10 Travel Gift Ideas for Their Next Adventure

Great Travel Gift Ideas

If you know someone who’s always jet-setting off on another adventure, travel gift ideas are always on your mind when gift-giving occasions arise. But finding unique yet useful travel gift ideas isn’t always easy.

We’ve curated this list of 10 amazing travel gift ideas they’re sure to take on their next adventure, such as:

How to Choose the Best Travel Gifts

Choosing the best travel gifts for a friend or loved one doesn’t have to be challenging. Think about the type of travel they typically do. Do they camp in the great outdoors or go on hiking excursions? Or do they travel to exotic locations to soak up the sun?

For the traveler who adventures in the great outdoors, a compact first-aid kit is an excellent idea they’re sure to use, even if just to patch up a scrape or cut. Likewise, they’ll love a waterproof duffel bag that keeps their gear dry even in a downpour. An extra-absorbent, lightweight towel is a great gift idea for a beach-goer or any traveler who plans to spend some time in the water.

If they often travel by plane, they’ll definitely appreciate a travel pillow that provides excellent head support or a portable power strip and adapter. Speaking of tech, many people have multiple cords and chargers to manage, so a tech pouch designed to keep them all organized in one place is a fantastic travel gift.

Avid travelers love exploring the world, but they can’t always be on the road. Give them a taste of other cultures they can enjoy between adventures, like a Mediterranean Pastries Vegan Escape Tower filled with an assortment of Tunisian treats or Indian-inspired chocolate bars. Or, consider something they can take with them on the go, like tasty Revol Snax snack bites or a box of assorted premium cookies.

10 Amazing Travel Gift Ideas for the Travel Enthusiast

Consider one of these fun, functional, and thoughtful travel gift ideas for the travel enthusiast in your life.

  1. Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag

Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag

The 32.5-inch Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel Bag is made of lightweight, durable 400 denier nylon material and comes in a variety of color choices. With a roomy main compartment and a zippered pocket inside to store small items, it also collapses for easy storage — so while it holds a ton of stuff, it doesn’t take up a ton of space when not in use.

Cost: $34.99

2. Trtl Travel Pillow

Trtl Travel Pillow

Give them the gift of comfort with the Trtl Travel Pillow, a stylish, non-bulky travel pillow designed to look like a scarf. It completely supports your head and relieves stress on your spine and muscles, avoiding neck pain, strains, and aches. Simply wrap it around your neck and adjust it for the perfect fit.

Cost: $49.99

3. PackTowl Personal Towel

PackTowl Personal Towel

Lighten their load with the PackTowl Personal Towel. This machine-washable towel absorbs four times its weight in water, dries 70% faster than cotton towels, and takes up a fraction of the space. It features Polygiene® odor control to keep it fresh between wash cycles, and it’s machine-washable. What more could you ask for?

Cost: $13.46 – $44.96 (depending on size)

4. YETI Panga® Waterproof Duffel


YETI Panga® Waterproof Duffel

You never know what challenges lay ahead when embarking on a journey, so a waterproof bag is a must. The YETI Panga® Waterproof Duffel has a 50-liter capacity and protects the contents with a ThickSkin™ Shell that’s puncture-resistant. With the option to carry it as a duffel bag or wear it as a backpack, it’s a versatile bag that’s up for any adventure.

Cost: $300.00

5.  Peak Design Tech Pouch

Peak Design Tech Pouch


These days, traveling means taking along a number of gadgets, cords, and chargers. The Peak Design Tech Pouch helps you keep it all organized and easy to access. It has origami-style pockets for incredible spatial efficiency and a cable pass-through to charge devices easily on the go.

Cost: $59.95

6. Cadence Capsules

Cadence Capsules

Cadence Capsules stick together in customized configurations for organized storage for products such as shower gel, sunscreen, lotion, or medications. They’re 100% leak-proof, so she’ll never have to worry about products leaking in her luggage.

Cost: $76 for a set of 6

7. MOGICS Donut Power Strip

MOGICS Donut Power Strip

The MOGICS Donut Power Strip is a convenient, compact power strip and adapter in one with an integrated, length-adjustable cord, 5 US AC sockets, and 2 USB ports that support fast charging. Small enough to fit in a pocket, it’s the perfect travel companion for her charging needs.

