Barbara Streisand features large lavender blossoms packed with thirty petals each. It offers a strong, citrusy perfume that makes it a great cut flower.

21. Betty Boop

The Betty Boop rose features three-inch blooms edged in cherry red with ivory and golden centers. The plant features glossy, dark green leaves that show off the elegance of the blooms.

White and pink rose bouquet

22. Bolero

A type of Floribunda, this rose features over 100 petals per blossom in a beautiful snow white color. It features an extraordinarily strong fragrance of tropical fruit mixed with a traditional rose.

23. Sweet Mademoiselle

This hybrid tea rose features cupped double blooms brimming over thirty-five petals that range from peach to deep apricot. Its intense fragrance is powerful enough to scent the whole garden on its own.

24. Christian Dior

Named after the one-of-a-kind fashion designer, the Christian Dior rose features large, crimson red flowers up to five inches wide. It features strong, glossy green foliage that makes the cherry red blossoms stand out even more.

Red rose

25. Cinderella Fairy Tale

The Cinderella Fairy Tale rose features an extremely high petal count and a sweet apple fragrance. Its blooms provide the perfect bubble gum pink for your garden or floral arrangement.

26. Double Delight

A hybrid tea rose, the Double Delight offers large, creamy white flowers blushed with rich strawberry red with a sweet, fruity fragrance. The plant grows to about three to four feet tall and features deep green foliage.

27. Eden

An award-winning variety, Eden features very large, pink roses with over forty petals in a rounded, cupped shape. The plant blooms spring through fall and grows up to ten to twelve feet tall.

Pink rose bouquet

28. Fourth of July

The Fourth of July rose blooms continuously with large, velvety red and white striped blooms that slightly resemble an American flag. It features sparkling green foliage and can grow up to ten to fourteen feet tall.

29. Gold Medal

Living up to its name, the Gold Medal rose features large, four-inch deep golden yellow flowers with thirty to forty petals per bloom and a fruity fragrance. It has long stems with low thorns and deep green foliage.

30. Golden Celebration

One of the largest varieties of English Roses, the Golden Celebration bears rich yellow blooms in a rounded, cupped shape with around 75 petals per bloom. They feature a strong scent with notes of wine and strawberry.

Pink roses in a basket

31. Heritage

This old-fashioned rose variety features a lovely, soft pink with delicate, cup-shaped blooms. Its medium-sized blooms measure three inches across and have a strong heady fragrance with a touch of lemon.

32. Hot Cocoa

This striking variety of rose features smoky chocolate orange blooms contrasting perfectly with glossy, dark foliage, giving it the name Hot Cocoa. It is a super hardy plant and gives off a mild fruity fragrance.

33. Iceberg

Winner of multiple awards, the Iceberg rose features honey-scented double blooms that are bright white and display golden stamens when fully open. It grows in huge clusters of 15 roses per spray, making it perfect for the garden or cut rose displays.

Red rose

34. Ingrid Bergman

A multi-award winner, the Ingrid Bergman rose features large, double blooms in a rich, ruby red with around 40 petals per bloom. Blooming continuously from spring to fall, the plant grows as a small, bushy shrub that is extremely disease resistant.

35. Ketchup & Mustard

The Ketchup & Mustard rose features showy, cupped red flowers with bright yellow reverses. The medium blooms measure three inches across and contain about 28 petals each.

36. Love Song

The Love Song features ruffled blooms in a stunning lavender with over 40 petals each. With a rounded, bushy canopy of disease-resistant, dark green foliage, it emits a sweet citrusy-rose fragrance.

Lavender and white roses

37. Marilyn Monroe

As jaw-dropping and beautiful as its namesake, the Marylin Monroe rose features a creamy apricot color with four- to five-inch globular, high-centered blooms. It emits a mild citrus-rose scent.

38. Moondance

An award-winning variety, Moondance displays creamy white blooms atop tall stems. It offers a sweet raspberry fragrance from oval-shaped blooms set against glossy, dark green foliage.

39. Olympiad

The Olympiad lives up to its name with large, four- to five-inch high-centered blooms made up of 30 to 35 petals each. It features one of the reddest reds of all roses and holds its color even in the hot sun.

Pink and white roses on a bench

40. Perfume Delight

Perfume Delight features glossy, deep green leaves that serve to make its vivid, hot pink blooms stand out even more. It has a strong, sweet scent that attracts not only humans but also appeals to butterflies and other beneficial pollinators.

41. Pink Peace

This beautiful hybrid rose features full pink blooms with just a hint of fine white edging and a noteworthy sweet fragrance. It grows into a sturdy upright plant with long stems, making this rose excellent for cutting.

42. Playboy

A type of floribunda, the Playboy rose features outstanding, large orange-gold and scarlet blooms with yellow eyes and ruffled petals. It has a mild apple fragrance and dark, glossy foliage.

Orange roses

43. Precious Platinum

The Precious Platinum rose was first released in the 1970s and has stood the test of time. It features a true red color on long stems with dark green, glossy foliage that makes it perfect for displaying in vases.

44. Rainbow Sorbet

Rainbow Sorbet lives up to its name with medium to large blooms in shades of bright yellow, orange, and red with stunning yellow-pink edging. It features glossy green foliage with high disease resistance.

45. Red Masterpiece

This beautiful hybrid tea rose features elegant long stems and huge, velvety dark red blooms that can reach up to eight inches across. It also features a heady, rich fragrance that wafts over the entire garden.

46. Secret

The Secret rose won’t stay a secret for long with its intense fragrance that stops everyone in their tracks. It features rich cream blooms brushed with pink on the outer edges of the petals.

47. Sexy Rexy

Sexy Rexy is one of the most profuse blooming roses in the Floribunda family. Each three-and-a-half-inch bloom features the perfect bubblegum pink color with around 40 petals each.

48. Sunsprite

Sunsprite features a deep, long-lasting yellow color, a super sweet fragrance, and lots of glossy deep green leaves. Far hardier than other roses of its type, it has a high disease resistance.

Orange and pink roses

49. Sweet Magic

Sweet Magic produces glorious, fragrant blooms in a show-stopping apricot-orange that fades to golden yellow and pink as the bloom matures. The hardy plant continuously blooms from summer until autumn.

50. Veterans Honor

A hybrid tea rose, the Veterans Honor features cherry red, high-centered double blooms with 25 to 30 petals each. They grow on tall stems and feature a light raspberry scent, making them ideal for cutting.

With such a vast array of varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect rose for you. Whether you’re looking for a fragrant and stunning addition to your garden or a beautiful focal point to a floral bouquet, one of these popular roses is just right for you.