Cost: $45.00

8. Lay-n-Go COSMO

Lay-n-Go COSMO

The Lay-n-Go COSMO lays flat so she can see all her cosmetics at the same time on a clean, dry surface, then simply cinches back up as a compact travel bag. It has a raised lip to keep things from rolling off the surface, and it’s machine-washable and wipeable for easy cleaning.

Cost: $29.95

9. My Medic Ready Mini First Aid Kit

My Medic Ready Mini First Aid Kit

This mini first aid kit includes all the essentials in a compact, water-resistant, portable case that’s easy to wipe clean. It has grab handles on the top and the back, plus reinforced, water-resistant zippers.

Cost: $55.95

10. Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags can be attached to just about anything she doesn’t want to lose on her travels. She can track down lost luggage and more with the Find My app — even items not in her immediate vicinity with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network.

Cost: $89.99 for a 4-pack

These travel gift ideas will make the adventures of any avid traveler more comfortable and convenient. Choose one of these incredible travel gifts for your favorite traveler for any occasion.

Travel Gift Ideas FAQs

What is the overwhelming urge to travel?

The overwhelming urge to travel is known as wanderlust. It’s a strong, irresistible desire to escape your normal environment and explore the world. Some might even describe it as an obsession with traveling.

The word is a combination of two German words:

  • Wandern: Wandern means hike.
  • Lust: Lust means desire.

While wanderlust likely develops due to a combination of various factors, some studies have suggested that genetic variations may be linked to curiosity, restlessness, and the desire to constantly seek out new experiences. These people are often the risk-takers and thrill-seekers, constantly searching for that next rush of adrenaline.

How can I make travel more enjoyable?

Even the most seasoned travelers experience stress and anxiety at times, as all it takes is one minor hiccup for the best-laid plans to fail. Making travel more enjoyable is about balance.

Researching your destination, pre-arranging activities and experiences, and carefully laying out your itinerary can help you relax, but going too far — constantly rechecking your itinerary, obsessively researching every detail of your trip, and worrying about what could go wrong — can have the opposite effect.

The best advice, honestly, is to plan ahead and remain flexible but also sit back and enjoy the ride.

What is the most relaxing way to travel?

There’s no single most relaxing way to travel for every individual. It depends on your personality and what types of travel you find most enjoyable or exciting.

  • Air travel: For some people, flying is the most relaxing way to travel as they can get some sleep on the plane and get to their destination faster. For those with a fear of flying, however, air travel is anything but relaxing.
  • Sea travel: Other people find that traveling by boat, such as on a cruise ship, most relaxing. With plenty of amenities onboard to enjoy and exciting locations to visit, there’s always something to do. However, while some people find being on the water soothing and invigorating, those with sea sickness won’t find it relaxing.
  • Car travel: Traveling by car is an option for trips within driving distance. Those who enjoy driving may find car travel relaxing, as well as passengers who like to sit back and enjoy the ride. Car travel is a relaxing way to travel for many people, as most are used to driving as a mode of everyday transportation. However, some people get car sick or have trouble relaxing on especially long road trips.
  • Train travel: Train travel is a mode of transportation that many people find relaxing. You’re still on land, so you don’t have to worry about flying anxiety or sea sickness. Of course, train travel isn’t always an option, depending on your destination, and like car travel, train travel may be less enjoyable for those who have motion sickness.

What are the benefits of traveling?

Traveling offers myriad benefits to those who enjoy it. For example, travel is beneficial for:

  • Improving mental health: Getting away from the day-to-day of everyday life is invigorating for some people. Giving your body and mind a chance to rest, refresh, and recharge will benefit your overall happiness and satisfaction.
  • Improving physical health: Taking walks on the beach, hiking trails, exploring historical castles, and visiting other landmarks are excellent ways to get more physical activity. And they’re so enjoyable that it won’t even feel like exercising.
  • Experiencing other cultures: Traveling is an opportunity to experience other cultures around the world, from the cuisine to the way of life.
  • Exploring history: Traveling brings many people to destinations with historical significance, providing an opportunity to learn more about history and expand your mind. From museums to battlefields, relics of ancient Greece, The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Stonehenge, The Colosseum in Rome, the Taj Mahal, and more, there’s rich history to experience in every corner of the world.
  • Strengthening relationships: Traveling with someone and experiencing new things together builds friendships, strengthens relationships, and strengthens familial bonds.